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Bong Accessories You Need in 2019

Bong Accessories You Need

in 2019

DHC Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 Double Bowl

Get a jump on your next year of smoking with these necessary accessories for your bong or dab rig!

Lit Club Grinder

Bong Accessories 2019 Lit Club Grinder
A premium metal grinder with sharp teeth and a huge chamber with a see through window to see all the product you ground up! Smooth turning technology and a precise hole pattern make for a perfect grind every time.

RAW Double Barrel + Carrying Bag Cap

DHC Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 RAW Double Barrel
The only thing better than one joint is two! This unique handmade wooden holder is carefully crafted with sustainable starting materials. The perfect pair for a pre-rolled cone, often featured in our smoking subscription box. Easy to use, just pack up some pre-rolls, or roll up a couple of your own and stuff them in. The holder will even work with one, so long as you cover up the opposite hole.

Donut Joint/Blunt Holder + Pendant

Bong Accessories for 2019 Donut Joint and Blunt Holder
Brand new in the Daily High Club store and freshly fried for you! These donuts will bring you sweet smoke while keeping your fingers clean - no glaze at all. Made to burn your blunt down to the very end and keep your fingers free from the scent of smoke and harmful burns. Available in Purple or white Glaze with Sprinkles or Original Glazed, the true OG, you can satsfy your sweet tooth with some smoke! 

Daily High Club Double Bowl

Bong Accessories for 2019 Double Bowl
A new and improved version of the original as released in our Feb '18 subscription box. Beefed up with thicker glass and larger bowls, this bigger, badder version of the Daily High Club Double bowl is perfect for the lazy smoker, or the adventurous one!

RAW Hydrostone

DHC Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 RAW hydrostone

The RAW Hydrostone is made from uncoated, natural, kiln-baked terra cotta clay. It was originally developed to keep tobacco fresh on ships during the early days of modern trade. To use, simply allow the stone to soak in water for 5 minutes. Then place it in the same storage container as your smoking stash. The RAW hydrostone is 100% reusable and will keep your stash fresh for a very long time, as well as bring old dried material back to life!


The Original Debowler

DHC Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 Debowler Ashtray
This innovative ashtray features a poker built right in to the bottom for all your emptying. Using the Debowler ensures your pipe or bowl is ready to go next time you want to pack it. These plastic pokers are made stateside in the Debowler factory in Reno, Nevada.

Daily High Club Silicon Smoke Rings

DHC Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 Silicon Smoke Rings

Everyone needs a break from the bong once in a while, so we created these sweet silicon rings to keep your fingers free while you sesh, just in case you need them for other things like video games, doing your homework, rolling another or even ripping the bong! 


DHC Bong Accessories You Need in 2019 Quartz Banger
This list isn’t all-inclusive, so hop on over to DHC’s online headshop to find more dope smoking supplies!
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