Top 6 Items to Smoke On-The-Go

There is nothing better than taking your smoke on-the-go. Here are our top products that are perfect for travel! We rated these based on their size, discretion and mobile capabilities.

Berry Pre-Rolled Cone 

This is a classic but worthy to mention. If you are making moves something pre-rolled and filled is a must. Forget the rolling and hassle of carrying smokeable product with you - all you need is the DoobTube for securing the package! 


Waterproof Dug Out

This is the ultimate tool! This genius invention is waterproof, stores your smokeable product, carries a discreet device to smoke out of and a lighter. The Dug Out is the ultimate smoking device for any adventure that comes your way.


Accessorize and light up at the same time. This bold piece of jewelry doubles as a discreet pipe for you to smoke out of. Pair it flawlessly with any outfit!

Credit Card Pipe

Traveling light? This pipe fits in your wallet! This is perfect for those who want to light up on-the-go and hides in plain sight.

Prometheus Nano Pipe

This is the smoothest one-hitter you will ever own. The Chillum-style nano pipe fits into your pocket for those on the move that want a higher standard of design. Impress all your friends with this luxe product.

Juicy Javelin

Prefer liquid for vaping? This is the most inconspicuous smoking device EVER. Virtually no scent and fits just about anywhere. Bonus - it looks like a pen for the most ultimate discretion.

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