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DHC’s Best Bongs for Flower

DHC’s Best Bongs for Flower

While there are so many ways to smoke nowadays -- vaping, dabbing, cones, pipes -- sometimes you just want to go the old fashioned route with a bong and some legal herbs or tobacco. But which bong should you choose?

At the end of the day, the style of the glass is up to the smoker and what their personal preference is. Some people like smaller bubblers, while others like to go all out with a big ass bong. However, the biggest deciding factor usually lies in the desired amount of percolation. The more percs and features, the longer the travel time, allowing harsh smoke to cool and creating the most satisfying experience. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up DHC’s Best Bongs for Flower for you to enjoy:

Double Circ Perc Beaker Bong

Double Circ Perc Showerhead Bong

The tallest tube in the DHC store, this bad boy is the supreme leader for smoking legal herbs or tobacco. A diffused downstem, triple percs and an ice pinch deliver the ultimate smoking experience with every single pull. It’s too good of a piece to pass up -- scoop it now before it’s gone!


Double Kinked Bubble Bottom Bong


DHC Top Bongs for Flower Double Kinked Bubble Bottom

This bong features bodacious curves and an extra long neck, enabling maximum cooling by giving smoke a longer path to travel and mellow before reaching the throat and lungs. This combined with the big bubble bottom guarantees massive rips and “chug” style pulls. So enjoy!


RawOG x Daily High Club Collab Bong

DHCs Best Bongs for Flower RAW OG Collab Bong

An ice pinch, slitted downstem, and 14mm slide with built-in screen (and intrinsic black horn accent) make this bong a natural fit for flower. And, it’s adorned with a badass, black Raw OG skeleton logo which looks super cool when the 15” tube fills with that thick smoke.


Road Rasta Bubbler

DHC Road Rasta

If you want something on the shorter side, try out this Road Rasta Bubbler. Rubber grommet and carb hole make it easy to use while the water inside still acts as a cooling agent for your smoke. Plus the smaller amount of water combined with the smaller stature make it an easy bong to take on-the-go. This top seller is back by popular demand -- don't miss out! 


Matrix Donut Recycler

DHCs Best Bongs for Flower Matrix Recycler Donut

The Matrix Donut Recycler features a reinforced matrix barrel perc in the first chamber, forcing bubbles up into the top chamber through an external arm and then back down via an internal drain, delivering dynamite diffusion, time after time. This extra tall piece is sure to be a standout star of any smoke sesh.


Double Showerhead Swiss Perc Bong

DHCs Best Bongs for Flower Swiss Perc Showerhead

This snazzy number is outfitted with dual showerhead percs at the base plus an entire swiss section for added diffusion. Complete with an ice pinch and 18 mm female joint, this tall bong has users raving about their smooth rips. The insane function and unique style make this tube a classic!


Daily High Club Globe Bong

DHCs Best Bongs for Flower Globe Bong

The DHC Globe Bong will rock your world! The perfectly-placed globe in the middle of the chamber acts as a perc and a splashguard, making it the ideal pipe for any smoker, both seasoned and new. Air flows down into the sphere and up through a slitted showerhead perc and then back out around the globe, decreasing harshness but still packing quite a punch.


DHC Imperial Bong

Daily_High_Club_Imperial_Best Bongs for Flower 2019

A serious piece for any and all smokers, the Daily High Club Imperial Bong is fit for a king - or queen! A showerhead disc perc is reinforced to the bottom of the massive base, stacking bubbles and creating airy pulls with every use. Bonus: the insanely sturdy, thick glass will keep this sucker resilient all year long, while the wide base keeps it safe from the usual bumps and knocks.


DHC Store Bongs and Rigs

Check out what other dope dab rigs and bomb bongs we have in the DHC store now!

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Recyclers are as good for flower buds and most are smaller cleaner hits and recycles smoke smother and water drops down for no nasty water in your mouth,but it’s personal preference

Green George

I think I’m going to have to pick up the Road Rasta Bubbler! The price and size are selling me!


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