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Discover The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Discover The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Whether you’re searching for that perfect Secret Santa gift, or just the right goodies to stuff stockings, there’s something for every special smoker in your life with these awesome offerings all under $25!

Cool Jay’s Menthol Papers

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Cool Jay Menthol Papers

Treat yourself to a satisfying smoke with refreshing menthol fit for the frigid season. Each leaf is extra lightweight and a regular size of 80mm long and 60mm across, wide enough for beginners and easy to customize to a slimmer width for rolling pros.


RAW Hydrostone

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 RAW Hydrostone

In line with the other eco-friendly products RAW supplies, this hydrostone is made from uncoated, natural, kiln-baked terra cotta. It was originally developed to keep tobacco fresh on ships during the early days of trade. Simply soak the hydrostone for 5 minutes and place with smoking material to maintain freshness like never before. 100% reusable.



The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 ResRemover

Toss this in a dirty pipe, add some water and let it soak. So easy! Just shake for a perfect clean and pour out. The solution is also non-toxic, plant-based and reusable, so you can safely clean multiple pipes or bongs with one bag!


Lighter Leash With Clipper Lighter

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Lighter Leash

Keep your friends close and your lighters closer. Lighter thieves are everywhere, so we’re doing our part to combat inter-sesh crime with this stealthy lighter leash that clips right onto your bag or pocket.


Smojo Smoke Screen

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Smojo Smoke Screen

The Smojo Screen keeps that bong clean and is a must-have for every stash! Their patent-pending design keeps each screen secure in your bowl to prevent unwanted snacks and promote airflow. Just follow the instructions and let her rip.


Stash Container

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 DHC Stash Container

Both air- and watertight and light resistant, this DHC Stash Container keeps your stash safe from the harsh elements and the nosiest noses.


The Original Cones 6-pk

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Original Cones Pre-Rolls

Get six pre-rolls from some of the original providers! This small pack might even be enough for everyone in the Secret Santa circle to have their own, or get greedy and celebrate the holidays with an epic solo sesh.


DHC Clear Glass Rolling Tip 3-pk

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 DHC Glass Tips

According to one review, this nifty tool “makes rolling so much easier” and is “super convenient!” Borosilicate glass ensures structural integrity and an awesome heat buffer while a clever indented design prevents annoying pull through.


Daily High Club One Hitter

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 DHC One Hitter

Combine portability with craftsmanship with this one-hitter chillum. Only 4” long and 3mm thick, this DHC logo-bearing glass pipe is perfect for anyone who loves smoking on the go.


Lollipipe: The Original Edible Candy Pipe

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Edible Lollipipe

It’s tradition to stock holiday stockings with candy, so why not throw the lollipipe into the mix! Savor the flavor of every hit - and nom out after. With this completely safe and easy to use candy pipe, every pull is a treat. Insert the plastic straw in the mouthpiece to prevent resin from building up inside. Available in cherry or green apple flavors which pair perfectly with the colors of the season!


The Bat Pipe

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Bat Pipe

If you’re a more of a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas than A Christmas Story, this fun piece is right up your alley. With its kooky wings and bat-like feet, even Jack Skellington would be yearning to snag this little guy.


Ultimate Rolling Kit

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Ultimate Rolling Kit

Roll with style using DHC’s Ultimate Rolling Kit! Each kit includes a sturdy metal tray, a smell proof transport tube to keep rolls safe, and a RAW roller in the classic 1 ¼” paper size. Throw in some papers to round out this awesome gear you and your Secret Santa will use again and again.

$15.99 (Reg. $19.99)

HerbSaver USB Rechargeable Windproof Lighter

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Rechargeable HerbSaver Windproof Lighter

Make every other present jealous with this HerbSaver Dual Arc Lighter. Not only is it rechargeable and windproof, but it utilizes free-form plasma energy so it can be used to light anything you need. Butane-free and TSA-approved, your bud will love you forever after you give him this sick gift.  


Black Foot Socks

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 DHC Black Foot Socks

Pulled a name of the one person who has it all? Skip the goodies and give them the gift that keeps on giving - the Blackfoot DHC Socks to keep their toesies cozy as they’re getting toasty by the fireside.


MJ Arsenal “The Martian” Rollie Bubbler

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 MJ Arsenal Martian Rollie Bubbler

You can now scoop one of the newest rollie and cone bubblers from MJA in the DHC store! Load up your favorite roll into this revolutionary mini pipe and enjoy a smoking experience like none other. A pendant hook, spill resistant design, and air flow carb cap make this one goodie you may want to wrap for yourself!


Blue Dream Hammer Bubbler

The Best Smoker Stocking Stuffers Under $25 Blue Dream Hammer Bubbler

This just might be one of our finest pieces yet. Enjoy smooth rips with this beautiful hammer bubbler water pipe made from thick, high-quality glass. Live the dream with a pipe that reviewers call a “pretty and artsy” piece that’s “extremely smooth and very durable.” Get it now while it’s available for a massive holiday markdown!

$24.99 (Reg. $39.99)

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