The Top 5 Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers bring a clean aesthetic to your roll ups. There’s something oddly satisfying about being able to see your buds through the paper of a freshly rolled jay. Contrary to a common misconception, transparent rolling papers are 100% plant cellulose (not plastic) and are safe to smoke. Here’s our top brands:

1. Glass

Glass takes the top spot on our list with a slow, smooth burn and no funny taste. These papers are tree-free and made of Asiatic Cotton Mallow, a completely natural plant. Glass sets a high bar for quality clear rolling papers.

2. Trip

The close runner-up on our list of top clear rolling papers is Trip. They recently released a new and improved product - the clearer, thinner, groovier Trip2. These are rolling papers made in Brazil and are 100% tree-free cellulose.

3. JOB Crystal

Next up is JOB Crystal. Simply but, JOB crystals look dope. Like Glass papers, these are made of smooth burning Asiatic Cotton Mallow. No glue necessary - just roll, lick, and seal!

4. Cyclones

Cyclones cracked our top 5 flavored rolling papers list, and they did it again here claiming the number four spot. These papers are also made of a natural cellulose fiber. See-through and tasty!

5. Aledinha  

Closing out our list of top 5 clear rolling papers on the market is aLedinha. These 100% biodegradable Brazilian papers are made of natural wood cellulose and water, and have no funky taste or smell when smoked.

Have another clear rolling paper that you prefer? Tell us below!


  • Will

    Can you plz tell me witch is the healthiest tobacco smoking paper, now in the market??

  • Heather

    I like to use raw papers. Do you guy’s send raw papers?

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