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How To Pack a Bowl - With Advanced Tips for Getting The Best Smoke

Knowing how to pack a bowl properly is an essential part of smoking cannabis. Improper bowl packing can quickly ruin your sesh, causing you to pull ash into the chamber, experience uneven burning, or develop a clog that prevents you from pulling your hit. Any of these issues can affect your overall smoking experience, leaving you feeling a bit frustrated (to say the least).


How to pack a bowl


If you want to know how to pack a bong, this guide has you covered. Are you wondering how much weed fits in a bowl on average? That’s here, too. We’ve got all the information you need to learn how to pack the perfect bowl.


Bowl Packing 101 - How to Pack the Perfect Bowl

When learning how to pack a bowl of weed, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. With the help of this handy guide, you’ll learn the art on how to pack the perfect bowl. You’ll be able to smoke your favorite strains down to the very last bit of flower without wasting anything.


How to pack a bong

What Is the Perfect Bowl of Weed?

When I got my first bong, I was so excited. The thing is, I was a complete novice and had no idea how to pack a bowl of weed. I ground up my weed, stuffed it in without any technique in mind, and lit it up. Suffice it to say that it wasn’t a great experience at all. After a little digging, I discovered the proper way on how to pack a bowl, and my smoke sessions improved drastically.


Here’s the thing. How your weed pulls depends on a couple of key factors: how you grind it, and how you pack it. Let’s start with grinding. It’s a bit of a Goldilocks thing; you need to get it just right. You don’t want your weed too chunky, nor do you want it too fine. Too far in either direction will lead to an unpleasant or unfulfilling experience.


When it comes to actually packing your bowl, you can try and pack as much as you want, as long as you’re not compressing the weed or packing too little. Fortunately, there are plenty of bowl options ranging from a small to a big weed bowl. Choosing a bowl size based on how much you smoke can help to ensure that you get the best results. Bowls come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose what’s best for you. Here are your options:

  • If you take small hits, you might go for a 10mm bowl
  • If you typically go for medium-sized hits, a 14mm bowl might make the most sense for you 
  • If you enjoy larger hits, an 18mm bowl may suit your needs best 


Breaking Up Your Weed for Bowl Packing

If you smoke cannabis, you may want a grinder. You always want to grind with care. My favorite way to do it is to grind a little bit and then take a peek inside to check the size. While you want the pieces small, they shouldn’t be so fine that they can fall through the hole in your bong or bowl. At the same time, they shouldn’t look like miniature nugs. Getting the right size is one of the key factors on how to pack a bowl.

Sometimes, it’s safer to use your hands. If you do choose to break your weed apart by hand, though, keep in mind that it can be a bit of a messy process. Your fingers can get super sticky. You’ll also want to make sure that your pieces are even. But it’s different for everyone on how they choose their bowl packing techniques. 

How to Pack a Bowl of Cannabis Efficiently

Once you’ve gotten the grind just right, your next step is learning how to load a bong. First things first, never stuff your cannabis into the bowl by pushing it in with your finger, because again, it’s messy, and you can compress your weed too tightly. If it’s too tightly packed, it becomes nearly impossible to draw a good hit. In the worst-case scenario, you won’t be able to inhale anything at all!


Instead, you want to let your weed fall naturally. Air pockets are a good thing. They allow airflow so that you can pull smoke into the chamber of your bong and then into your lungs. Packing it too tightly can restrict airflow and create clogs. Then you won’t be able to pull anything into your bong.‌ On the other hand, packing your bowl too loosely can result in drawing some of your ground weed into your water, leading to waste.


During my process of learning how to pack a bowl of weed, I was on both ends of the spectrum. I packed my bowl so tight I felt like I was trying to inhale a pea through a drinking straw. In other words, it didn’t go well. When I tried again, I packed too loose. While I could inhale, it was still a miserable experience. With a bit of practice, I mastered the art of bowl packing and I’ve been taking great hits ever since.


‌How Much Weed is in a Bowl - Depends on You!

Now you might be wondering how much weed fits in a bowl, or how full to pack your bowl. Along with keeping the above advice in mind, the honest answer is that it really depends on your personal preferences. Again, you can choose a bowl based on how much you enjoy smoking. The smaller your preferred hits, the smaller the bowl you need. If you enjoy bigger hits, you’ll want a big weed bowl to accommodate a larger amount of cannabis.

So, how much weed makes the perfect hit? Since everyone’s different, it really depends on your needs and preferences. While I might not be able to tell you an exact amount for you specifically, I can offer some guidance to help you determine that information yourself:

  • If you prefer smaller hits, aim for filling your bowl about 30% of the way full
  • For a good high, shoot for filling your bowl around 60% of the way
  • If you’re looking for bigger, stronger hits, go ahead and fill your bowl 100% full (but remember no finger stuffing)


How to Pack a Bowl of Weed Step by Step

Now it’s time to learn the steps on how to pack a bowl of weed. Here’s what you need to do to get great hits every time:

Grind your weed. How you grind your weed depends on whether you’re using an actual grinder or your fingers. If you choose to use a grinder, you’ll need to:

  • Break your bud into smaller, more manageable pieces
  • Evenly distribute the smaller pieces between the teeth of the grinder, taking care to avoid the center
  • Close the lid and make sure the magnet in the center secures
  • Give the grinder a few gentle twists, typically between seven to ten 
  • Remove the lid again and make sure that the bud has fallen through the holes
  • Carefully unscrew the chamber to access your ground bud


If you don’t have a grinder or would prefer to break your buds apart by hand, you can do that too. Ideally, you’ll want to do this over a flat surface or rolling tray. To break your weed apart, you’ll need to roll it between your fingers gently but firmly, making sure the pieces are all relatively the same size will help with the bowl packing. 


Load your weed into the bowl. If you can, remove the bowl from your bong. That will help avoid accidentally knocking your piece over or dropping a stray bit of weed into the downstem or chamber. Place a couple of larger pieces of your bud at the very bottom, in order to support the ground bits of weed and keep you from drawing them into the bong. 

Next, how much weed is in a bowl is on you. add your preferred amount of weed to the bowl and press it down gently. Remember, you don’t want to shove it down with your finger. Lightly pressing it should be enough. 


Perform a quality check. Before you light your bowl and take your hit, you’ll want to perform a visual quality check first. Make sure your grind is consistent, and the pieces aren’t too small or too big. Also, check to ensure that you haven’t packed the bowl too tight or too loose. When it’s just right, you’re sure to get the most enjoyable hits. 


Using a Big Weed Bowl for Larger Hits

Some people love taking huge hits. Personally, I’ll indulge every once in a while. If you’re the type of person who loves big hits (whether occasionally or every time), guess what? You don’t have to overstuff an average-sized bowl. Instead, you can get a big weed bowl like this 18mm bowl from Daily High Club. With a larger bowl, you can accommodate more cannabis, which means larger hits. Again, make sure to quality check it before you light up. 


Pack Your Perfect Bowl of Weed 

Knowing how to pack a bowl is a bit of an art, but, fortunately, it’s not that difficult to learn. Before you begin packing, you first need to make sure that you grind your favorite strain to just the right consistency. Here, size really does matter. Then, when you’re packing your bowl, you want to make sure that it’s not too tight and that it’s not too loose either. Perfecting bowl packing ensures great hits every time.

If you’re looking for the perfect bong, bong bowl, or other smoking accessories, Daily High Club has you covered. Visit DHC today to browse the selection and find the perfect items to meet your specific needs. 

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