best pre rolled cones 2024

The Best Pre Rolled Cones of 2024

Pre-rolled cones are a simple and convenient alternative to hand-rolling joints, especially for inexperienced smokers. These cones come in a diverse array of sizes, materials, and designs, ranging from classic king-sized options to slim and compact varieties.

Whether you need the natural taste of organic hemp cones or the slow burn of rice paper, there's a pre-rolled cone to suit every preference.

This guide will delve into the benefits of pre-rolled cones, how to effectively use them, and highlight some of the best pre-rolled cones available.

Benefits of Pre Rolled Cones


Pre-rolled cones are a game-changer in terms of convenience. They are a convenient alternative to hand-rolling joints, especially for beginners or those with limited dexterity. Pre-rolled cones eliminate the hassle; just grind your cannabis, fill the cone, and you're ready to go.


One of the standout benefits of pre-rolled cones is their consistency. Each cone is uniformly sized and shaped, ensuring that every joint you smoke is as good as the last. This uniformity is hard to achieve with hand-rolled joints, which can vary in tightness, shape, and size. Pre-rolled cones provide a reliable and consistent smoking experience.

Less Waste

Hand-rolling joints can sometimes lead to wastage, especially if you're not using a rolling tray. Small amounts of cannabis can be lost during the rolling process. Pre-rolled cones help in minimizing this waste. Since they're already shaped and ready to be filled, there's less chance for spillage and waste, so every bit of your herb is utilized effectively.

What to Look For in a Pre Rolled Cone


The material significantly affects the smoking experience. Hemp paper is popular for its natural, unrefined qualities and pure taste. Rice paper is known for its thinness, slow burn, and smooth smoke. Palm leaf and rose petals are unique alternatives, each bringing a distinct texture and flavor profile to the table.


Size matters when it comes to pre-rolled cones. Common sizes include 83mm, 98mm, and 109mm, catering to various smoking experiences. The length and width of the cone determine how much herb it can hold and how long the smoke will last. Smaller cones are perfect for quick, solo sessions, while larger sizes are ideal for sharing or for those who prefer a longer smoke.


Flavored pre-rolled cones add an extra dimension to your smoking experience. From fruity to minty and even extravagant flavors like banana cream and honey mango, there's a wide array to choose from. These flavors can enhance the natural terpenes of your cannabis, making each puff a unique sensory journey.


The brand of pre-rolled cones can be a mark of quality. Brands like RAW are renowned for their high-quality cones, offering consistency and reliability in every product. When choosing a pre-rolled cone, considering a reputable brand can ensure a superior smoking experience.


The Best Pre Rolled Cones in 2024

All of the pre-rolled cones are available for sale online at Daily High Club!

Best All-Around Pre Rolled Cones: RAW Pre Rolled Cones

raw pre rolled cones

RAW Pre Rolled Cones are the best all-around choice for their ease of use and natural quality. Made from unbleached paper, these cones are perfect if you're looking for a pure and authentic smoking experience. Available in a convenient 6-pack, they're ideal for beginners and seasoned smokers alike.

Best Pre Rolled Cone Variety Pack: RAW Pre-rolled 20 Stage RAWket

RAW Pre-rolled 20 Stage RAWket

The RAW Pre-rolled 20 Stage RAWket comes in as the best variety pack for its diverse selection. It has 20 cones in various sizes, from the impressive Supernatural to the compact 1-1/4 Size, catering to all preferences. They're perfect if you enjoy variety in their smoking experience.

Best King Size Cones: Zig Zag King Size Pre-Rolled Cones

Zig Zag King Size Pre-Rolled Cones

Zig Zag King Size Pre-Rolled Cones are excellent if you prefer a longer smoking session. These king-size cones are renowned for their even burn and consistent rolling, making them a top choice for smoke sessions with your buds.

Best Thin-Paper Cones: The Original Cones Pre Rolled Cones

The Original Cones Pre Rolled Cones

The best thin-paper cones for your smoking pleasure in 2024 are The Original Cones Pre Rolled Cones. Made from highly transparent, ultra-thin rolling paper, these cones guarantee an optimal flavor experience, enhancing the natural taste of your herb with every puff.

Best Fancy Pre Rolled Cones: King Size Gold Hemp Cones

King Size Gold Hemp Cones

The King Size Gold Hemp Cones at Daily High Club epitomize high class. These fancy cones, priced at $14.99, combine elegance with functionality, offering a unique smoking experience. Ideal for special occasions, they're a standout choice for style and quality.

Best Organic Pre Rolled Cones: High Society Primo Organic Hemp Pre-Roll Cones

High Society Primo Organic Hemp Pre-Roll Cones

High Society's Primo Organic Hemp Pre-Roll Cones are the best organic option for 2024. Crafted from 100% organic hemp, these king-sized cones guarantee a pure smoking experience without fillers or wood pulp. This allows the full spectrum of your herb's flavors to shine through.

Best Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones: Rainbow Rose Petal King Cones

Rainbow Rose Petal King Cones

The Rainbow Rose Petal King Cones rank as the best pre-rolled cones for a unique and elegant smoking experience. Crafted with natural rose petals, these king-sized cones are perfect for a luxurious and aromatic session.

Best Environmentally-Friendly Cones: Natura King Size Cones

Natura King Size Cones

The Natura King Size Cones stand out as the best environmentally-friendly option. Crafted from high-quality, ultra-thin paper, these cones prioritize sustainability and deliver a smooth smoking experience. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers, they offer a guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite herbs.

Best Pre Rolled Cones for Travel: Pre-Rolled Cone + Buddies Tube 5 Pack

Pre-Rolled Cone + Buddies Tube 5 Pack

The Pre-Rolled Cone + Buddies Tube 5 Pack is perfect for travelers. These king-size RAW pre-rolled cones are paired with durable plastic tubes and ensure your rolls stay intact and protected on the go. They're a perfect blend of convenience and reliability for any mobile smoker.

Best Emperor Size Pre Rolled Cone: RAW Emperador Pre-rolled Cone

RAW Emperador Pre-rolled Cone

The RAW Emperador Pre-rolled Cone is the best Emperor Size option, offering a grand smoking experience. Its unique water-based gum requires a 24-hour drying process, ensuring a slow, even burn. Perfect for special occasions, this cone is a testament to RAW's commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

How to Use a Pre Rolled Cone

Step 1: Prepare Your Herb

Start by grinding your cannabis to a consistent texture using a grinder. This ensures an even burn and a smoother smoking experience.

Step 2: Fill the Cone

Gently fill the pre-rolled cone with your ground herb. A funnel, or a piece of paper folded in half, can be a handy tool to guide the herb into the cone without spillage.

Step 3: Pack the Herb

Use a pen, pencil, or a similar object to lightly pack down the herb inside the pre-roll tube. This step is crucial for airflow and an even burn.

Step 4: Seal the Joint

Twist the open end of the cone to seal your joint. This keeps the contents secure and ready for smoking.

Step 5: Bake the Joint

Briefly run a lighter around the twisted end of the joint. This “baking” process helps seal the twist and adds stability to the joint.

Step 6: Enjoy

Light up the tip, sit back, relax, and enjoy your perfectly rolled joint. Remember, the key to a great smoke sesh is in the preparation and quality of your pre-rolled cone.

Buy the Best Pre Rolled Cones Online at DHC

Pre-rolled cones offer unmatched convenience and variety for every cannabis enthusiast. At Daily High Club, we have an extensive selection of the best pre rolled cones from top brands available at the best prices. Shop now and find the perfect pre-rolled cone for you!

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