Raw Rolling Papers for a Natural Smoke

RAW rolling papers are made from 100% plant giving you the most natural and clean smoke possible. Unlike other rolling papers with added dye and chalk RAW rolling papers take pride in their process of using naturally pure unrefined plant fibers that is topped off with a natural tree sap gumline.

If you are looking for the smoothest and most even burn possible, RAW gives you the best joint smoking experience possible.

Make Sure Your RAW Rolling Papers are RAWthentic

Daily High Club only sells authentic RAW papers. There are many knock off RAW papers on the market. The quickest way to find out if your RAW paper is RAWthentic is to take a single sheet of paper out for testing. Hold the paper up and light a flame with a simple lighter about two inches beneath the gum line.

RAW uses natural tree sap gum on the gumline and when a flame is placed beneath it will naturally begin turning in wards. Fake versions of RAW often sold on eBay, Wish, and Amazon use petroleum and will begin to curl in downwards.

Where to Buy RAW Papers

Authentic rolling papers RAW can be purchased here at Daily High Club. You can expect exceptional RAW quality with the unparalleled customer service and fast shipping Daily High Club has to offer. RAW is a game changer in the rolling paper industry so make sure to act now while supplies last.

The Different Raw Paper Sizes to Choose From

Raw natural rolling papers come in so many different shapes and sizes that suits all your personal needs. All Raw papers hold the standard and patented Criss Cross watermark which helps promote a smooth and even burn. There are many options to choose from... Read More