Top 7 Mega Bongs in the DHC Store

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store
Pocket pipes and mini bongs are cool, but sometimes you just want some big ass glass to keep at the homestead. If you’re seeking a new statement piece to add to your smoking supplies stash, look no further than this list of Top Mega Bongs available in the DHC Store!

6/12 Arm Tree Perc Straight Tube

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store 6/12 Arm Tree Perc
Height: 16.25”
Joint Size: 18mm Female
For the tree-hugger in you, this bong features two stacked tree percs for a whopping 18 arms! Hits are smooth and tasty as smoke filters through an ice catch, then the top tree’s twelve branches, and finally loops through the bottom tree’s six. Plus the super thick glass means this bong is built to rip!
$99.99 (Reg. $149.99)

LV Pattern Straight Tube

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store LV Pattern Straight Tube
Height: 15”
Joint: 18/14mm Reduced 5.5" Downstem
(18mm female ground joint)
This snazzy number comes in a gorgeous deep green, accented with sandblasted LV print and an eye-catching gold DHC logo at the base. An ice pinch and removable, slitted downstem have users raving it’s a “10/10” and a “really solid and classy piece” to add to your smoking supplies collection.
$79.99 (Reg. $149.99)

DHC 8-Bit Heart Bong

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store 8-Bit Heart
Height: 14”
Joint: 18/14mm Reduced Downstem
(18mm Female Ground Joint)
Show some love with the big and beautiful 8-Bit Heart Bong. Recent reviews claim “this bong is perfect. [You] can take huge rips and the design is super clean too!” Vibrant green hearts and the classic DHC logo make this a can't-miss piece for any collector!
$69.99 (Reg. $99.99)

DHC Tree Perc Beaker Bong

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store Tree Perc Beaker
Height: 14”
Joint: 18/14mm Reduced Downstem
(14mm female ground joint)
Designed for smooth rips at every level, the Tree Perc Beaker Bong has a removable 18/14 slitted downstem, helping bubbles move up through the two tree percs in the neck. Above that is the ice-pinch for even more cooling. Since its debut earlier this year, DHC clubbers have already claimed that this bong's capability to “rip hard” while being “incredibly smooth” has earned it the position of “main piece at all seshes!" 
$79.99 (Reg. $129.99)

Inline-Tree Bent Neck Bong

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store Inline-Tree Bent Neck
Height: 13”
Joint Size: 18mm Female
Oh man, is this tube cool - An extended inline perc over a tree perc chamber, combined with a bent neck to prevent the all too familiar water-in-the-mouth situation, makes this a sexy smoking device to add to your supplies. Even reviewers agree “diffusion is on point with no drag.”  Now that she’s available for a huge price-cut, snatch her before she’s off the market!
$99.00 (Reg. $149.99)

DHC Destroyer Rig

Top Mega Bongs in the DHC Store Flower/Concentrate Destroyer Rig
Height: 10”
Joint: 14mm Male
While a little smaller than the other bongs on this list, the DHC Destroyer deserves an honorable mention. This dope rig has both a vortex and a honeycomb perc, thick glass, and a fused glass downstem. You can cater to your needs by choosing a standard bowl or a premium quartz banger + bowl at check out, but the 14mm joint allows for compatibility with a ton of other add-ons, too! All three accent color options - white, green or blue - are currently available, and for a reduced price. Don’t sleep on this sale!
$49.99 (Reg. $79.99)

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