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Smoke to Table: Pumpkin Bong and Other Weird Things to Smoke Out Of

With the fall season coming in full swing it’s that time of year to spend more time inside, be creative, and start budgeting. As we approach the giving season it can be difficult to remember to treat ourselves, but what better time of year than now to spend some time inside doing some fun Do-It-Yourself smoking projects. Instead of a classic pumpkin carving contests this year, get friends together this year for a most functional pumpkin bong carving contest! Although pumpkin may be one of the only ones that can be filled with water there are so many different foods can be made into dry pipes. Making pipes out of food is not only a fun way to switch it up and put those innovative skills to work and the perfect skill for those days when looking into last resort smoking options!

The classic apple piece, where many of our stoney journies began. The apple piece is one of the most accessible ways to smoke a bowl, especially as beginners or in times of need. Knowing how to make a pipe out of food is one of those things that should be a basic stoner skill for every smoke er and luckily it’s not something that takes a whole lot of precision. In three easy steps, making the perfect piece is just cents away when buying single fruit.

  1. Using something sharp like a knife or pen to carve the first hole out of the three holes in the apple. Typically this cut is made at the top of the fruit, at the core and goes as deep as about halfway down the core of the fruit.
  2. The second cut should be made about halfway down the apple on either the left or right face and should be deep enough so that it meets the first cut in the center of the apple. This cut will be for the carb.
  3. The last cut will parallel the carb, it will also be about halfway down the face of the apple but this one will be on either the front or the back face of the apple and will also be deep enough to meet the other two cuts at the center of the apple.

After perfecting the piece, put your skills to the test and pack up the legal product to try it out. This classic apple pipe is a promising pipe that can even be eaten (for the most part) after!

Apple Hand Pipe

Ready for an upgrade? The apple dry pipe is a perfect piece for those who need something more long term but just as discreet as a fruit piece. This apple in disguise is just as portable and maintains the discrepancy of a fresh food pipe, but it only requires touch-ups now and then for cleanings. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 


"Not a Dick" Eggplant Dry Pipe

Whether you’re feeling festive or discreet, this eggplant dry pipe is an essential piece for the season. Unlike the fresh fruit pipes, this eggplant will last your far more than just a couple of smoke sessions while remaining disguised as a classic vegetable. This glass piece is far more long-lasting than your average vegetable piece and delivers egg-celent rips every time!

$19.99 ($39.99)

The Pumpkin Bong:

Feeling festive this pumpkin season? Get creative with the pumpkins and make a classic dry pipe or even transform it into a fully functioning pumpkin bong! Similarly to carving a pumpkin for decoration, it requires that the pumpkin is hollowed out. To turn a pumpkin into a bong it just requires a glass downstem, a bowl piece, and some focus. Getting the hole carved in the pumpkin so that it perfectly matches the size downstem can be tricky be very rewarding after it’s full of water and ready to load up! Just make sure not to carve the hole for the downstem too close to the bottom of the pumpkin otherwise the water might spill out.

Not feeling up to pumpkin bong project? Shop our pumpkin bongs from the storer and enjoy a mess-free sesh! 

pumpkin bong and dab rig


Feeling festive this season? Perhaps resorting to a DIY pipe just before the Thanksgiving feast? Use the same model for making the fresh apple pipe to get baked using a potato this year. Potatoes are one of those foods that taste well-cooked, fried, sautéed, grilled, and are perfect for baking!


The cucumber is another of those fresh foods that are perfect for carving a pipe out of because it’s relatively easy to find a common center area for the mouthpiece, carb, and bowl to meet in unison. Especially as generally being a more symmetrical food, it can make it easier not working with as many curves when it comes to making pipe pieces like this. 


Bananas are ideal for DIY dry pipes because they are easily punctured, with soft skin and mushy inside that could essentially be cut using a hollow pen or butter knife. Similarly to how an apple would be carved into a pipe, use this fruit for a fresh twist to pair with fruity strains for an easy on the go smoking solution. 


More of a joint or pre-roll kind of person? Get creative with using different foods as joint holders, like a sweet strawberry. Just puncture two holes in the strawberry that meet in the middle of the fruit. Carve out the stem to avoid getting leaves in your mouth and use the other hole, that is not the mouthpiece, to function as a joint holder. This will deliver a smooth rip with a sweet strawberry aroma.

Don’t be afraid to step into the kitchen this season to get creative and use this as an excuse to play with your food, we may be growing out of some childhood holiday traditions but that doesn’t mean we can’t start new ones. DIY projects are ideal for the holidays whether they’re gifts, new traditions, or just an excuse to smoke up with a friend some of these pieces can be more of a creative challenge than expected.


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