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How to Smoke Weed in Your Room - Even at Grandma’s

We can all agree knowing how to smoke weed in your room is a task to be mastered by trial and error. 

Smoking weed without smell or hazy smoke escaping is only something figured out by multiple attempts. Sometimes it can even seem impossible. 

Smoking outside is great. Smoking around your 420-friendly buddy's house is awesome too. But smoking weed inside and trying to completely disguise the odor brings on a whole set of challenges. 

how to smoke weed in your room

Maybe you live with your parents or roommates who don't approve of weed-smoking, or maybe you just live in a smoke-free apartment. 

In this guide, we're going to show you how to smoke weed in your room without it smelling or seeping clouds of smoke — or guilt — underneath the door. 

Smoking Weed Without Smell - How To and Benefits Of

There are so many of us who love to smoke but due to circumstances, can’t afford to smoke openly or comfortably with friends or family members around.

In this section, you’re going to learn: 

  • How to smoke weed inside without other people knowing
  • Tips for stress-free indoor weed-smoking
  • How to bypass smoke detectors while you toke
  • What tools can help you smoke weed without generating any smell
  • Whether you should turn a fan on while smoking weed in the house
  • Basic hygiene tips for how to smoke inside discreetly

How to Smoke Inside - Without Roommates Knowing

smoking weed without smell

Philter Labs has the perfect answer for how to smoke inside without your roommates being able to tell what you're up to. The Philter Labs pocket is a personal smoke filter for cloud-free smoking or vaping. Its sophisticated technology consists of a patented five-step filtration process that dissolves any possible airborne particulates before they can enter into the atmosphere. 

Philter Labs pockets are super easy to use, and so incredibly effective you'll wonder how it could all be this simple. All you need to do is: 

  1. Attach the mouthpiece of your vape or favorite smoking accessory to the Philter Labs pocket
  2. Hold the pocket and inhale through its mouthpiece
  3. Keep the pocket to your lips and exhale the smoke or vapor back into it
  4. With a little practice to get it just right, you'll notice that no smoke from your pocket escapes out into the air

Smoking Weed in the House - No More Stress

Now you can smoke weed comfortably in your home whenever you like, without the worry of anyone finding out. Just lock the door to your bedroom, inhale your vapor and exhale into this Philter Labs innovative product. 

The simple design of the Philter Labs pocket doesn't draw unwanted attention — it's less than four inches tall and only half an inch wide. It'll fit  comfortably into your bedside drawer or bag, ready for the next time you want to smoke weed without smell. It's suitable for any time of the day, and can even be used when you're out and about. 

how to smoke inside

I've been an avid vaper since two years ago when I decided I preferred the intense high of concentrates over regular joints, and made the switch. But the cloud of smoke that used to follow me around was never my — or my housemates' — favorite part of the experience. 

As soon as I tried the Philter Labs pocket, I knew I needed it in my life. Now I can just chill and toke in my bedroom in the dead of winter without upsetting my housemates or freezing myself with the window open. 

Smoking Weed Inside - Bypass Smoke Detectors

When you smoke using a Philter Labs pocket, you don't need to worry about setting off any smoke detectors. As long as you use the pocket correctly by exhaling everything slowly and carefully into the mouthpiece, literally no smoke or vapor will escape and no alarms will go off. 

Where does the smoke go? Although Philter Labs products are petite, they pack in a lot of technology. Airborne particulates aren't held in the chamber of the pocket, they're broken down and eliminated through several stages. It's a sophisticated air filter on a nano-scale, emitting clean air at the end of its powerful and instantaneous process. 

Ways to Smoke Weed Without Smell

We've talked about how to smoke weed indoors without producing a cloud of smoke. Now we'll move onto our helpful tips for how to smoke in your room without it producing a smell either. 

Philter Labs When Smoking Weed Inside

You're inhaling and exhaling marijuana while inside the house. Now the only difference is that you'll inhale through the Philter Labs pocket, and then exhale back into the pocket too. This is the number one method for reducing the smell of your weed smoke indoors. 

Turn Fan On While Smoking Weed Inside

This shouldn't be necessary if you're smoking while using any of the Philter Labs products. But if you want to be extra cautious, you can always keep a fan on while smoking weed in the house. Try looking for a fan that will suck up and filter the air even further. 

Practice Basic Hygiene After Smoking Weed Inside

Now that you've finished your smoking session (or just a few top-up tokes), be sure to cover your tracks. The smoke may not be hanging in the air, but it could still linger in your mouth, and your red eyes may give you away too. 

If you're looking to achieve 100% discretion, practice and maintain the following as your standard good habits when smoking weed in the home: 

  • Brush your teeth or use mouthwash to freshen your breath
  • Use eye drops to help clear red eyes
  • Wash your hands with soap to get rid of residue or smell
  • Spray your clothes with a discreet body spray or perfume — though this won't be necessary after smoking through a Philter Labs pocket


Smoking weed in the house without alerting others to your activities doesn't need to be a complex, hit-or-miss event. With a Philter Labs pocket, you'll have no smoke, no odor, and no stress. The pocket works with smoke AND vapor exhalation, and it's good for up to 150 exhales. 

And when you buy a Philter Labs pocket through Daily High Club, all shipping is free within the US. So if you'd like to keep your smoking habits just as they are while staying in the good books of your parents, grandparents, roommates, or landlord, order yourself a Philter Labs pocket today. 

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