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Top Smoking Gift Sets for the Holidays

Top Smoking Gift Sets for the Holidays

There’s a little over a month until Christmas, so it’s high time you start shopping for presents. And what better way to do that then with this exclusive DHC gift guide! Peruse these top gift boxes and get one today to make sure you have it in time for the holidays.

RAW Stocking Christmas Pack

Spread some holiday cheer this year by rolling it up and smoking it! The new RAW Stocking Christmas Pack is packed full of holiday smoking supplies making it a perfect gift. This is the best stocking stuffer for your favorite smoker.

Top Holiday Gift Sets RAW Stocking

RAW Stocking Smoking Supplies

RAW Stocking

Daily High CLub Rolling Tray

RAW Rolling Machine

RAW Rolling Papers

RAW Clipper Lighter

Paper Rolling Tips Hemp Blunt Wraps

DHC Sticker

January 2018 Box

This box is a great gift for the holidays since you can also use it to ring in the New Year! Each January ‘18 Box includes a 14mm Circ Perc Champagne Bottle so you’re ready to pop bottles to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s and every holiday after! Get it now while it’s available for a limited time $20 markdown.

Top Holiday Gift Sets January Box

January ‘18 Box Smoking Supplies

King Size Elements Rolling Papers

Buddies Tube

Juicy Jay Pre-roll Cone

Hemp Wraps

DHC Silicone Ashtray

Sanitizing Wipes

Linse “Kaomoji” Retractable Lighter


RAW Perforated Tips

DHC Sticker Set

April 2018 RiFF RAFF Collab Box

Daily High Club’s April Box of smoking supplies featured a sick collab with none other than the Neon Python aka the Peach Panther aka Mr. Lamborghini Leglock aka...RiFF RAFF! Show your friend how to be the man and how to be the boss with one of our most popular boxes.

Top Holiday Gift Sets RiFF RAFF x DHC Collab Box

DHC x RiFF RAFF Collab Box  Smoking Supplies

RiFF RAFF Pink Python Matrix Perc Bong

Trip² Papers 1 ¼

Clipper Lighter

Doob Tube

Elements 1 ¼ Pre-rolled Cone

Hemp Wraps

Smoker Shades w/ Microfiber Carrying Pouch

Air Freshener

DHC Sticker Set

February 2017 Legends of Hip Hop Box

Products from Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, Berner, and more made this offering the cock of the [smoking subscription box] walk, having recipients exclaim “this box really set it off with everything that was included”; “Not only do you get great quality accessories for a good price, the glass piece is awesome!!”

Top Holiday Gift Sets  DHC Legends of Hip Hop Box

Legends Of Hip Hop Box Smoking Supplies

DHC 7” Steamroller

Cypress Hill’s Roor Glass Filter Tip

Wiz Khalifa’s RAW Filter Tips

Hydrostone Humidifier

Juicy Jay Perfect Blunt Roller

Menthol Flavored Papers

Hemp Blunt Wraps

Full Size Lighter

Pre-rolled Cone

Airtight Tube

Hemp Wick

Dragon Bristle Pipe Cleaners

Elements Matches

DHC Sticker Set

DHC Mystery Glass Box

If you’re getting yourself a present, nothing’s more perfect than the DHC Mystery Glass Box. Get a surprise mix of past glass, collectibles, and accessories, all chosen from the very best items in past DHC boxes. You never know what you might unwrap!

Top Holiday Gift Sets DHC Mystery Box

May 2018 Traveler’s Bubbler Box

Warm up the icy winter and pretend it’s summer all year long with the May ‘18 Traveler’s Bubbler Box. Complete with a beautiful scientific bubbler, drawstring bag and plenty of on-the-go supplies, this is the perfect present for the roaming smoker in your life.

Top Holiday Gift Sets DHC May Travelers Bubbler Box

Traveler’s Bubbler Box Smoking Supplies

14mm Diamond Perc Traveler’s Bubbler

DHC Drawstring Bag

Reusable Stash Container

Flavored Rolling Papers

Windproof Torch Lighter

Flavored Pre-rolled Cone

Hemp Wraps

Rolling Tips

DHC Sticker Set

The September 2017 Chill Box II

A sequel to the original and highly coveted Chill Box, the Chill Box II hooks you up with smoking supplies like a recycler pipe, the DHC x Chillbud Stash Jar, a two-way humidifier and the Dank Donut Glass Mat. If you’re tryna chilllllll this winter, you gotta grab this box.

Top Holiday Gift Sets Chill Box II

Chill Box II Smoking Supplies

Chillcycler Dab Rig/Bong

DHC x Chillbud Stash Jar

1 ¼ Rolling Papers

Cyclones Flavored Pre-rolled cone

Hemp Wraps

3.3’ Organic Hemp Wick

RAW Perforated Filter Tips

2-way Humidity Regulator

Dank Donut Glass Mat

Clipper Lighter

DHC Sticker Set

October ‘17 Sucios Box

Have an explosive season with last year’s October Sucios Box! This package includes the ever-popular grenade dry pipe, with a palm-perfect shape that’s ideal for on-the-go moves this holiday. This was a fan-favorite, and is only available for a limited time so scoop yours now!

Top Holiday Gift Sets DHC October Sucios Box

Sucios Box Smoking Supplies

Grenade Dry Pipe

RAW Black 1 ¼ Papers


Buddies Tube

RAW King Size Pre-rolled Cone

Hemp Wraps

Little Trees Air Freshener

RAW Clipper Lighter

Kingpin Cigar Splitter

Roach Clip

DLX Tips

DHC Sticker Set

August 2018 DHC x TWT Collab Box

If you or your Secret Santa pick is someone who’s loud and proud about smoking, this is the pick for you. When we collaborated with the content creators at TWT for the #RaiseYourBong  box, we wanted something that would unite our entire community. So hold your bong in the air and yourself even higher with this cause-worthy gift.

Top Holiday Gift Sets August DHC x TWT Collab Box

DHC x TWT Collab Box Smoking Supplies

14mm Female TWT Mini-Beaker

ResRemover Glass Cleaner

RAW Papers

Full Size Lighter

DHCxTWT Bong Mat

Buddies Tube

Smojo Smoke Screen

The Original Cones 3-pk King Size Cones

100% Natural Hemp Wick

Hemp Wraps

DHC Sticker Set

December DHC Box CTA

Come back to the website on December 1st to add the December DHC box of smoking supplies to your holiday shopping list!

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