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How to Make a Gravity Bong - Beginner Friendly Steps

Gravity bongs are a fun way to switch up classic ways of smoking.

Regardless if you prefer cones, bongs, pipes, or blunts, making a gravity bong is a fun way to get creative and ultra stoney all at once. Usually gravity bongs are typically made out of common household items like empty soda or beverage bottles.

But modern day, there have been other twists and upgrades that have essentially mimicked a classic homemade gravity bong that have made their way into stoner households. But let's be honest, one of the best feelings is putting something functional together and being able to use it proudly once it’s finished!

Tools Needed for a Gravity Bong

Basic gravity bongs are usually made with two plastic bottles, a bowl piece, and a little bit of water. Here are some essentials necessary for making a basic homemade gravity bong:

  • 1 Gallon water bottle (like the big plastic Crystal Geyser bottle)
  • 2 liter soda bottle 
  • Scissors 
  • A knife or something sharp like such
  • Water
  • A bowl piece

Most of these items can be easily replaced if you don’t have the exact bottles, it’s not a very strict formula when it comes to the measurements and sizes on these items. One of the enjoyable things about this experiment is getting creative with the parts, especially if this is kind of a temporary replacement or last resort for those late night accidents. 

How to Make a Homemade Gravity Bong

Learning how to make a homemade gravity bong is simple if you follow our easy beginner friendly steps. 

Making your own gravity bong has its many perks and benefits such as being able to customize the size of your piece and even the style if you’re feeling creative. Gravity bongs are the perfect smoking option for those looking for powerful and intense hits for every inhale. 

Let’s dive into how to make a gravity bong.


Step 1: Make the Base

To start, these bottles are going to need to be empty and clean. The larger bottle is going to be used as the base so it will need about the top third part cut off completely. So it’s just going to be the bottom two thirds of the water bottle left after it’s finished being cut, at the door of cutting make sure this is a little bit shorter than the soda bottle. The top part of the bottle could be thrown away. 

Step 2: Make the Chamber

With the smaller bottle, in this example it would be the soda bottle, you will essentially need to cut off the opposite part of the bottle. So the bottom third of this soda bottle can be cut and thrown away. What will be left is the top part of the soda bottle with the cap. Make sure that this is just a little bit taller than the base.



Step 3: Make the Bowl Piece

Back in the days, a lot of people would get inventive with it and use tin foil or find other ways to create a bowl piece. While that’s creative and fun once in a while, we recommend using a glass bowl piece and drilling a small hole in the soda cap to fit it. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to carefully get a knife and make a puncture in the cap. The bowl piece should fit tight in the bottle cap, so carefully puncture it deeper and wider into the cap until the puncture fits the bowl piece in there perfectly  airtight. This will take patience but the better the cut here, the better the bowl.

Step 4: How to Set It Up

The gravity bong is almost complete at this point; simply add water to the base which should be that larger water bottle. Fill the base about 2/3rds up with water but make sure to test it out for splashback to ensure that it’s at your preferred pull level. Set that top part of that soda bottle within the base. The top part of the soda bottle with the cap should be peeking out of the water with the cap mostly screwed on with the bowl piece inserted into that cap.



Step 5: How to Use It

Once it’s set up simply light up the bowl piece and let the chamber fill up with smoke. As it gets fuller pull that chamber up and away from the water for a larger delivery. Once the chamber is full of smoke, unscrew that bottle cap and don’t let too much smoke escape. Carefully push down on the chamber so it makes its way towards the bottom of the base, otherwise the smoke will get stale and hard to inhale.


Gravity bongs are fun to make and have a rewarding pay off in the end making it a great activity for those lazy sundays or even those days that it’s just not hitting the same. They may take some trial and error at first to get it each person's liking, but this was a classic go to when there was nothing else to use. Let us know what the most innovative thing you’ve done to smoke. Whether it’s a crazy joint or another home made piece, where there’s a will there’s a way.

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