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The Bong is so Famous, But Why?

Bongs are easily the most infamous smoking device in the smoking community. Their history dates back to ancient times and the OG smokers were healers, tribal chiefs and royalty. Now it is used by hundreds of thousands of smokers So how did the bong stay relevant and get to where it is today?

What is a bong?

First off - what even is a bong? A bong is a water filtration device meant to be used with herbal substances. Over the years, bongs were made out of bamboo, metal, bottles, wood and other handy materials. Bongs have many features, functions and can be made out of almost any materials - given to the right smoker. The preferred make of bong by most consumers are made out of heat resistant borosilicate glass. Other designs are made out of silicone, plastic or safe, heat-resistant metals. The basics of a bong consist of a bowl, down stem and chamber. Just add water and your favorite herbal substance Smokers have always been innovative when it comes to creating devices in which to consume their herbs from!


Bong history

Water Pipes have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. While their use has maintained, the materials used to make bongs and their functions have grown greatly over time. From ancient Chinese dynasties enjoying bongs to Bob Snodgras’s infamous bong design tweaks, this style of smoking doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a well-known fact that Empress Dowager Cixi was buried with her prized pipes in the early 1900s. Tribal chiefs around the world have also used ceremonial water pipes. Russians were even found to be using gold bongs 2400 years ago!       

Skull Bong

Celebrity status! 

Fast forward to the ’60s and 70’s where we hit a turning point in the bong and consumption movement. The hippie era was in full force and legends such as Cheech Marin were born. The smoking community officially reached celebrity status and so did smoke ware. Bongs started becoming apart of merchandising plans next to t-shirts, hats and other daily wearables.

After years of bong evolution, Daily High Club wanted to create more accessible glass for smokers everywhere! Daily High Club now boasts a laundry list of public figures and celebrities with their own custom bong designs. Josh RAW, Snoop Dogg, Chanel West Coast, B-Real, MacDizzle420 + KoalaPuffs as Dizzle Puffs, RAW OG, Silenced Hippie, Riff Raff and more.

Dizzle Puffs Koala Bong

"Real slow hits from the bong...
Make me feel like Cheech,
And I'm kickin' it with Chong."

- B-Real

Where are bongs today?

The modern-day bongs of 2019 have gotten crazy in design, function, and quality! Various percolators, ash-catchers, ice pinches and more have become standard on newer designs. The functions of bongs have also grown greatly and can be anywhere from a fire recycler to a 24-arm tree perc. Daily High Club takes extra special care in producing unique and novelty designs that are more accessible to the everyday user both in our store and especially our subscription.

Chanel West Coast Bong

So - why are bongs so famous?

All in all, bongs have been a preferred method to other means of smoking because they are regarded as a healthier way to consume your favorite legal herbs. Water filtration cools off the smoke and catches impurities from the combustion of the herb. Whereas other paper-smoking methods may not be as health conducive or good for your lungs. It’s also a fun way to smoke, especially with friends!

Luckily, Daily High Club sends you a new bong to try every single month with a sweet smoking subscription program! This way, you can try out all sorts of different features and functions. There’s a whole pack of goodies to share with your friends to keep the vibes all groovy, man!  

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I’m 61 yrs old and I just started my mini bong collection. Thank you DHC

Janet McKeen

Please make a penis bong for the boxes. I know alot of people looking for them and I would buy several as gifts thanks

Mary Hodge


Jason Shipley

I love your pipes .and I would love to have one of your rigs.

Francisco Toro

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