The Top 5 Best Flavored Rolling Papers

Being a Daily High Club member means you get to try a lot of cool papers, and we certainly have had our fair share. Some people want a little extra kick in their smoking experience, or are improving the taste of lower quality herbs. Here's the best of the best!

1. Skunk Brand

Barely beating Juicy Jay, we have to give Skunk Brand the top spot. These are the only papers that aren't quite designed to cover the taste of your herbs, they ENHANCE them.
The classic Skunkalicious is an all-natural paper that is only flavored with a small amount of cane sugar, adding a classy touch to even the best herbs out there.
The Hawaiian Skunk is a little stronger, but is the best tasting paper we've ever had. Skunk Brand is the only flavored paper company that seals every package air tight, so no other paper will be as fresh when you open it.
These papers come from Alcoy Spain, the same city RAW's are produced. 
Bravo Skunk Brand, bravo.

2. Juicy-Jays

The most popular flavored rolling paper in the world, and for a good reason. They're all-natural and come in a HUGE selection of flavors. These also come all the way from Alcoy, Spain.
Watch out though, some flavors aren't the best, but this is personal preference of course. Birthday Cake Flavor? Ew. Blackberry Brandy? Hell yes.

3. Cyclones

Unlike other flavored rolling papers, Cyclones are clear - you can see right through them! They are made from cellulose and are completely safe to smoke. However, some people don't like clear papers as much, as they tend to burn a little quicker and less even.

4. Brown Sugar

They don't tell you, but these papers are pretty much made for waking-and-baking. They complement coffee great, and the Brown Sugar girls are an American icon. We've only seen 6 flavors, but that's not such a bad thing.

5. Hornet

These budget papers have the same look and feel as Juicy Jay's, but cost 1/2 as much and have a bit of a weaker flavor. Some people might prefer that, especially if you got some loud. A flavored paper aficionado may not grab these, but we've enjoyed every one we've ever smoked. Plus the flavor selection is massive! 

Have another flavored paper in mind? Tell us below!

And of course, try every one of these papers in a Daily High Club pack!



  • Thomas MacLeod

    I think rips should have made the top 5 choosing the length of your skin is a good idea

  • Little Goa

    Flavored rolling papers are popular these days in all over the world. These flavored paper are tastes good and also add a sort of flavor in the smoke also.

  • Amanda Cornier

    I got my first box in October, it was the Halloween box.. I didn’t really care for the glass piece, but everything else in the box was DOPE AS HELL-OWEEN…. lol.. Keep up the good work DHC Team, I love you All..!!! ??✌❣?

  • Kevin

    what ever happened to just a plain old fashion " Zig Zag cut corner " ? am I the only one still using them …. old school ….lol

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