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DHC Favorites: Glass Collectors Edition

While this summer might look a little different for everyone this year round, Daily High Club has the perfect guide for all your favorite collectibles to fill up your shelves with this season.

If you find yourself spending more time indoors this year, don’t let your glass collection run dull! Make the most out of it with some of DHC’s favorite bongs and dab rig sets and collectibles ranging from health themes, to cartoon collectors items, to straight up just beautiful glass.

holographic dab rig and bong

This holographic collection glass is perfect for the high end stoner, whether it’s the gold tint or the rainbow tint that makes your eyes glow, there is something out there for everyone. These beautiful pieces look amazing in the sunlight and are ideal for pulling up to any sesh with style and quality function.
grenade glass collection

Grenade Collection 

Want to ensure that your collection is the bomb? Even some of our highest functioning glass comes in sets like this evolutionary transformation; from a quality dry pipe, to a daily driver of a bubbler, to its final form — a water pipe. The quality only gets better with improvements like this, and with some of the hottest reviews, there is no wrong choice between the three of these pieces!
dizzple puffs bong

Dizzle Puffs Collection


We have not just one, but two awesome rig style pieces in collaboration with Koala Puffs and MacDizzle. These colorful cereal themed boxes are covered with art on almost every face and are the perfect way to get the day started off with! Check out the full collection, including the two monthly boxes that are still available online.
breakfast of champions cereal bong dab rig

"Breakfast of Champions" Cereal Bowl Bong/Dab Rig

$79.99 ($99.99)

This advanced glass is sent straight from the future, talk about bowls in bed in multiple ways. Simultaneously enjoy that morning cereal, along with a breakfast bowl by adding this glass to your collection. Whether it’s along a food theme, a novelty theme, or perhaps you're adding it into the breakfast themed glass, this bowl has a place in every home. This piece is redefining the meaning of wake n’ bake!

raw food dab rig bong collection

The Raw Foods Collection

Our themed glass has offered a variety of different foods that range from Thanksgiving themed Turkey to a simple glass apple piece transformation. Give your favorite vegan friend a goofy, bright, or easy on-the-go piece this summer with one of these delicious munchie inducers!

rasta  dab rig and bong collection

Rasta Collection

These rasta style pieces are diverse and bright, making them perfect for adding some color to the collection. With most of these pieces maxing out at a height of six inches, the silicone piece (top left) is great for the clumsy smoker, with a taller height, and indestructible tube, it’s hard to go wrong with one of these traveler pieces.

rick and morty dab rig and bong

Rick and Morty Collection 

Check out some of our funnest, fan based glass that’ll make the perfect pair while sparking up, with your favorite partner in crime, while watching some of your favorite classics on TV like this silly sitcom. The classic plumbus glass comes in two beautiful colors while the other, well the other piece might just leave you looking a little bit like Rick’s face after using it.

sweet tooth dab rig and bong

Sweet tooth collection

These sweet treats are perfect for those who love to get baked while baking. Although each treat has a sweet function, they are low in sugar and high in quality. Get this collection for someone who loves sweet treats or baking as their favorite stoney passed time!

alien dab rig and bong

Out of this World Collection

Are you a total space nerd or do you know someone who is a space geek? Well we’ve got the perfect collection for that, and it’s a little more complex than the collections leading up to this. All of these pieces here have peak performances, even the basic alien glass and with a variety of different percolators and styles, this glass will definitely get you to blast off.

blue galaxy bong

Blue Galaxy Bong


This out of this galaxy glass is the ultimate collectors item to top off the collection above, the Out of this World Collection. This 12 inch tall piece has a high bubble production for the smoothest delivery and the globe in the middle helps prevent splash back. This daily driver will send you out of this world!

skull bong dab rig

Skull Collection

This spooky set is another one of those collections that we expanded on by popular demand. The original clear skull glass was so successful that last October we released a series of the same pieces but in different colors. These skulls are great for collectors and are discrete enough to even be house decorations. Check out the 10 inch version of it online or the original High-looween box for the expanded collection!

mushroom dab rig and bong

Mushroom Collection

Don’t have mush-room in your expanding collection? Although these pieces max out at a height of about six inches, the two handles on each side of the piece work as a recycler. This recycler not only helps with avoiding water intake, but it also ensures the smoke is under control and recycled for the smoothest possible rip! It’s the perfect gift for your trippy friends and the fun-gis out there.

jellyfish dab rig and bong

Jellyfish Collection

One of the most noticeably smoother percs on the market is a favorite here at DHC, the Tree Perc. If you're a regular smoker and need a hefty, but smooth load while seshing, one of these pieces will give you exactly that. The collection is not only beautiful but the airflow is fantastic because of the way the smoke passes through the perc.

animal lovers bong and dab rig

Animal Lovers Collection

There is no certain type of person when it comes to being part of this industry, and this variation is perfect for the animal loving stoner. With the variety including both dry pipes and water pieces there’s a piece in this set for both the beginner and experienced alike.


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watermelon bong

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