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The Zodiac Series: Leo Edition

July 23 - August 22

Leo season is right around the corner, which means there is going to be lots of celebrating going on since Leo’s are notoriously known and loved for celebrating themselves!

Now is going to be the best time to start shopping and the perfect time to treat yourself for your birthday or perhaps even treat your favorite Leo with a new glass piece or smoking accessory.

accented stem line bong

Accented Stemline Bong


This piece radiates big Leo energy, with it’s bright accents and large height, which tops off at 18 inches, this piece is unforgettable not only in looks but also in performance.
It’s large size makes it perfect for sharing generous sized bowls because Leo’s tend to attract close friends because of their generosity and big heart.
The studded percolator at the bottom makes for smooth smoke production and the ice pinch at the top ensures a cool and refreshing delivery for any summer sesh.

the obelisk bong

The Obelisk Bong


Leo is a fire element, which typically means they’re strong, sharp, fierce, and loyal. This glass is the ultimate combination of all three of those things and is the perfect upgrade if looking for that new daily driver that you can stay loyal to. With two percolators, and an included ice pinch, this is the perfect bong for a smooth, cool rip!

paranoia pineapple bong

Paranoia Pineapple Bong
This gorgeous glass is sweet, storing in taste, bright, memorable, and easy to love; just like Leo’s. This is the perfect personality bong and has been featured in a College Humor’s series, Paranoia, making this the perfect glass to sit back, relax, and get some laughs in while sitting alongside your favorite person, watching your favorite series.

raw level five wooden cig holder

RAW Level Five Wooden Cig Holder

When it comes to being generous, Leos put in the most, even during the sesh.  This five pocket joint holder is perfect at any sesh, whether hosting the sesh and trying to generously share with everyone or perhaps trying to dilute the responsibilities so that everyone is contributing more evenly. Either way, there is no going wrong with this wooden accessory!

diamond glass klein fumed bong
Diamond Glass Klein Fumed
Look for a simple but hefty glass? Not everyone is into the giant statement glasses, and although this piece is five inches tall it’s still quite the hitter. The recycler style glass up cycles the water for a potent but smooth delivery.
Check out the full Mushroom Collection for more glass with a similar style model.

breakfast of champions dab rig bong


"Breakfast of Champions" Cereal Bowl Bong/Dab Rig
$79.99 ($99.99)

With warm hearts and cheerful attitudes, Leos can appreciate a good morning full of nostalgia. Whether it’s an outdoor session, local hike spot, scenic drive, or perhaps it’s cartoons on a Saturday morning with a side of cereal. This bowl is perfect for a twist on this childhood classic weekend marathons of sitting in front of the couch, but this time with double bowls.

rainbow bottle bong

Rainbow Bottle Bong
This beautifully bright bong matches perfectly with the bright personalities of Leo’s, they tend to exuberate very colorful, high energies that are very likable. This bottled shaped piece is a simple two pieces, making it more practical for the stoner on the go who doesn’t particularly need something super heavy duty.

daily high club double bowl

Daily High Club Double Bowl

Leo’s have a tendency to be very social people, although they enjoy alone time as well, typically they’ll keep their circle tight and are okay with hanging out a few select people. This double bowl is the ultimate bestie bowl, for sharing with your favorite smoking partner. Have two different bowls ready and packed back to back!

geo perc straight shooter milk green
Geo Perc Straight Shooter Milk Green

For those straight to the point kind of smokers, this hefty straight shooter stands tall at 16 inches and features a laser cut percolators at the bottom. The small holes in the perc make for major bubbles and a fantastic delivery, all the way through.

jellyfish jam bong

The Jellyfish Jam Bong
Leo’s are also very passionate, which means they appreciate the things that really serve them in life, the quality things. This double perc includes two tree percolators for the smoke to pass through for extra filtration. This piece ensures a quality delivery every time and is something to be proud of while pulling up to any sesh.

Order one these colorful, vibe-lifting, and bright pieces for the first person who came to mind while reading this blog and surprise your favorite Leo this year around.
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