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Top Oil Infusions from Ardent's Decarboxylator

I love infused oils and rubs but purchasing infusions can get expensive! Especially now, I’ve been relying heavily on Ardent’s Nova FX. It lets you take control and make your own infusions in their decarboxylator. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in the world of edibles and infusions, Ardent is here to help make your consumption process easier and mess-free

Keep reading to learn more about the decarboxylation process, what Ardent’s Nova FX can do, and what top oil infusions we’re excited to make! 

What is Decarboxylation?

When you consume plant products, it first has to undergo a process of decarboxylation to activate compounds within the product. This makes it so you’re able to digest it and feel its effects. When properly heated to the correct temperature, cannabinoid acids shift, turning inactive compounds active. 

Ardent’s Nova FX decarboxylates both your THC and CBD for your desired effect! Ardent has worked with labs for almost a decade curating the perfect decarb experience so you get the most out of your product.

From their own data, it shows the Nova FX will actually decarb your product better than in a crockpot or oven, where you may lose some of your stash! Couldn’t let that happen! 

What Makes Ardent’s Nova FX special? 

I’m absolutely in love with the Nova FX, not only because I can decarboxylate my flower and concentrates, but I can also infuse oils and bake! It’s literally an easy bake oven but for adults. I’ve already made my own infused butter, MCT oil and even made my own birthday cake in there! It turned out insanely well! 

I also love the fact that it’s dishwasher safe because I hate doing dishes! The power base detaches allowing you to have an easy, mess-free edible and infusion experience

I’ve tried to make edibles on my own in the past and wow was the kitchen a total disaster after!

Nova FX operates at just the push of a button and even times the cool down period so that by the time it’s ready - it’s really ready. 

Ardent provides users with epic add-ons like a Magic Shell Kit for chocolate lovers - me, I’m a chocolate lover - and their Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit! Luckily, they just recently released their Infusion Sleeve which makes the process of infusion easier then ever and mess-free - seriously, how is that possible? 

Ardent’s Nova FX Infusions 

Ardent uses FDA approved, food-grade and BPA-free silicone for their sleeve and makes your cooking experience phenomenal. It’s dishwasher safe so you barely have a clean-up process. Not only can you use the sleeve for concentrates and oils, but you can also use it for your decarboxylation process and baking! 

How cool is that?! 

This way, whether you’re decarbing dry flowers, baking some brownies or want to infuse your cooking oil, you can do it all in the sleeve. 

Oils to Infuse 

The sleeve is a personal favorite because it makes infusing my MCT oil much easier. It has handles for easy pull out from the Nova FX, and gives much more control when pouring out the product to strain. There are so many things you can infuse - the opportunities are endless. 

MCT Oil 

If you’re looking to create your own DIY tincture, MCT Oil is one of your best options. It’s also Keto-friendly and you can also use it in smoothies, cooking and more! 

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides and are said to be easier on digestion as well as easily absorbed into your bloodstream, making it perfect for your personal tinctures. 

It also offers other benefits like boosting energy and promotion of fat loss. If you want to get really fancy, you can choose to infuse with lavender, lemon or other favorites to really make it your own. Nothing wrong with adding your own little twist! 

Make sure you get 100% MCT Oil as Coconut Oil can contain MCTs but is not 100% and will not as easily be digested or absorbed. 

Olive Oil 

Chef-ing it up in the kitchen just took on a whole new meaning with infused olive oil!  

Make any meal a little more special with your own infused concoctions. Whether you’re pouring it over a caprese salad for lunch or in your pasta dinner, you’ll be sure to thoroughly enjoy your DIY olive oil from the Nova FX. You can also use olive oil in tinctures, too! 

Coconut Oil 

Making my own salves has been a dream come true. It’s getting insanely expensive to consistently purchase medicated skin creams and oils so this truly gives you some amazing independence and control over what you’re using. Infused coconut oil is a great option for sore joints or cramping during your period. I prefer adding a bit of lavender for a more relaxing scent and experience.


Who doesn’t love classically infused butter? It’s insanely versatile and can last months - if you can hold onto it that long! THC-infused butter is a game changer for me personally and allows me to discreetly dose up when I’m around others who don’t smoke or consume. It also gives a much more full-body effect and is great for those that deal with pain and inflammation. 

Other Ardent FAQs 

I’ve been asked before if you can infuse alcohol and you definitely want to avoid this at all costs! It is not meant to be heated to infuse and could be dangerous. I’ve also been asked about the smell. It really captures the scent compared to traditional decarboxylation and baking. There is a faint vaped smell around the Ardent while processing but can easily be covered by incense, candle or opening up a window! I made mine in my room in my apartment with the smell contained.  

If you’re looking for an epic infusion and baking experience, the Ardent Nova FX will make your life 100x easier! Especially with their latest Infusion Sleeve.
Right now, if you use the code DHC, you’ll be able to receive the sleeve for FREE with your purchase of an Ardent Nova FX!
We can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up! Let us know in the comments! 
If you want to see it in action, check out our Instagram video!
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I love my Fx from nova! Great review,

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