Celebrity Glass

Celebrity Glass

Daily High Club is changing the smoking game with hot sellers from even hotter celebrities, now you can smoke like your favorite stars with the best glass! Featuring bongs and bowls from some of the biggest names in the smoking community, our collaborations with iconic smokers like B-Real, Chanel West Coast, and Silenced Hippie have produced epic pieces for every style of smoke. 

Each of our celebrity collaborations is the result of hours of dedicated teamwork between the Daily High Club team and the top smokers in the world. Our hard work to create the best functional glass with the co-sign of serious smokers adds up to unique glass pieces that will not sacrifice function for beauty.


Our Dr. Greenthumb collaboration in March 2018 brought relief to smokers worldwide. The prescription pill steamroller highlights the box featuring a massive RAW cone, mini Herbsaver grinder, and more. This is just what the doctor ordered!

Chanel West Coast

Hit recording artist and “Ridiculousness” Co-Star Chanel West Coast brought her flair to the club in September 2018 with a collaboration box headlined by her electric blue dab rig. Get it by itself or as part of the full Chanel West Coast smoking subscription box.


Two of the biggest stars on Instagram and TWT, MacDizzle420 and Koala Puffs joined forces with the Daily High Club for the January 2019 smoking subscription box. The Wake and Bake box brought classic cartoons and cereal to an elevated level with the Cereal Box Dab Rig.


Known for his massive rips and epic stash Brandon, or RawOG420, is an iconic smoker known across the globe for blowing huge clouds. The RawOG x Daily High Club Beaker Bong is outfitted with a black... Read More