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How to Choose A Bong - Beginner's Guide

Whether buying your first bong or your new to the smoking scene, knowing how to choose a bong that you love can seem daunting.

Are you starting to feel the dark clouds and the overwhelming sensation at all the different types of bongs, bong sizes, and bong accessories? Do I get a 10mm male joint or a 14 mm female joint? If I pick the wrong one, does that make me sexist?

how to choose a bong

Worry not my friends, today we'll be talking about bongs at an elementary level, so get your crayons ready. Whether you're looking to find the best beginner bong or if you want to have a more in depth understanding, we've got you covered.

Choosing the right bong does matter. Maybe you're looking to take bigger rips or you've got nosy neighbors and you want to minimize your clouds? Do you have sensitive lungs and are looking for a smoother, less harsher rip?

We'll break down all you need to know so you can buy a bong that is most tailored to your needs.

Best of all, if you know exactly what to get and what not to get, you wont have anymore unnecessary money spent on unneeded bongs that DON'T suit you.

Keep reading below to learn how to choose a bong that is perfect for you. But first, learning how to pick a bong all starts with understanding the different bong sizes, so let's get right into it.

Bong Sizes and Why They Matter

So what are the different bong sizes and why do they matter?

The cannabis market these days are completely saturated with all kinds of bong types and add ons, that it can be confusing and at times even frustrating to figure out what is actually needed in a bong and what isn't.

Truth is, everyone will have a different preference on what type of bong size they need to fit their everyday lifestyle. Maybe you're constantly on the move and you need something on the smaller scale like mini bongs, or maybe you're a home body, in which case a larger bong might be more ideal.

Either way, there is something for everyone, and that is the sole purpose of our guide, helping choose the right bong for you.

Daily High Club has every type and size bongs made from high quality material with excellent customer service. It won't be hard to find the perfect bong for you.

Well, what exactly are the three different sized bongs out there on the market, and what are the benefits of each? Let's identify the different bong sizes:

Mini Bongs - Best for Portability

best bong for beginners

Mini bongs are be fun pieces to have due to their small size, making them quite ideal for on-the-go travels. They're generally light in weight and are perfect for those looking for a more discreet approach to their smoking experience. Mini bongs are also

However, there are two draw backs in having a smaller glass piece such as less airflow and harsher hits. Because these bongs are mini, smoke doesn't have enough space or room to allow a proper and efficient air circulation, therefore, resulting in harsher hits since smoke is not optimally filtered.

PRO-TIP: Adding Ice to your mini bong will allow for the hot smoke to cool down so there will be less throat irritation.

Medium Bongs - Great for Daily Use

best type of bong

Medium bongs are more common since it's what the name implies, right in the middle of small and big. You can still reap the benefits of what a mini bong can provide plus the advantages of what big hitter bongs can deliver. The height of a medium sized bong is generally anywhere between 10-14".

Even though it's not as huge as a bigger bong, it's still greater in size when compared to that of a mini one, which knocks it off the list of making it discreet or even travel friendly. These are important points to consider when buying a bong.

Large Bongs - Perfect for Home Use

best kind of bong

Large bongs are usually for the more experienced smoker, though, not limited to beginners. These large sized bongs work wonderfully for home use since they are bigger and not discreet or travel friendly. In a lot of ways, this is the best type of bong to buy since they allow optimal airflow and smoke filtration.

This results in smoother and tastier hits, which reduces throat and lung irritation tenfold, as compared to medium and small bongs.

PRO-TIP: By exercising your diaphragm, you will be able to open your lungs, and therefore increase your breathing and lung capacity, or in other words, allow more smoke to be inhaled. This way, when you're ready to start smoking, you'll be able to take longer breaths which will allow for a larger hit.

Now that you know the three different types of bong sizes and the advantages of each, that brings us right into our next section of bong materials and the importance of picking the right one.

Bong Materials: Picking The Right One

As a marijuana enthusiast and avid smoker of 10+ years, I myself, have gone through the many struggles of picking the right bong materials.

With that said, my first bong was actually a medium sized one made of borosilicate glass. Though it served its purpose of getting me high, I always wished I had done prior research before purchasing. wasn't long before that $100 glass bong was shattered into a million pieces on the floor - and along with it my heart.

Certain materials offer different functions as well as benefits such as add ons and modifications. Let's take this time to go through the 4 most commonly used bong materials.

Here are 2021's most popular bong materials:


how to pick a bong

How to Pick the Right Glass Bong - Most Versatile

Glass bongs are the most popular type of bong material there is out there on the market because it provides the cleanest and purest tasting hits. Over 90% of glass bongs are made from borosilicate glass. This type of glass is more resistant to thermal shock and temperature changes, making it perfect for durability.

What separates glass bongs from other materials is it's ability to be completely versatile. This gives creative room for add ons like multi water chambers, ash catchers, downstems, percolators and some even come equipped with a splash guard.

On the other hand, they do have their down sides. For example, they are easily breakable and can be on the higher end of being pricey. If you have the means of spending a little more for quality, it is well worth the money.

Acrylic Bong - Cheapest Type of Bong

Acrylic bongs are extremely cheap in price and come in tons of different colors and fun designs to choose from. Not to mention they are virtually indestructible. Unlike my glass bong experience, you most likely won't have your expectations smashed to pieces from an acrylic bong.

But with anything cheap, you get what you pay for. Acrylic is another fancy way of saying plastic, and if you're a seasoned stoner with expectations of a high quality smoking experience, this will not be the type of bong for you. Because the material is acrylic, it makes it the least versatile piece for add ons or even accessories such as a much needed percolator. 

To be honest with you though, you'll get the same quality smoke out of acrylic bongs that you would from smoking out of a household item such as an apple or water bottle. Not exactly quality you'd want from money spent on a bong.

There's hardly any diffusion or smoke filtration from the absence of a perc and because of the plastic like material, both the downstem and bowl are generally made out of metal. How does this affect your smoking experience? Well, let's say it'll leave quite a bad resin like taste in your mouth.

Are Ceramic Bongs Good? - Extremely Durable

Overall, ceramic bongs are extremely durable, reliable, and they get the job done. If I had to rank them, this would fall right behind glass bongs at number 2 for best choice, in terms of taste profile. Silicone possesses the same reliability but nothing beats the neutral tasting hit from a ceramic bong.

These are also known as the oldest type of bongs since they have been used for over 100 years, putting them on the list of collector items as well.

Since ceramic bongs do not contain many intricate parts, it makes them less prone to fractures and deformities over time. Though still breakable if dropped, they are excellent in maintaining fluctuations in temperatures and not over heating like other materials such as glass.

A bong made out of this material will be able to deliver a neutral flavor and smooth hit, despite the lack of versatility and complex parts, because of the combination of clay, stoneware and earthenware that is used.

Are Silicone Bongs Good? - Easy to Clean

Silicone bongs are becoming more popular over the years as they are the perfect cross in terms of customization, price, durability, and performance.

They are probably the easiest to wash and clean out of all 4 materials since they are dishwasher safe and foldable! Silicone itself is soft and malleable, making them a perfect fit for travels or if you're someone who's constantly on-the-go.

Unlike acrylic, silicone bongs are able to withstand extremely high and low temperatures without melting or breaking apart. This makes them very durable and adds a lot of value for the long haul.

Now that you're knowledgeable of the what to look for in a bong and why they matter, it's time to get you set up for how to pick a bong that is best for you.

Best Bong for Beginners

So what is the best bong for beginners and how do you know what you'll need?

For starters, I'd highly recommend purchasing a bong that is already equipped with accessories like a built in downstem or even glass chamber to ensure you get optimal water filtration.

Oh, and I'd stick with glass or silicone over acrylic or ceramic by a long shot, despite ceramics durability.

Although breakable, glass provides the highest performance for delivering clean and smooth tasting hits, while silicone on the other hand, is non breakable, but also delivers smooth bong hits with extremely low chances of breakage.

You shouldn't get your head too wrapped up around what features you need since majority of the time, it's really just preference. While more smoking accessories may benefit your overall experience, they are not essential.

Plus, if you're a newbie, you'd most likely want to deter from all those intricate pieces and add ons, they'll only complicate things more for you until you're actually ready to take it to the next step.

By buying a bong that is already equipped with the fundamentals such as a glass chamber, ice catcher, and downstem, the only thing you'll need to ever be cautious about, is not breaking it. You won't have to worry about all those weed gadgets and extra pieces because it's already included!

Best Bong For Your Buck

So how much does a bong cost and what's the best bong for your buck when it boils down to what you want and what you need? We've narrowed it down to two choices, acrylic and silicone. These types of bongs are always good on price while still delivering the benefits of an excellent smoking session.

Neon Mini Bong : Acrylic

This 5'' Neon Mini acrylic bong carries a simple electric design with its vibrancy and small look. This makes it a great handheld bong for every day use or if you need to be on the move. It comes equipped with a three hole slit downstem.

Benji Silicone Bong

The one of a kind Benji Silicone bong is perfect for those looking to spice up their collection while not making a dent in your wallet.

This is the best kind of beginner bong to start with and is beautifully equipped with a glass downstem and bowl piece making for an exceptional smooth hit. Because of the material, this design makes for an easy and simple cleaning process when needed, and you wont have to worry about it breaking or shattering.

Smoking Subscription Box

Have you heard of Daily High Club's smoking subscription box? All items are essential for your smoking experience, making it the ultimate stoners box.

From glass pipes, rigs, water pipes, bowls, papers, lighters, and high quality bongs, the selections are endless! Each month will be a different set of vital smoking supplies sent right to your doorstep with a click of a button. With DHC subscription box, you will never fall short on getting smacked with your buddies while having dope weed gadgets to add to your collection!

Joint Sizes - For Bongs

Now for the fun part, the different bong bowl sizes! Bet you didn't even know there were many alternatives to choose from. Yes, your bong, bowl piece, adapter, nail, ash catcher, drop down, and pretty much any accessory having to do with your bong piece has a gender to it.

Don't worry, I won't get ahead of myself. Lets break down what these sizes are and what they really mean.

Here are the two types of joint sizes:

Male Bong

The male bong or the more correct term, male joint, is when all accessories have to be female. Opposites attract! If the water pipe has a wider opening where the separate bowl piece has to fit inside of it then it's a male.

Female Bong

The female bong or more correctly referred to as the female joint, is when the opening is much smaller and therefore, you would need male accessories to be inserted onto the joint itself in order to be compatible.

Skip to this blog for more facts and information regarding joint and gender sizes.

Bong bowl sizes

Step your game up with different bong bowl sizes to get the best out of your smoke sesh!

Are you having the homies over? Get yourself a party bowl and throw that bad boy on there! Are you smoking with just yourself and you want a nice, big, clean hit? Throw on that small hitting bowl!

Let's go over the 3 simple bong bowl sizes:

Small Bowl - Great for Personal Use

Small bowls are perfect for that late night toke or that early wake and bake. This type of bowl may be small but does wonders for that instantaneous pick me up when needed.

Large bowl - Ideal for Larger hits

Large bowls are wonderful if you're looking for a monstrous hit without overdoing it. They are perfect for multiple hits so yu can save for later or giant ones when you need that instant high. If you've got lungs of steel, by all means this large bowl will take your breath away and send you to cloud 9.

Party Bowl - Best for Sharing

A party bowl is the best kind of bowl for sharing with your friends or family. Not only is there enough to go around, but rest assured everyone will be more than satisfied taking a big rip out of this beauty. Having the friends over? Smoke like a champ with a fun sized party bowl.


Wow, was that a lot of information in this guide to retain or what? By now, you should take confidence in knowing that we've covered everything you need to know to find yourself the perfect bong piece.

From materials, sizes, to smoking accessories, only you'll know what kind of smoke experience you're looking for and what will best suit you. Once you figured out what type of function or design you want, it's easy to call it quits and stick with it. But as a vet smoker, it's not long before you catch yourself buying different bong pieces just to try out the different styles in smoking.

Whichever you decide, I hope you find the best type of bong tailored to all your needs! Don't waste time, take everything you've learned here today and get yourself the perfect set up!

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