Accent Color Beaker Bong


If you're looking for a quality beaker bong, the search is over. MAV Glass handcrafts some of the finest water pipes available and The Accent Color Beaker Bong is far from an exception. Molded from clear and colored thick borosilicate glass, each Color Accented Beaker Bong stands roughly twelve inches in height making these bongs highly durable nonintrusive to your living space and easier to store, and an all-around excellent choice for all smokers.

The Accent Color Beaker Bong features include a deep 14mm male glass bowl that pairs perfectly with the 18mm to 14mm 5 inch downstem, used to circulate the water in the beaker base chamber and filter smoke. The long neck of the bong features a pinch style ice catcher and MAV glass decal on the front of the bong just below the mouthpiece. Colored glass accents on the top and base of the bong give it a distinct appearance and name.