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How to Make a Sploof Under 60 Seconds | Full Guide

If you want to discreetly smoke cannabis without your neighbors finding out, you must know how to make a sploof. A sploof is an essential device to keep your smoking sessions low-key. Sploofs effectively filter cannabis smoke when you exhale, keeping your surroundings secondhand smoke-free and odor-free.


DIY sploofs are cheap and easy to make. All you need are things you find at home. Keep reading to learn how to make a sploof with dryer sheets and a toilet paper roll or how to make your own water bottle sploof. Find out about the efficiency of DIY sploofs and where to find the best sploofs to enjoy odor-free and worry-free smoking sessions. 

What Is a Sploof?

‌A sploof is a device that you can make using a tube with a filter at one end. It is used to mask the smell of cannabis when you blow the smoke out. It is especially helpful if you’re living around people who aren’t fans of cannabis or secondhand smoke. 


Learning how to make a sploof can be a simple and inexpensive way to prevent the smoke and odor of cannabis from lingering in and around your room. You can make a homemade sploof using things that are lying around your house like a toilet paper roll. 

During your smoking session, take a hit and simply exhale into the open end of your homemade sploof. It will filter the smoke through perforated material, such as dryer sheets, reducing your chances of getting caught while smoking. 

Although a DIY sploof can mask the smoke to an extent, it isn’t a completely foolproof method. Daily High Club’s Ayrlume Personal Bamboo Air Filter is one of the best filters that can mask cannabis smoke almost 100%. After using it, I found it to be the most effective in preventing secondhand smoke and if you’re too lazy to learn how to make a sploof, buying it is always simpler. Besides, it’s a discreet, pocket-size device that you can carry and use anywhere.  

But if you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and handy solution in a pinch, why not try learning how to make a sploof? 

Making a Homemade Sploof (Beginner Friendly Steps)

‌DIY sploofs may look basic, but they are fun to make and require little effort when learning how to make a sploof. You’ll need these readily available materials to get started on your homemade sploof:‌

  • A cylindrical cardboard tube (like a toilet paper roll) 
  • 4 or 5 dryer sheets
  • A tie, tape, piece of string, or elastic band to make sure the sheet is held in place

‌Now that you have the materials, follow these four easy steps on how to make a sploof with dryer sheets.

Step 1 - Grab Toilet Paper Roll & Dryer Sheets

‌Take a cardboard toilet paper roll and 3 to 4 dryer sheets. Because the toilet paper roll is the perfect size for making a sploof, you don’t need to modify it in any way.  

Step 2 - Load 3 to 4 Sheets Into Sploof

‌Stuff the dryer sheets into the roll. These layers don’t need to be too dense because 3 or 4 sheets are effective to cover up the smell of cannabis smoke. You can use scented dryer sheets to mask the cannabis odor further. 

Save the last dryer sheet. This sheet will be used to cover one of the open sides of the tube instead of being packed inside. 


Step 3 - Tie/Tape Sheet Closed

‌Once your homemade sploof is loaded with dryer sheets, wrap the last dryer sheet over one end of the tube. You can use whatever you have at home to keep the sheet attached to the sploof — anything from a tie, tape, or string to an elastic band. This sheet holds the loaded dryer sheets in place and prevents them from blowing out or flying away when you exhale. 

‌Step 4 - Start Exhaling Into Your DIY Sploof!

‌Your homemade sploof is now ready. Start your sesh and blow your smoke into the DIY sploof. You’ll see how it prevents the odor from spreading. Now you can smoke cannabis cloud-free without getting caught!

Do Sploofs Work and Are They Efficient?

‌A sploof is a successful way to keep the odor of cannabis from reaching your neighbors. Although it masks most of the smell, it isn’t 100% capable of trapping all the smoke. Even the best sploofs available on the market only offer 99.97% effectiveness. No sploof is completely foolproof, especially the homemade versions. 

Moreover, homemade toilet paper roll sploofs don’t last long, as they can get dirty or soggy easily. When the dryer sheets start turning dark, it's time to throw your homemade sploof out. You may have to keep making new sploofs regularly, which is why it’s important to learn how to make a sploof. 

If you’re willing to put in time, effort, and money into it, you can make your sploof a lot more effective by trying and testing different tubes and filtering materials. But you can bypass all the trouble of experimenting and making a sploof by simply buying one from a store. There are various options available on the market. 

If you’re looking for something more foolproof than DIY sploofs or just simply too lazy to learn how to make a sploof, Daily High Club’s lavender Ayrlume bamboo air filter is as close as it gets to 100% smoke-free. This eco-friendly product lasts for over 100 uses, and its natural elements and can break down organically after you throw it out. This classy air filter is a convenient and efficient alternative to a DIY sploof for masking secondhand smoke with the relaxing fragrance of lavender. 

You can also try the Philter Labs air filter, which is a personal filter for smoke-free vaping or smoking sessions. It works based on a patented process that traps and dissolves smoke particles. This product almost completely clears cannabis smoke and odor and is way more efficient than homemade sploofs. It offers over 150 uses and is a great way to keep your weed sessions discrete. No more wondering “do sploofs work” after either buying these or even once you know how to make a sploof. 

Other Homemade Sploof Ideas!

‌A sploof is basically a closed-off tube with one opening loaded with filtering material. So, if you don’t have toilet paper rolls, you can make a water bottle sploof.. 

Unlike a toilet paper roll, you’ll have to modify the water bottle before you can use it. For this, you’ll need sharp scissors or a blade. Cut off the top one-third  and the bottom half of the bottle. Alternatively, you can poke many holes in the bottom half of the bottle. Follow the same steps used to make the toilet roll sploof. 

Pack the bottle with 3 or 4 dryer sheets. Snugly wrap the last sheet on the opening at the bottom using tape, string, or an elastic band. Once your water bottle sploof is ready, take a hit, blow into the opening, and let it work its magic! What’s more, your water bottle sploof will last longer than a cardboard sploof. 

If you don’t have dryer sheets for the filter, you can use paper towels or toilet paper instead. You can also try using paper coffee filters or cloth rags. Another way of making a sploof is by using activated carbon or charcoal, which you can easily find at Walmart. Instead of dryer sheets, put the activated carbon into the bottle or toilet paper roll. Just make sure nothing falls out. 

For an activated charcoal sploof, you’ll have to activate the charcoal by rinsing it in water. This requires a water bottle sploof without the dryer sheets. Instead of cutting the bottom off the bottle, poke holes in the bottom for smooth airflow. Cover the bottle’s base with a layer of paper towels to keep the charcoal from leaking out. Lastly, add the activated charcoal into the bottle and light your joint or bong!

Although dryer sheets make the easiest and quickest sploofs, they don’t last very long. On the other hand, little amounts of activated carbon can capture cannabis molecules, giving a longer-lasting filtering effect. But loading activated carbon is a lot more work than stuffing dryer sheets in a sploof. 

Along with a homemade sploof, you can use essential oils, scent diffusers, incense sticks, air purifiers, or air fresheners to cover up any smell that gets away. This is why learning how to make a sploof can be so fun as you can test it and use whatever you have to try and mask the smell in many different ways. 

Bottom Line

‌Now that you know how to make a sploof, you can go on to enjoy peaceful, odor-free cannabis sessions. With some basic materials you can find at home, you can easily make a toilet paper roll sploof or a water bottle sploof with dryer sheets. 

Experiment with different materials like activated charcoal to make your own DIY sploof. Just find a tube, stuff it with filtering material, cover one end with the filter, and enjoy a worry-free high.

Homemade sploofs may not be the best sploofs for a 100% odor-free or smoke-free session. But you can always mask the smell with scents and air fresheners.

If you get tired of making your own sploofs or you want a more effective filter, you can always buy high-quality filters such as the Ayrlume bamboo filter or Philter Labs filter to muffle cannabis smell and smoke in the comfort of your home. No more worrying do sploofs work and how to make a sploof after today.      

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