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How to Clean a Glass Pipe

Glass is a trendy material for smoking devices. It's safe, easy to clean, and let's face it, glass pipes look pretty cool.

When you use a glass pipe on a regular basis, it's important to clean it thoroughly and frequently. You don't want residue and bacteria to build up in your pipe. It's not safe and can make your pipe look pretty gross.

But if you're like us, you aren't really looking for extra chores to perform. So below, we will go over the simplest way for you to keep your glass pipe clean, functional, and fresh-tasting,


Do You Really Have To Clean Your Glass Pipe?

Unfortunately, there's no way around this. If you want to keep your pipe functional and your hits crisp, you need to clean your glass pipe. When you use your pipe, it can get dirty really quick.

We definitely don't like the hassle (even though it's really not that bad) of cleaning it, but there's nothing like the crisp, elegant presence of a clean pipe over a dirty one. It's really cool to look at.

But beyond that, cleaning your pipe regularly also ensures it performs optimally for a long time. If you let ash and residue build up in your glass piece, it can clog and the smoke will have a more difficult time traveling through the piece. So when you smoke from a dirty pipe, you're not getting as much smoke as you should, and the smoke you are getting isn't clean.

If there's enough residue in your pipe, it could even catch on fire! Inhaling pipe residue that has caught on fire is harsh on your throat, tastes gross, and poses some health risks.

So yeah, it's important to keep your glass pipe clean.


White Vinegar And Baking Soda Solution

We like to use the most natural methods when cleaning our glass pipes. An excellent way to clean your pipe is to use white vinegar and baking soda. White vinegar and baking soda are safe and natural ingredients that will do a fantastic job of cleaning your pipe. And the best part is that you probably won't need to leave the house to get them.

The white vinegar removes resin and wax easily, kills the odor, and the baking soda acts as a water softener. Mixing the two ingredients sparks a safe chemical reaction that you probably remember from elementary school. The reaction produces gas CO2 and yields a semi-abrasive solution, making it a perfect glass-cleaning agent.

White vinegar and baking soda will cut through any buildup on your piece and leave them sparkling clean and ready to fire up.

This is our favorite method to clean your pipe because it's safe, inexpensive, and easy.


Cleaning Your Glass Pipes

In addition to your vinegar and baking soda, you might need a few more items to get your pipes clean. It can be tricky reaching those inside parts where the smoke residue tends to get trapped. But you can use cotton tips or brushes to remove the stubborn, hard-to-reach gunk and buildup.

When you're ready to clean your pipe, just grab an old Tupperware container, or you can even use a Ziploc bag to submerge your glass pipe.

Here's what you want to do:

  1. Put your piece into your bag or container and pour in the baking soda.
  2. Shake it around to cover the pipe, but be careful not to break it.
  3. Now add in your vinegar solution and seal your bag or container.
  4. Make sure your pipe is fully submerged and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. If your pipe is pretty dirty, let it soak longer.
  5. Once your glass pipe is done soaking, give the bag or container a good shake, and take your piece out.
  6. Scrub it where it's needed with a cotton tip or brush.
  7. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, making sure it is completely clean.
  8. Set your pipe down on a paper towel to dry.


Boiling Method

You still have options if you're in a pinch and don't have any vinegar or baking soda. All you need for the boiling method is some boiling water and a pot.

Start by putting enough water in a pot so it will fully submerge your pipe. Next, bring the water to a rolling boil and then lower the heat to a simmer. Once the rolling boil stops, you can put your piece into the water.

Never put your pipe in the water while it's still boiling because it could result in cracks or chips in the glass. Let your pipe simmer for 20-30 minutes.

After it's simmered, strain the pot and rinse your device with only warm water to remove any loose bits. Now you can use a cotton swab to clean it out.

While this method is suitable if you're in a pinch, it risks burning yourself and cracking your pipe. If all the water evaporates and the pipe is left in the hot pot, it can break or crack. Your pipe can also crack if you immediately cool it after removing it from the boiling water, so let it sit and never rinse it with cold water.


Bottom Line

There are several ways to clean a pipe, and these are our favorites because they are cheap and easy. But one way of cleaning a glass pipe isn't better than the next. Just find the method that works for you.

All that matters is that you are keeping your pipe clean. How you do it isn't important as long as you're safe.

If you want to simplify the clean process even more, grab a Mile High Deluxe Clean Kit. It comes with cleaning tools, magnetic scrubbing tools, and our all-natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions. It removes all the guesswork so you can get back to smoking ASAP!

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