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How To: Choose Your Glass In 2019

How To: Choose Your Glass In 2019 With the new year starting, many of us want to treat ourselves to a new go-to piece of glass, one we’ll be able to enjoy all year long and be proud to add to our arsenal of smoking supplies. But what to choose? A dry pipe or a bong? A handpiece or a water pipe? The most obvious difference between the two types of glass is in the name: a water pipe contains water and dry pipes do not. Water pipes are definitely ranked higher for filtration and notoriety, but portability and simplicity...

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Who Has the Best Monthly Smoking Box Subscription?

Who Has the Best Monthly Smoking Box Subscription? It seems like every day there’s a new smoker subscription box to discover. With so many options it can be a tad overwhelming. But don’t worry! We’re here to walk you through the ways Daily High Club will be your number one choice.   What You Pay El Primo - $30/mo.Connoisseur - $12/mo.All-Natural - $1/mo. What You Get In addition to a virtual headshop, an apparel line, and a trove of informative how-to’s accessible through the Daily High Club website, DHC also offers three different smoking subscription box options. First, there’s the El...

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Bong Accessories You Need in 2019

Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 Get a jump on your next year of smoking with these necessary accessories for your bong or dab rig! ResRemover Bong Cleaner This awesome pipe cleaner is a lazy smoker’s best friend. Just add water to the fill line, and soak! Drop your dirty downstems and bowls directly in the bag, or pour the contents directly into the chamber of your bong or rig and let them soak overnight.   $5.99 Directional Flow Carb Cap Take fat dabs at the perfect temperature! This glass carb cap features a directional nozzle so you can twist and turn your essential...

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Top 7 Mega Bongs in the DHC Store

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store Pocket pipes and mini bongs are cool, but sometimes you just want some big ass glass to keep at the homestead. If you’re seeking a new statement piece to add to your smoking supplies stash, look no further than this list of Top Mega Bongs available in the DHC Store! 6/12 Arm Tree Perc Straight Tube Height: 16.25” Joint Size: 18mm Female For the tree-hugger in you, this bong features two stacked tree percs for a whopping 18 arms! Hits are smooth and tasty as smoke filters through an ice catch, then the...

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How-To: Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your Next Bong

Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your Next Bong Whether buying your first bong, replacing an old piece or simply adding to your collection of smoking supplies, picking out the right item can seem daunting. You want to get the most bang for your buck but you also want something that suits you and your lifestyle. To help aid you on this quest, DHC has put together the Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your Next Bong. Dry Herbs or Legal Concentrates? Water pipes are ideal for both legal dry herbs and concentrates, but which one you plan on using can dictate the type of pipe you...

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