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Top 10 Secret Santa Smoking Gifts Under $25

If you’re going to be attending a white elephant. dirty santa, or yankee swap; DHC has got you covered with all the dopest gift ideas on sale and on deck, just in time for the holidays. Whether it’s work, family, in person or maybe virtual festivities, DHC even makes it easy to send online smoking supplies as gifts through the mail to someone at a distance!

This year we are making it easy to get up with the Top 10 Secret Santa Smoking Gifts Under $25 which can also be great for stocking stuffers and gift exchanges gifts this elephant hand pipe

Glass Elephant Hand Pipe
Now this is certainly the perfect white elephant gift, this pipe is a physical metaphor for the name of this holiday game, literally. This dry pipe is the perfect to go piece for the traveler, making it a practical gift yet a fun way to light up the holidays for any animal lover, glass collector, or art admirer!
mini bent neck beaker bong
Mini Bent Neck Beaker Bong
$24.99 ($39.99)

This clean piece of glass is an ideal gift for someone who loves both concentrates and dry herbs because it’s functional design. The bent neck ensures no splash, making it perfect for larger loads, the showerhead perc promotes airflow making for the smoothest delivery, and it’s heavy base makes it the perfect coffee table glass giving it a little extra reinforcement. Choose from a variety of three different color accents for this piece to make it as custom as a gift as possible!


scientific beaker bong

Daily High Club Scientific Graduated Beaker Bong
$24.99 ($59.99)

Grab the beakers and curate the perfect potion for any sci-fi geek or lab nerd with this quality style piece. This piece is one of our classic style of glass that’s been revamped and included in this year’s August subscription box. This beaker style glass is five inches tall, has a heavy bottom, includes a slitted perc, and is perfect for the smoker who is very technical about their water levels when it comes to smoking from glass. With this piece it’s easy to tell what your preference is while ensuring a quality delivery with absolutely no backsplash due to its long neck of a mouthpiece.

herbsaver grinder

Daily High Club x Herbsaver Grinder
Available in six vibrant colors, including a Glow in the Dark, this handy item is made of medical grade plastic and a magnetic lid that keeps odors in and the herbs fresh. Each Herbsaver Grinder includes a handy pollen scraper so you never again have to worry about wasting any product.
daily high club socks
Daily High Club "Doob" Socks
$9.99 ($14.99)

Pulled a name of the one person who seemingly has it all? Skip the hassle of trying to pick the perfect supplies and give them the gift that keeps on giving - these updated DHC socks are the perfect go to for anybody — stoner, collector, or the statement smoker!
lighterpick waterproof dugout
Lighterpick Waterproof Dugout

This accessory is the perfect all in one gift for any stoner that consists of a smell-proof, water-resistant chamber to stash a quarter ounce of your go-to legal herb product while the bottom carving fits a mini lighter. It holds a lighter, a one-hitter portable piece, and a 2 inch retractable pick is included to ash out the little one-hitter, making it easy to maintain a cleanly on-the-go kit.
premium quartz banger
Premium Quartz Banger
This banger is the ideal gift for the more wax-oriented people of the world; this thick-walled, 90-degree quartz banger is a must for the repertoire. Available in 10mm, 14mm or 18mm, and male or female, this glass is the perfect back up or upgrade for any dabbler, collector, or smoker.
dab straw
Daily High Club Dab-straw


This on-the-go set is perfect for the person who loves to dab concentrates, although we all have our own favorite parts about the glass we own, this can be a gift anyone dabber can appreciate! This tool makes it easy for dabbing on the go, it’s small size makes it portable and easy to fit in a bag or purse. The ultimate upgrade for someone who is looking for an excuse to bring their rig around, and the simplest solution for someone who does not like being forced to stick with the same exact strain every time they go to hit the pen.
humidity controller 4 pack
Integra Boost Humidity Controller 4 Pack
This humidifier is the perfect stocking stuffer for your stoner friends of the world, especially those that prefer herb. If all the options of glass are overwhelming this holiday, this humidifier can last throughout a duration of multiple different containers, especially if you know your friends go through them quickly. Not only will it keep all your favorite herbs fresh but it also includes a freshness indicator that basically tells you when it’s time for replacement when the dot turns blue!


A new set has hit shelves at DHC and picking out online smoking supplies has never been easier with this all in one collab kit with RAW. Not only is RAW a great company overall but their roll-up supplies are the best quality on the market! The monthly subscription includes 1 ¼ inch wide RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers, RAW Filter Tips, RAW Clipper Lighter, and an assorted sticker.
Although many of us are spending the holidays at home this year versus with family, it gives us all the more reason to grow closer over hobbies and interests like this.
Deck your friends, family, or colleagues out with the best smoking accessories from this year's Secret Santa collection and show them how much you appreciate or miss them with gifts like papers, collectors items, pipes and bongs! DHC can be your one stop shop for giving to all your favorite stoners this year.
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