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Top Bongs for Summer 2019

Top 7 Bongs for Summer 2019 It's time to get ready for summer by stocking up on some seasonal smoking supplies! Check out this list of our favorite warm-weather glass and stock up before the season begins. Daily High Club Cereal Bowl Bong / Dab Rig Perfect for a bowl of cereal, fresh fruit or ice cream on a hot day! This bowl utilizes both definitions of the word! A nice deep chamber for your snacking pleasure, as well as a removable mouthpiece and glass on glass female joint for easy cleaning. The glass joints are actually on the same...

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DHC’s Best Bongs for Flower

DHC’s Best Bongs for Flower While there are so many ways to smoke nowadays -- vaping, dabbing, cones, pipes -- sometimes you just want to go the old fashioned route with a bong and some legal herbs or tobacco. But which bong should you choose? At the end of the day, the style of the glass is up to the smoker and what their personal preference is. Some people like smaller bubblers, while others like to go all out with a big ass bong. However, the biggest deciding factor usually lies in the desired amount of percolation. The more percs...

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