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How to Roll a Joint - Learning How to Roll Like a Pro

If you're reading this, I can only imagine you're having difficulties rolling that flimsy joint paper of yours, and now you're wondering how to roll a joint?

how to roll a joint

Lucky you. You've landed on the right page.

After reading this article, not only will you be an expert on knowing how to roll a joint efficiently, but how to perfectly roll a filtered spliff that helps reduce contaminants and lower the chances of harsh particles from getting through. With so many different methods and options out there, joint rolling can get confusing and at times discouraging.  

You will learn how to roll the best joints without needing any help or assistance in the process. Say goodbye to wobbly joints and hello to non runny, sturdy, and perfected joint rolling skills. 

We'll be taking you through our thorough guide on the best papers and rolling techniques. You'll no longer be lacking in confidence when it comes to rolling that dank weed of yours. Whether it's with or without a filter, you'll be a pro roller on how to roll a joint by the end of this blog.

How to Roll a Joint Without a Filter

how to roll

While it's common to have a filter when rolling that bomb greenery, there are some who choose to do without it, which is why we'll be showing you how to roll a joint without a filter with easy to follow steps. 

Believe it or not, it can be simple to learn how to roll a spliff. It’s even easier without making a joint filter since that step is skipped, making it the easiest way to roll a joint. 

But before we can even begin showing you how to roll a joint without a filter, you’ll need to know all the tools and items you’ll need for joint rolling.

Here's what you'll need to roll a joint without filter:

  • Marijuana
  • Rolling Paper
  • Poker (to pack the joint)
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Tray

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Below is a step by step guide on joint rolling.

So, let's cut to the chase and get right into how to roll a joint without a filter:


how to roll joint

1. Break up your bud.

It's important that you break up your weed prior to rolling it up. It is also vital that it’s not too broken up to the point that it looks crumbly. When rolling a joint, marijuana should be broken down to where it isn't completely disintegrated or left in little nug like forms. This is to ensure a smooth and even pulling hit. If the buds are too small it  WILL restrict the airflow and clog your joint.


roll a joint

2. Fill up your joint.

This next step on how to roll a joint is to now take your nicely grinded bud and fill it inside your joint. Make sure the fold is in your direct sight and the glue side of the rolling paper is faced down towards your feet. When it comes to placement of the cannabis, it may sound like common sense, but weed should ALWAYS be placed in the middle of the joint. That will make for an easy joint rolling process which brings us right into the next step.


joint filter

3. Roll Joint Without Squeezing Too Tightly

It's now time to get started on how to roll a joint. Simply hold the rolling paper and move your fingers from left to right to evenly distribute the particles. Make sure your fingers are placed where the mouth piece is before you officially start the rolling process. Begin to roll the joint paper back and forth to ensure that the paper crosses over the mouth piece. Feel free to start using your rolling tray now, to collect any fallen buds in the process.

Start rolling it up as you press and push down on the weed with your fingers. Roll it up slowly with your thumb, while the other thumb is tucking in the bottom side of the rolling paper. Doing this motion while rolling the joint upwards, will allow for the cone shape to start taking place. Lastly, lick the sticky part of the upper side of the paper and then slowly continue rolling your spliff.

Tip: To ensure for a better, sturdier, and more efficient roll, be sure to stick with only the best of the best versatile RAW rolling paper at Daily High Club for all your joints.


how to roll a joint raw

4. Lick and Seal Joint

After you've rolled back and forth enough for the shape of the joint to take place, it's time to seal that bad boy up!

Continue to roll the joint between your fingers until the paper is pulled tight and the side or edge can be folded in along with the tip. Make sure you roll the joint until the glued side is nicely tucked underneath the unglued side of the joint paper. Tuck and seal along the joint gently and slowly. Then thoroughly lick the outer layer to make sure you hit the glue layer. This will seal up the sides while leaving the end open.

To avoid smoking too much excess paper, you may burn off what is unneeded after sealing it. Remember NOT to seal too tightly as this will restrict airflow and will make it difficult to take a hit. However, when rolled TOO loose, the joint will burn unevenly or quickly, also referred to as "running the joint". Use your best judgement when sealing your spliff. Only after a few trial and errors will you find the perfect balance and seal!


rolling joints

5. Pack Joint Evenly Without Stuffing

Hard parts over, now it's time to pack the joint! Packing the weed is a great way to ensure an even burn and make for a perfect smoking experience. You may use a small ballpoint pen or what is more commonly known as a "poker" to carefully press the cannabis down through the open end of the joint.

Hold the joint paper in an upright position from the mouth piece and gently tap it onto a flat surface in order to compact the marijuana. If any bud fell out while you were in the process of rolling, you may put it back in. Using the poker or pen, lightly press and pack the rest of it back into the joint, or if you want, save it for later!


how do you roll a joint

6. Now Twist the End of the Joint Paper

Begin sealing the open end of the joint paper by twisting the extra paper sticking out. This is so that no cannabis will be able to fall out of the joint paper. At this point you may either store your joint for a later time or simply bring it on-the-go! Either way, once you are ready to smoke, the end that you twisted will be where the joint is getting lighted.


how to make a spliff

7. Light up and Enjoy Your Joint Without Filter

Congratulations! You made it this far which means you are ready to spark that FIRE! It must be exciting to know you've just officially rolled the perfect joint without a filter. What are you waiting for? Go get your smoke on!

Now for those of you who are more interested in rolling that flame with a filter, I don't blame you. Using a crutch can have many more benefits than just simply reducing resin or tar. Continue reading on with us to learn the step by step guide for joint rolling with a filter.

How to Roll a Joint with a Filter

roll joint

Now let's get to the more common forms of joint rolling which is how to roll a joint with a filter. 

If you're like most of us, you probably prefer a filter to roll the perfect cannabis joint. After all, it certainly doesn't hurt to go that extra step for a better and healthier tasting hit. Your lungs will be thanking you. Not to mention a joint filter also helps keep your spliff less frail and more sturdy. 

What you'll need to roll a joint with a filter:

  • Marijuana
  • Rolling paper
  • Rolling tray
  • Pen/Poker
  • Grinder

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Below are the steps on the easiest way on how to roll a joint with a filter:


how to roll a joint without a filter

1. Break Up Your Weed Before Joint Rolling

Of course, before we start rolling anything, it's best we break up that dank bud of yours. The consistency should NOT be crumbly or too finely grinded. This is a sure way to block any airflow from going through. It's also not good if the buds are too big and not broken down enough, this too, will restrict airflow. A simple few turns in the grinder should do the trick! Don't overdo it!


how to roll a joint without rolling paper

2. Create your crutch a.k.a. the filter.

The mouthpiece for your joint, or more commonly known as the crutch, is what will be the filter or filter tip. A crutch can be made out of thick paper, cardboard, or even an index card. A piece the size of 5.5 x 1.7cm will do the trick! If you have specific crutch paper on hand, then this step will save you the time of finding material.

Many roll the filter into a cylinder shape; However, this method often leaves room for marijuana to go through while smoking/inhaling (also referred to as scooby snacks and despite the name, it's not as good as it sounds). Last thing you want is a bunch of small weed particles in your mouth!

When learning how to roll a spliff and achieve a better smoking experience, I suggest making a few accordion folds on one end and then rolling the rest of the filter around that. If you're feeling fancy, you can certainly make your own creative designs!

Pros to using a crutch filter for a joint:

  • Ensures the end of your joint remains open instead of getting squished.
  • Prevents lips and fingers from burning while inhaling/smoking.
  • Prevents anything weed particles from falling out of the hole and into your mouth.
  • Increases airflow
  • Allows for a sturdier spliff by giving it form.


how to roll a crutch

3. Fill Up the Joint.

Now it's time to grab some rolling papers and fill up that joint of yours! It's good to note that it's always important to shape the joint first to what is commonly known as the cone. Always make sure that the glue side is facing away from you and towards your feet, while the fold is directly facing you.

Gently fold the rolling paper in the opposite direction and roll it between your fingers until it forms the desired cone-like structure. Then proceed by placing the grounded-up cannabis directly in the center of the rolling paper.

Distribute the cannabis in such a way that there is less at the end where the joint filter is going to be.


joint filter paper

4. Roll Up the Weed in the Joint Paper

Next, hold the rolling paper and gently roll as you bring your fingers left and right in order to evenly distribute the cannabis particles evenly. Here is the part where you will insert your crutch filter. Place the crutch into one end of the paper and begin to roll. Make sure your fingers are placed near the filter before you start the rolling process. The closer they are to the filter, the better and easier it will be.

Roll back and forth so that the edge of the paper crosses over the crutch filter. I suggest taking advantage of that rolling tray you have so that any cannabis remnants will fall and be caught on the tray.  Last thing you want is a bunch of snickle fritz all over your lap.

TIP: If you want an efficient, easy, and environmentally friendly rolling paper, I strongly suggest checking out DHC's Elements joint paper.


joint without filter


5. Lick and Seal Joint

Now we are near the last steps on how to roll a joint. You want to continue rolling the spliff between your fingers until your joint paper is pulled tight and the left-over edge can easily fold in the tip. Roll it till the glued side is tucked underneath the unglued area. Now lick the outer layer thoroughly to make sure the glued layer is hit and the dies are sealed but the end is left open.

It is vital that you tuck and seal along the span of the joint gently and carefully. You do NOT want to seal the joint too tight. As mentioned earlier in the previous step of "how to roll a joint without a filter", rolling too tight can and WILL restrict airflow, therefore clogging your joint. It can also lead to an uneven burn which will cause the joint to run.


how to roll a joint with filter

6. Pack Joint Evenly

Using a poker or pen (whichever you have), gently pack the joint by carefully pressing down the cannabis through the open end. This allows for a smooth and even burn throughout your joint. You can also take this time to put back in any bits of marijuana that might have fallen out on the tray into the joint. Hold the joint in an upright position from where the filtered end is, and tap gently on a flattened service in order to properly compact the weed. Push the crutch in for sturdy support.


how to roll joint with filter

7. Twist End of Joint Paper

Now you can take the end of the joint paper (there should be some remaining paper left sticking out at the end) and begin to twist the paper. You will end up with a joint that looks similar to that of a candle wick. This ensures that no marijuana will be falling out of your nicely rolled joint. The twisted end is where you will be lighting up.


how to roll joint without filter


8. Spark up and Enjoy Your Rolled Joint

YAY! You've now learned how to roll a joint with a filter. You can store your perfectly rolled spliff for a later use, or share with friends! If you're up for it, you can face your joint! Nothing like a good ole fatty straight to the dome!

Different Types of Rolling Papers: A Necessity for Joint Rolling

Now that you know how to roll a joint, it's time to answer that next question of yours. What are the different types of rolling papers?

Realistically the list can go on, but luckily, I've done some research and have narrowed it down for your convenience to some of the best joint rolling papers on the market.


how to roll a joint no filter

RAW rolling papers for example is certainly a top pick. Best known for their natural and unrefined hemp-based papers, makes them a stoner favorite. The word unrefined means that no bleach was used in the process which in turn, greatly benefits both your health and the environment. They aren't too sticky, thin, or tearable which makes it perfect for rolling whether you're a beginner or not. 

Elements rolling papers are also a fan favorite due to the fact that it is made from 100% rice paper. This means NO chemicals, standard pulp, or hemp. Original elements rolling paper produces ZERO ash with the exception of a thin small white line because they are what you would call 'ungummed' thin rice papers. This type of paper allows for an ultra-slow burn and enjoyable smoking experience. Elements rolling paper are also tasteless and scentless making it an easy smoke for those who are more sensitive. 

Although there are many more different types of rolling papers out there, we decided to pick the best ones that we personally loved for rolling a joint. No matter which joint paper you choose out of the two, we know you will have no issues when it comes to rolling a joint. 


Whew, was that a lot of information to retain? Well the good news is, you are now a pro in some of the best rolling techniques whether it's rolling a joint without a filter or rolling a joint with filter. You also now know how to roll a joint without ever doubting yourself. You can take pride in showing off to your homies that your pearl game is on point!

If you're feeling lazy or on the run, you can choose how to roll a joint quickly without the hassle of making or rolling a filter. If you have some time to sit and unwind however, you can easily see rolling a filtered joint would be your best option for the most optimal smoking experience. Be smart when choosing the right rolling supplies and papers. They are essential especially when you’re learning how to roll a joint!

Time to give yourself a round of applause, you are now fully capable of being able to roll the perfect joint with your joint rolling skills! Rolling joints no longer have to take up more than five minutes of your time when following our guide.


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