what is a chillum

What is a Chillum?

If you appreciate dry herb, you’ve probably heard of the humble chillum pipe. One of the oldest types of pipes, chillums were first used in India to smoke cannabis, tobacco, and other herbs. It was an integral part of cultural and spiritual practices, but the modern-day chillum is now used worldwide.

The simplicity of the chillum is unparalleled, and its popularity continues to this day. While traditional chillums were typically made from clay, wood, bone, or stone, modern chillums now come in glass or metal. The intricate designs and carvings still exist, but the newer chillums tend to favor sleek, elegant designs.

In this blog post, we’ll share everything you need to know about these original one-hitters and help you pick the right one for you!

What is a Chillum?

A chillum is a one-hitter pipe with a bowl on one end and a tapered mouthpiece on the other. It has a tube-like, cylindrical shape and usually doesn’t have a carb hole like most spoon pipes.

One key difference between a chillum and a spoon pipe is that the bowl opening is in line with the shaft, not perpendicular like spoon pipes. Chillum bowl sizes vary, but they are usually smaller than spoon pipes or bongs yet larger than dugout pipes and other one-hitters.

Chillums: Origin and History

The first recorded use of a chillum was in India, where they were used for many religious and spiritual ceremonies by Hindu monks and other holy men. The chillum was also associated with Lord Shiva, one of Hinduism’s key gods. Lord Shiva was often depicted in drawings holding a chillum or smoking from one.

Chillums were associated with meditation, rituals, and spirituality in many other regions. The chillums of old were typically made of wood, clay, cow horns, or stone. Over time, the chillum gained popularity in America, particularly in the 60s and 70s when the use of cannabis was rapidly growing, and more people started to smoke.

Today, glass chillums are the most popular material for chillums and other hand pipes, but other more exotic materials and carvings can still be found. Intricate glass-blown designs remain a top favorite, but sleek, minimalistic chillums are rapidly gaining popularity.

Benefits of Chillums

Here’s why you should use a chillum!


Smaller and more discreet than a spoon pipe, chillums are great for the on-the-go smoker. Pop them in your pocket with the bowl facing upwards, and you’re good to go!

Unlike spoon pipes that can rotate, if you stash your chillum with the bowl facing upwards, your herb won’t ever spill out.


Like other one-hitters, the small bowl size of chillums makes you smoke all your herb in one go, and nothing gets wasted!

Easy to Clean

The chamber from the bowl to the mouthpiece is typically one long tube without any angles, making cleaning the pipe a breeze. All you need is a liquid cleaner like isopropyl alcohol, some coarse salt, and a pipe cleaner.

chillum pipe

Types of Chillums

Here are some common types of chillums you can find on the market.

Glass Chillums

This is by far the most popular type of chillum. Glass pipes give you smooth, clean hits, and cleaning is easy. However, glass is also fragile, so get only top-quality borosilicate glass for maximum durability and flavor.

Clay Chillums

Clay chillums are traditional materials that are rarer. They deliver tasty, clean hits and cool down quickly.

Stone Chillums

Stone chillums can be made from quartz or granite. They are often dark-colored and polished, delivering a smooth hit without sacrificing taste.

Wood Chillums

Wood is another traditional material, and wooden chillums often come with intricate carvings and designs. They, too, will not affect the taste of your flower, but wood is often harder to clean.

Ceramic Chillums

Ceramic chillums are often lighter in color and decorated with designs. They deliver smooth hits and are easy to clean. However, like glass, ceramic can also break.

How to Use a Chillum

Ready to use a chillum? Here’s how!

Step 1: Grab some Herb

Choose your nug, then break it up. There are a few ways to prepare your herb, but the best way is to use a grinder. A grinder will ensure the most consistent grind with the largest surface area, so you’ll have a smoother, more even burn.

Step 2: Pack the Bowl

Face the bowl upwards and pack it. Don’t pack it too tight, or the airflow will be obstructed, but also, don’t pack it loose enough for it to spill when you’re taking a hit.

Step 3:

Rotate the bowl 90 degrees and hold it firmly with your index finger and thumb while covering the mouthpiece with your mouth.

Step 4: Light it Up

Fire up the bowl and take a nice, smooth hit once the herb is burning.

Step 5: Toke and Enjoy

Enjoy the natural flavor of your herb from your favorite chillum!

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