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How To Smoke Weed From A Pipe in 3 Simple Steps | 2021 Guide

One of the best things about weed is that there are so many different ways to smoke it. You could go the classic route of rolling a joint, or you can try something a bit different and learn how to smoke weed from a pipe. While smoking weed from a pipe might seem complicated at first, it’s actually one of the quickest and simplest ways to enjoy your favorite strains. 



Are you ready to get started smoking weed from a pipe? Allow me to introduce you to the world of cannabis pipes and how to use one in a few simple steps. I’ll also show you some of the most popular (and personally tested) pipes to smoke weed out of that are on the market. Let’s dive in.

What Are Cannabis Smoking Pipes?

It’s not uncommon to associate smoking pipes with tobacco. For me, I used to associate them with Sherlock Holmes, not cannabis. So when you hear “weed” and “pipe” in the same sentence, it’s understandable that you might be left thinking, can you smoke weed in a pipe? The answer? Yes, you absolutely can. 

Let’s start with the basics on how to smoke weed from a pipe. A cannabis pipe is an alternative to joints. How a pipe works is pretty simple. It’s a single piece that consists of a bowl for your ground weed, a stem (which contains a hollow chamber for smoke to travel through), and a mouthpiece.


Pipes themselves have been around for thousands of years. There are also several different pipes to smoke weed out of on the market. One of the most common to start when learning how to smoke weed from a pipe is a hand pipe, also known as a spoon. Typically made of glass, they’re a simple design. Even so, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to find something that suits your personal tastes. 

Other types of pipes you may find include:

  • One-hitters: These are small, discreet pipes that are perfect for on-the-go smokers.
  • Steamrollers: These pipes have a wider chamber for more airflow. That allows for longer hits.
  • Sherlock pipes: Characterized by their long, curved shape, Sherlock pipes can make you feel like the greatest detective in literary history.
  • Gandalf pipes: These long, thin pipes are perfect for weed lovers who also enjoy Lord of the Rings.

These are just a few of the many pipes available on the market. If you’re looking to get started with smoking weed from a pipe and don’t have one, I highly recommend this Fumed Frit Pipe. It’s small and simple but also very high-quality. It comes in a few different colors, and it’s perfect for beginner and expert smokers alike.

How to Start Smoking Weed From a Pipe in Under 1 Minute

Now it’s time to learn how to smoke weed from a pipe. You might not believe me just yet, but it’s an incredibly simple process that takes less than a minute. What’s more, once you know all the steps, it only takes one or two times before the whole process becomes second nature. 

First, let’s start with your supply list. Along with your new pipe, you’ll need an herb grinder, a bit of your favorite strain, and a lighter. That’s it. Now let’s move on to the best way to smoke a bowl. 

Grind Weed with an Herb Grinder

The first thing you’ll need to do when learning how to smoke weed from a pipe is grind your weed in your herb grinder. It’s the fastest way to break down your buds and the easiest way to ensure consistency. Place however much you plan on smoking into the grinder and give the cap a few twists. You want the pieces small but not too fine. 

If you don’t have a weed grinder, you can break your buds apart by hand. However, that’s a bit of a messy process. Fortunately, even high-quality grinders aren’t all that expensive and they help make smoking weed from a pipe easier. I’d highly recommend the Hammercraft X RAW 4-piece one. Available in two colors, this aluminum grinder is one of the best I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a few in my time). 

Put Weed In Pipe Carefully 

Your next step for how to smoke weed from a pipe is to pack your bowl (in other words, put weed in the pipe). Carefully put your ground cannabis in the bowl. Start lightly at the bottom and then a little more full at the top. That allows for more airflow and smoother hits. Just be careful that you don’t overfill the bowl or pack it too tightly. Otherwise, you might find it near impossible to inhale the smoke. 

Light the Weed and Pipe Up!

Finally, it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for – taking a hit from your weed and pipe. If your pipe has a carb hole, be sure to cover it with your finger. Then, light your bowl and begin inhaling through the mouthpiece. Halfway through your inhale, let your finger off of the carb hole. The extra air will help push the smoke into your lungs. Hold your hit for a few seconds and exhale. That’s all there is when it comes to learning how to smoke weed from a pipe!

Popular Pipes to Smoke Weed Out Of

I touched on a few of the different types of pipes to smoke weed out of earlier in this article, but now let’s take a closer look at a few other popular options. 

First up, the one-hitter is a small, portable pipe ideal for smoking on the go. As the name suggests, you pack just enough weed for a single hit, and then you’re on your way. The RYOT acrylic one-hitter is one of my personal favorites. I love taking it with me when I go out for hikes in the woods. 

Another popular option is a chillum pipe. The Daily High Club X HoohNU Chillum is particularly awesome because it’s the first of its kind to feature caps on both ends. You can pack it beforehand, cap it, and take it with you. Then you can light up on the go. Thanks to the caps, the borosilicate glass pipe is smell-proof before and after use. You don’t have to worry about smelling up your bag or your pocket. Who wouldn’t like that? Learning how to smoke weed from a pipe may be important, but so is having a pipe that fits your needs.

Bottom Line

There you have it. Learning how to smoke weed from a pipe is quick and easy. It requires very little in the way of supplies, and you can do it in three steps. What’s more, smoking weed from a pipe takes less than a minute to get from grinding to relaxing. Now that you know the best way to smoke a bowl and can you smoke weed in a pipe, all that’s left to do is find a piece you love and get started!

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