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How to Make a Homemade Bong in 2022

Knowing how to make a homemade bong in 2021 should be a fast and easy task. No matter what the case, making your own bong means you don’t have to skip your smoke sesh. There are plenty of easy homemade bongs that you can create with minimal supplies. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a bong for yourself, we’ve got you covered. 

 Homemade Bong Materials

Homemade Bongs You Can Make in Minutes

One of the best things about homemade bongs is that you have several options that you can create in a matter of minutes. You most likely already have the few items you’ll need lying around the house. You can learn how to make your own bongs from fruit, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and many other common household items. Here, we’re going to share some of the top easy homemade bong “recipes” to use in a pinch. 


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How to Make a Homemade Gravity Bong

Have you ever smoked from a gravity bong? It’s an experience. The bong forces a massive hit of concentrated smoke right into your lungs. It’s kind of like inhaling a whole bowl of your favorite strain in a single go. In other words, it’s a quick and easy way to get a super-potent hit of THC. 

When it comes to how to make a homemade gravity bong, you only need a few supplies. First, you’ll need a plastic bottle such as a water bottle, soda bottle, or Gatorade bottle. A 16-ounce to 20-ounce bottle will do perfectly here. You’ll also need:

  • Some aluminum foil
  • A lighter 
  • Your chosen strain of weed 
  • Something sharp, like scissors or a box cutter 
  • A bucket (or something else to put water in)

Once you have your supplies, you’re ready to get started with making your own bong. Begin by carefully cutting the bottom portion of your plastic bottle off. Next, make a large hole in the bottle’s cap and wrap it using a small square of aluminum foil. Shape a bowl in the cap and poke small holes in the foil to allow for proper airflow. With that, your homemade bong is ready to use. 

When you’re ready to take a hit, fill your bucket or larger container with water. Next, pack your ground bud into the foil bowl and set it aside. You don’t want to screw it onto your bottle just yet. 

Next, take your water bottle and submerge it in the water. You’ll want just the mouth of the bottle exposed. Now screw the cap onto the top and ignite your bud. Slowly pull your bottle up out of the water and watch it fill with smoke. If you’ve never used a gravity bong before, it’s pretty neat to watch. 

Keep pulling the bottle up until it’s almost out of the water, but don’t pull it all the way out. Unscrew the cap and place your mouth over the mouthpiece. When you’re ready, push the bottle back into the water to force the smoke in the bottle into your lungs.

Easy Homemade Bongs for Fruit Lovers

When discussing how to make a homemade bong out of household items, we would be remiss not to mention fruit bongs. You read that correctly: a bong made out of fruit. One of the most popular options here is an apple. It’s a super easy homemade bong and super fast. All you need is an apple, your weed, something sharp, and a lighter. Here’s what you need to do:

  • If your apple still has its stem, remove it (the stemless top becomes your bowl)
  • Make a chamber by poking a hole through the “bowl” with your sharp object and ending about halfway through the apple (don’t go all the way through)
  • Take your sharp object again and poke a hole through the side of the apple that connects to your chamber (that’s your mouthpiece)
  • If you want, you can make a carb by pushing all the way through to the other side of the apple (this step is optional)
  • Pack your “bowl” when you’re ready to smoke
  • Cover the carb (if you made one), spark your buds, and inhale through the mouthpiece 

How to Make Your Own Bong with a Soda Can

Here’s another simple solution for making your own bong at home: a soda can. It’s just as simple as the other two methods we’ve shared with you so far. For this easy homemade bong, you need a soda can, your favorite strain of weed, a lighter, and something sharp to poke holes. 

To make your own bong with a soda can, follow these steps:

  • Clean and dry an empty soda can (12-ounce one will work perfectly) and remove the tab if it’s still there
  • Indent the side of the can around the center of it
  • Use your sharp object (pen, needle, or thumbtack) to poke several small holes in the indent (don’t go through the other side of the can) 
  • Poke a larger hole in the side of the can to create a carb hole
  • Using your lighter, condition the areas where you poked your holes (both in the indent and where you placed your carb hole)
  • Place your ground bud in the indent, cover the carb hole, and place your mouth over the drinking hole
  • Ignite the bud with your lighter, let the can fill with smoke, and enjoy

Look Out for Health with Homemade Bongs

As you’re learning how to make a bong at home, it’s important to keep a few safety concerns in mind. Smoking from plastic bottles and cans could pose a few health risks because the act of heating the materials causes them to release potentially harmful chemicals. These chemicals aren’t great for you, nor are they all that good for the environment. If you do decide to make a homemade bong, use caution and don’t do it too often. Of the above methods, fruit is the safest. But saving up and investing in a real bong for your own health is the best option. If you find you like being crafty and making your own bongs opt for fruit over plastic and aluminum. 

Bottom Line

Learning how to make a homemade bong is pretty simple. Creating homemade bongs is also a fairly quick, straightforward process. Whether you choose a plastic bottle gravity bong, soda can, or fruit bong, you likely already have everything you need in your kitchen. These easy homemade bongs are satisfying to make and use. It can also be pretty fun to flex your creative muscles, especially if you've already been smoking. Give one of these homemade bongs a try next time you look to light up!

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