February 2020 "Erick Khan x Daily High Club" Smoking Subscription Box


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We've teamed up with one of the hottest in the game this month, Erick Khan! Erick helped to curate this month with his personal touches from the design of the glass mirroring his tattoos, to the inclusion of his favorite papers! Whether you missed out on our El Primo subscription or are looking for the perfect gift - This box is the ultimate hook-up.

This box includes:

  • 14mm Female Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong / Dab Rig

  • 14mm Premium Glass Bowl
  • Daily High Club Premium Glass “Taster” Pipe
  • Full Size Clipper Lighter
  • RAW Black King Size Natural Rolling Papers
  • Assorted Hemp Blunt Wraps
  • Daily High Club Custom Socks
  • RAW Emporador Cone
  • RAW Hydrostone Terracotta Humidifying Stone
  • Buddies Tube
  • Daily High Club Sticker Set