best bongs of 2023

The Best Bongs of 2023

Bongs have become one of the most popular and effective ways to enjoy your herb. They've improved and advanced over the past several years, and with their powerful rips, they can get you higher than other types of smoking.

Below we'll showcase the best bongs of 2023 so you can take your smoke sessions to new heights. But first, let's go over what to look for when shopping for a new bong.

Features to Consider in a Bong

Various factors come into play when choosing your perfect bong. Each aspect plays a vital role, from materials that impact taste and durability to the size that complements your lifestyle.

Let's dive deeper into essential features to consider when selecting the ideal bong for your needs.


The bong material is crucial to overall performance. Glass bongs are popular because they offer excellent durability and deliver an unparalleled taste of your favorite herb. They also come with various attachments so you can customize your smoking experience.


The right size bong for you depends on your lifestyle and preferences. If you travel a lot, a small bong is ideal. For daily smokers seeking smoother hits, medium-sized bongs strike the perfect balance. Large bongs provide supreme smoke filtration and airflow, allowing you to take bigger hits without losing a lung.


Bongs vary widely in price, and the decision largely depends on your needs and preferences. If you just want to get high, there's no harm in choosing a budget-friendly option. However, for the best smoking experience, a high-quality bong can make a significant difference in the smoothness of your rips and the potency of your sessions.


While it's not necessary for functionality, the design of your bong is still very important. Since your bong will likely become a daily companion, its design matters.

With countless options available, you can find a bong that perfectly matches your style. A wide range of bongs are available, from simple and clear modern designs to vibrant colors and even artistic creations.


Choosing a trusted and reputable brand is essential when investing in a bong. Brands known for producing high-quality products that ensure a satisfying and enjoyable smoking experience are your best bet. Buying from trusted brands means you can be confident in the durability and performance of your bong.

Now that we've covered bong features to look for, let's dive in to the best bongs of 2023, all available for purchase on Daily High Club!

The Best Bongs For Sale in 2023

Best Percolator Bong

Freeze Pipe XL Bong

The Freeze Pipe XL takes the crown as the Best Percolator Bong of 2023, delivering powerful hits without the harshness. Its dual percolators, the Inline perc and sprinkler perc, ensure top-notch water filtration, resulting in smooth, monster rips. Say goodbye to chest and throat burn with this exceptional bong.

Best All-Around Glass Bong

12" 9mm Bent Neck Beaker Bong

The 12" 9mm Bent Neck Beaker stands out as the best all-around glass bong of 2023. Crafted from premium thick borosilicate glass, this beaker offers impressive durability with its 9mm thickness. Its unique design includes a bent neck, removable downstem perc, and vibrant color accents, making it one of the best glass bongs available. This bong features a dry herb bowl and a stylish logo and is packaged in a collectible gift box.

Best Cool Bong

Daily High Club "UFO Abduction" Bong

Experience otherworldly highs with the Daily High Club's "UFO Abduction" Bong, our top pick for the coolest bong of 2023. Standing 6 inches tall, its UFO-shaped mouth and kinked neck look cool and prevent splashback. With interstellar decals and a fixed 3-hole defuser, this cosmic beaker is perfect for home sessions and on-the-go adventures.

Best Affordable Bong

Slimzilla 10" Straight Bong

Our pick for the best affordable bong of 2023 is the Slimzilla 10" Straight Water Pipe. This no-frills straight tube boasts an ice catcher, removable diffused downstem, and a 14mm male glass-on-glass bowl. It might not be high-end, but its colorful detailing and availability in 4 colors make it a must-have, especially for beginners.

Best Mini Bong

Daily High Club "Sesh Invaders" Bong

The Daily High Club "Sesh Invaders" Bong dominates as the best mini bong of 2023. With a sleek design featuring purple accents and 8-bit sesh invader art, this handheld gem is a collector's dream. Enjoy smooth hits with the 4-hole puck percolator. Standing at just 6 inches tall, it's the perfect portable companion.

Best Big Bong

GRAV® Large Beaker Bong

The GRAV® Large Beaker Bong is our pick for the best big bong of 2023. This device is made of clear glass for observing smoke build-up and a detachable fission downstem for easy cleaning. Plus, the included 14mm GRAV® Funnel Bowl holds a generous amount of flower, enhancing your smoking experience.

Best Silicone Bong

Silicone Mini Beaker Bong

Discover the unbeatable durability of the Silicone Mini Beaker Bong, crowned as the Best silicone bong of 2023. At 7" tall, you can take this smoking device anywhere, and crafted from high-quality silicone, this tube ensures worry-free usage and can withstand significant impact. Its slitted scientific downstem guarantees an impressive rip every time.

Best Beaker Bong

8" Thick Glass Beaker Waterpipe

The LA Pipes 8" Thick Glass Beaker Waterpipe reigns as the Best Beaker Bong of 2023. Crafted with 38mm heavy glass tubing, its hand-formed beaker base and 18mm to 14mm downstem guarantee smooth hits. The tight seal, three-pinch ice catcher, and 14mm glass funnel bowl make it a scientific masterpiece, proudly American-made in California.

Best Honeycomb Bong

Inline to Triple Honeycomb to UFO Straight Tube Bong

The standout honeycomb bong of 2023 is the Inline to Triple Honeycomb to UFO Straight Tube Bong. Standing a colossal 21 inches, it features five distinct percs, including an inline perc for initial cooling, three honeycomb percs for further diffusion, and a soothing UFO perc. Enhance your experience by adding ice cubes to the pinch for the smoothest, lung-filling hits.

Best Acrylic Bong

Neon Mini Bong

Embrace the electrifying experience of the Neon Mini Bong, crowned the Best Acrylic Bong of 2023. Its simplicity and handheld design make it a standout choice for any sesh circle. Crafted from durable acrylic with a fixed grommet-style joint, this bong is perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts who crave convenience without compromising the quality of their smoking sessions.

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This list covers our favorite bongs of 2023 and should help you find the right bong for you. To explore more, check out our impressive collection of bongs. We've got you covered no matter what type of bong you want. For more expert tips on choosing your ideal piece, check out this blog.

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