Artistic Glass

Elegant, Hand-Crafted Artistic Glass Bongs: A Commanding Presence In Any Collection

Art glass captures the dance of light and color like nothing else. With everything from fanciful swirls and color-changing designs to fully-customized seasonal or holiday pieces, and even “smoker culture” collaborations that are sure to spark a conversation…

One thing is certain. When you choose an Artistic Glass Piece, you are sure to add to the enjoyment of your smoking sessions because you will have something genuinely artistic and beautiful to discuss and examine with your smoking buddies.

Our many contemporary styles and creatively-designed smoking pieces are sure to make every session more interesting than the last!

Collaborations With Mellow-Lords And Famous Smokers

Many of our best artistic pieces were born out of creative collaboration with some of the most famous names in smoker culture history! We are proud to present this diverse roster of historical celebrities that we’ve partnered with:

Cypress Hill
Chanel West Coast from “Ridiculousness”
And many more!
Some of them are craftspeople. Designers. Artisans. Makers. Creators. Some of them are comedians and music artists. There are many names for the talented people who have helped us create our collection of artistic glass.

And now, we give the results to YOU. You get to be the person in your circle of friends who has the coolest artistic pipes, who has the right “center”-piece for any session, no matter what holiday or season.

…The person who people think of as “next level”.

Infinitely Creative Designs That Tell A Story

Even with all of the collaborations that we have done, there are still countless approaches to bringing artistic glass pieces to life, and we continue to explore them every day.

What we’ve learned is that every... Read More