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Top 10 Best Gifts for Stoners in 2022

Let’s face it; finding the perfect gifts for stoners is a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of weed gifts to choose from, so narrowing down your options for the enthusiast in your life can feel impossible. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. 


Gifts For Stoners


Daily High Club has curated a list of some of the best-selling recent gifts for potheads in 2022. Here, we’re going to go over some of the hottest and most amazing 420 gifts around, guaranteed to make any enthusiast happy. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect weed gift for your friend or family member, we’ve got you covered. 

Best Stoner Gifts of 2022

When buying gifts for weed smokers, you want to be sure to get them something they don’t already have. At the same time, you also want to get them something you know they’re going to love and use a lot. 


Stoner Gifts


I’m an avid smoker, and even I have a hard time finding weed gifts for my like-minded friends from time to time. Here, we’ve got some great gifts for stoners that you and the user in your life are sure to love. 

Cannabis Subscription Box: The Perfect Weed Gift for Stoners

For the adventurous enthusiast in your life, a cannabis subscription box makes a perfect gift for weed smokers. With a subscription, you get a box full of unique, specially-curated items every single month. Every collection is a bit different, containing items such as glass pieces, rolling papers, lighters, and more. The recipient gets things that aren’t only useful but fun and interesting, too. 

When you choose a cannabis subscription box, you can expect a selection of smoking accessories sure to impress even the most discerning of smokers. You get the pleasure of choosing one of the best gifts for stoners, and the cannabis user in your life gets a weed gift they can look forward to each month. I, for one, love getting a surprise delivered to my doorstep. Many of the pieces in the boxes are limited quantity too, so you don’t have to worry about your friend or family member getting something everyone else already has. 

Best Gift for Weed Smokers to Preserve and Hold Cannabis

Let's run a thought experiment! You’re all set to sit down and have yourself a nice smoke sesh. You’ve got your bong cleaned and ready to go. Your grinder is sitting there waiting to break a bit of your favorite strain into the perfect smokable consistency. You pull out your buds and feel them between your fingers, only to find that they’ve dried out!

There isn’t much worse than finding your stash ruined. Whether it’s dried out or molded, it's an absolute buzzkill. Not only does that keep you from being able to have an enjoyable smoke sesh, but it also means you've wasted your money. Whether that’s happened to you personally or you’ve heard your friend talk about a similar situation, it’s just plain upsetting. 

We’ve got the perfect weed gift that provides a solution to this very problem. The V-Syndicate Elemental Smart Stash keeps buds fresh, so your cannabis enthusiast friend or family member never has to worry about their stash going stale again. It’s a humidified jar that keeps buds from drying out. What’s more, it also contains a grinder plate and a funnel. In essence, the cannabis connoisseur in your life gets two incredible stoner gifts in one. They get a jar that keeps their favorite flowers fresher longer, and they get a nifty grinder, too. 

Unique Gifts for Potheads That Just Hit the Shelves

For the stoner who likes to take their joint supplies on the go, the Paper Case Shredder for 300s could prove one of the best gifts for stoners to give. It’s a small case that can hold RAW 300s and Element 300s rolling papers. That’s not all, though. The top of the container is also a shredder. They can quickly and easily shred a bit of their favorite strain and roll it up without having to carry a separate grinder. 

Whether you smoke or not, you’ve likely noticed that cannabis has a rather distinct smell. Even if you (or your friend) aren’t actively smoking, carrying supplies means the odor follows. It permeates through most bags, hanging over you like a cloud and giving you away to everyone you pass. 

A smell-proof bag like the RAW Smokers Pouch V2 provides the perfect solution. This portable pouch has five layers of smell-resistant material and a full foil removable insert. The insert locks the cannabis scent in, keeping it where it belongs. Any odor that does escape gets trapped in a level 2 charcoal filter. The bag also comes with a water-resistant, siliconized zipper. It’s a weed gift that’s effective, designed to last, and is sure to get plenty of use.

Now, what about after smoking? After a good smoke sesh, the odor tends to linger. It sticks to clothes, skin, hair, and other nearby fabrics. An odor-eliminating spray makes a great gift for stoners who are conscious of the cannabis smell and want to find a solution for getting rid of it. The spray doesn’t just cover odors over. It actually eliminates them, giving the cannabis enthusiast in your life a way to get rid of odors and walk around without drawing any unwanted attention. 

Cool Stoner Gifts Guaranteed to Make Them Happy

Not all gifts for weed smokers need to have an element of practicality to them. Some things you buy the users in your life can just be fun! These amazingly cool stoner gifts are so great you might want to buy a second one just for yourself!

Puffco Peak Tells a Stoner You Love Them

Do you know any cannabis users who enjoy using concentrates? These potent products provide fast, effective results. I dab from time to time, so I can say with certainty that they’re pretty great. The thing is, not everyone is a fan of setting up or using a dab rig. I know I’ve had days where I’d prefer a simpler solution. 

Enter Puffco Peak, a concentrate vaporizer that can help the stoner in your life unlock the true potential of their favorite cannabis concentrates. This affordable device provides one of the clearest expressions of potency and flavor, giving the recipient some of the most efficient and enjoyable experiences they’ll ever have. What’s more, the device is small and comes complete with a case, so they can take it with them wherever they go. It’s also super easy to use, which is a significant benefit. The Puffco Peak is a great gift for stoners and will really show your love for the stoner in your life. 

Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector is a Gift for the Stoner and Their Lungs

Another great weed gift option for concentrate users is the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector. If you’ve never heard of a nectar collector, it’s essentially a miniature dab rig. It’s a great portable option that also provides a solution for concentrate users who might not want to whip out a larger dab rig every time they want to take a hit. 

The thing that sets this particular nectar collector apart from others on the market is that it’s the only one that has a freezable glycerin coil and a built-in bubbler function. The combination of cold air and the perfect amount of water filtration provides users with some of the smoothest, tastiest dabs around. The recipient won’t have to worry about harsh hits that burn or make them cough. 

On top of that, this nectar collector is easy to set up. The user leaves the glycerin coil in the freezer until they’re ready to use the piece. They can set it up in just a few seconds, too, and it comes with a gift box for portability. Sure, the rig might be a tad bigger and heavier than other nectar collectors, but the ultra-thick glass, stability legs, and amazingly smooth hits more than make up for the size. It’s one of those cool gifts for stoners that'll show them you care about both them and their lungs.

Freeze Pipe Is the Perfect Gift for the Traveling Smoker

Do you know someone who prefers to smoke pipes? Now you can provide them with some of the best smoke sessions at home or on the go with a Freeze Pipe

The freeze pipe is a gorgeous, simple glass hand pipe that comes with a freezable glycerin coil. It’s compact and portable, perfect for any traveling smoker. After packing and lighting the bowl, the smoke passes through the frozen chamber. The chill cools the smoke instantly by over 300 degrees. The result? Cool, silky smooth hits every single time. Any smoker, traveling or otherwise, is sure to adore this weed gift and think of you every time they inhale the perfectly chilled smoke of their favorite strains. 

In case you aren’t sure whether the recipient will love it or not, here are a few other things about the freeze pipe that make it one of the best gifts for stoners. The chamber freezes quickly, and it stays frozen. In other words, the user won’t have to worry about it thawing out too quickly. The bowl is removable, which makes the process of packing and then ashing it a breeze. Finally, it’s a lot neater and cleaner than a standard bong, which can score you major brownie points from a traveling cannabis enthusiast. There’s no water (and therefore no spillage), and upkeep is significantly easier. Whoever receives this weed gift is sure to love it. 

Weed Gifts for Potheads That Will Absolutely Drop Jaws

Some cannabis users seem to have it all, so finding the perfect gifts for stoners may seem impossible. Fortunately, we’ve got a couple of truly unique gifts for stoners that are sure to impress the recipient and all of their friends. These amazing gifts for weed smokers will grab attention and have others wondering where the recipient got them.

Gravitron Crushes All Other Stoner Gifts

A gravity bong offers a way for users to get a quick, easy, and potent high. It uses gravity and water pressure to gather smoke into the chamber. A user can then push the chamber down toward the water and inhale at the same time to take a massive hit. If you haven’t tried it yourself, it’s pretty impressive. 

If you know someone who enjoys taking bigger hits with a gravity bong, the Gravitron all-glass variety makes for one of the best stoner gifts available. Sure, your friend might make their own using plastic bottles, but those types of gravity bongs don’t last very long. This one does. The way it’s designed and built, the Gravitron gravity bong provides dense, pressurized hits the user is guaranteed to enjoy. What’s more, there’s no smoke loss (which, let’s be honest here, it’s pretty much the worst when you’re expecting a lungful)! It all goes right where the user wants: into their lungs. It’s one of the few gifts for stoners that’ll never disappoint. 

Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler Is the Ultimate Weed Gift

We’ve saved the best for last. This is the ultimate weed gift that your recipient won’t be able to stop showing off to all of their friends. For the discerning dabber, we’ve got the Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler, an elite dab rig that comes with must-have dab accessories

It’s got a laser-cut percolator for precise filtering and a water recycling function that ensures optimal airflow. It also comes with a glycerin coil that the user freezes. With everything together, the user avoids filtering their smoke too much. Instead, they get cool, smooth, flavorful hits unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. It’s the stoner gift of all stoner gifts, and your recipient is sure to use it over and over. 

Find the Perfect Gifts for Stoners in Your Life

Finding the perfect gifts for stoners doesn’t have to feel like an impossible chore. There are so many great gifts for pot smokers out there that any user would love to receive. Hopefully, these cool stoner gifts provide you with some ideas for the user in your life. And remember, no matter what you choose, the best stoner gifts are those that come from those we love and cherish most. 

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