Daily High Club New Year Bongs

Top Glass and Accessories going into the New Year

January 08, 2020 Written by Celina Jauregui

With a new decade upon us, there is no better time to reset and start thinking about resolutions for this upcoming year. While many like to aim at lifestyle changes and other wellness goals, this is also a good time to reconsider glass cleanliness or even just set financial goals for the season. With new glass, accessories, and restocks, Daily High Club carries everything you’ll need to meet all your glass resolutions. As the new decade comes to a start DHC aims to supply you with all the products you’ll need to ensure you can stay stocked while being mindful about smoking throughout the year!


Looking to start or grow your glass collection this year? Check out our collectible and novelty pieces at Daily High Club, including our most recent additions that are iridescent and golden tint glass pieces. We know we don’t always come out with your most basic bongs, but this "Not Your Average" Pineapple Bong is perfect for those looking for a glass shinier than your average. DHC carries a variety of collectibles, from our food-inspired collection to our grenade collection, to glass spin-offs like our XL Turkey Bong, we try and cover it all. 


Looking for some new glass to save up for? On the hunt for the perfect piece or perhaps even a new daily driver? Look no further! DHC carries a large array of glass; from straight shooters to double perced beakers like this one, at 18 inches tall this beauty is designed to deliver the cleanest rips. This is great for a classic beaker upgrade, while basic glass can be nice, the percolators really change up the game when it comes to clean delivery. The perfect upgrade for a great price!


Or perhaps you’ve already found your perfect glass, once you fall in love with a piece it’s nearly impossible to replace it. One of the most important factors when it comes to bong longevity is keeping a glass piece clean. Making sure your glass is clean is one of the most important things you can do for your glass. This ResRemover kit comes with five pieces that will not only clean your glass but can also help prevent it from getting as dirty and clogged! Like the screen, which will prevent the glass from getting as clogged while smoking. This set is the perfect way to practice bong cleanliness and perfect for social smokers who like to keep the glass clean.

$29.99 - $39.99

These awesome accessory collections are the perfect way to keep things discreet while toking on-the-go. Regardless of your delivery preference, this is the ultimate on-the-go set, complete with the smell-proof case, or for the accessories to be carried individually, like the pipe, for an easy and portable smoking experience.


The El Primo Box is the most standard subscription box which includes a piece of glass that is shipped directly to your door every month. For a value to up to $100 the box typically includes rolling papers, wraps, stickers, a clipper, and other miscellaneous accessories that vary from month to month. Often times, these accessories are exclusive to the monthly boxes so as a subscriber you get a first-hand look into the potential of each box. Not only does the box include awesome gear, but DHC offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to these subscription boxes. Each month, there is a box reveal on Instagram on the first day of the month, if you feel like saving your money for something else that month you can always put your box on pause. This is great for those who usually love the El Primo boxes but also like to save money from month to month.

Make it a goal this year to smoke more responsibly! It’s always important to maintain respect, no matter where you smoke, so check out our 420 odor eliminator and grab a scent tag to make sure that no matter where you are, you’re always covered. This would be the perfect way to spend the money from a paused subscription box kit on pause for a more personal aim at your accessories of the month.


Another great way to maintain discrepancy while carrying on-the-go is one of these odor-proof grinders, so even when carrying product on hand there’s no chance of it lingering. This grinder comes in two different sizes and seven different colors, perfect for anyone who only needs to carry a little bit for the tokes to get through the day to day stuff.



These debowlers are game-changers for those who are trying to keep their smoking territories clean. It’s easy to get lazy and ash on the floor or couch, which is what makes ashtrays so ideal and so convenient for sessions. Especially when the tray includes a debowler, the pointy part in the middle which makes it easy to get every bit of ash out before packing a new bowl. Debowlers are ideal for those who are particular about getting every bit of ash out and keep their toking turf cleanly. 


Make it a goal this year to smoke more safely by switching to a more personal style vape pen. With all the questions surrounding vape concentrates last year, feeling safe about what you put in your body is one of the most important parts to smoking. With vapes like the dipper vaporizer, which allows you to load up your own concentrate, there is no question on the safety and illicitly of the concentrates that are tested and obtained from legal vendors. Not only is this a safer route, but it doesn’t leave you with only one option of concentrate to use until the full product runs out. 

While New Year's Resolutions tend to gravitate around growing, health, wellness, and saving, DHC wants to make sure your smoking experiences are reflected in that with the highest quality supplies. That’s why it is important to take care of yourself with quality smoking supplies and accessories. So stay on the green and keep your glass clean with all the best supplies and upgrades at Daily High Club.