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How to Choose A Bong - Beginner's Guide

Whether buying your first bong or your new to the smoking scene, knowing how to choose a bong that you love can seem daunting. Are you starting to feel the dark clouds and the overwhelming sensation at all the different types of bongs, bong sizes, and bong accessories? Do I get a 10mm male joint or a 14 mm female joint? If I pick the wrong one, does that make me sexist? Worry not my friends, today we'll be talking about bongs at an elementary level, so get your crayons ready. Whether you're looking to find the best beginner bong...

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Top 7 Rolling Papers for 2019

Top 7 Rolling Papers for 2019 If you’re asking yourself what papers to buy next, there’s no need. We’ve got you covered with our fave papers as of late, and ones you should definitely scoop up for the next smoking sesh!. Take a gander at this brief guide and complete that shopping list! Juicy Jay Flavored Papers We used Juicy Jay flavored papers quite a bit in 2018, but for good reason! You can really treat yourself to quite delicious, satisfying smoke every time you take a drag. Each leaf is a regular size 80mm-long/60mm-across size, making it ideal for beginners...

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Smoking How To: A Pipe For Every Preference

Smoking How To: A Pipe For Every Preference No two pipes are the same, and neither are the people who smoke them. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, a smoker on the down low, or the one who likes to kick off the smoke sesh, there’s a pipe for every preference in this how-to guide. Health Conscious Smoker If you’re someone who is a little nervous about harsh smoke affecting your lungs, bongs are the way to go. Percolators offer filtration and cut down on unwanted toxins, while water pipes with an ice pinch chill smoke down even more...

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