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The Zodiac Series: Sagittarius Edition

November 22 - December 21
As Sagittarius season approaches we wanted to gear up and get ready for those who have big days in addition to the holidays coming up. Sagittarius may not be used to spending so much time inside considering they can be such social butterflies, but if you wanted to brighten up and lighten up their season, check out this glass guide for your favorite Sagittarius.
Horoscope: New opportunities will be presented to you as the years closes so don’t be afraid to say yes to future possible endeavors and adventures when they present themselves.
milk ufo perc bong
Milk UFO Perc Bong
$89.99 ($144.20)
This 11 inch tall piece is the perfect gift for a Sagittarius because they tend to have such an open mind to not only glass but different concepts. As they tend to be great conversation holders, this glass is the perfect piece to get those wheels turning and getting into a good talk, while creating some good memories.
This glass will send you out of this world with it’s UFO perc that creates for amazing circulation as the smoke makes it way through the neck of the bong.
accented mini bell bong
Accented Mini Bell Bong
$39.99 ($54.99)
This piece’s sturdy bottom makes it heavy and reliable making it the perfect glass for the busy Sagittarius who is constantly on the go, trying new things, and going to new places.
With this glass coming in a variety of colors it’s easy to find the perfect match for your favorite Sagittarius this season and it’s affordable price makes for a quality gift for a good price! 
420 travel kit
420 Travel Kit
If you want to pull up with the complete kit, then this set has got more than just the basics covered. This is the ultimate set for any adventurous soul because of it’s protective case that makes it easily and discreetly portable.
Whether your weapon of choice is papers or glass, never run short of supplies again with a kit like this that includes a grinder, a clipper lighter, a one-hitter, a dry pipe, and some rolling papers.
blue scope recycler
Blue Scope Recycler
$89.99 ($134.99)
Lock in, get comfortable, and get the conversation going with this looker of a piece. Whether it reminds you of a musical instrument or a dancing banana to you, seshing with a sag always guarantees some good conversations and uplifting vibes, especially while in intimate settings.
quartz banger
Premium Quartz Banger
Get in touch with you inner fire sign and light this banger up as an easy replacement to an already dope piece! Maybe a full glass upgrade isn’t necessary as the holidays come up but this upgrade is a good way to step up your glass while staying within budget.
inverted shower orb bong
Inverted Shower Orb Bong
$84.20 ($114.99)
This piece is the perfect coffee table glass making it the perfect home addition for the typical host of the night. Because Sagittarius’ tend to prefer a more intimate setting, they tend to host more so that they can truly get to know their guest, this glass is perfect for both a solo sesh or a group sesh.
The heavy bottom makes it good for being on the move with your a frequent smoker or frequently share your glass, there’s no going wrong with this glass!
silicone mini beaker
Silicone Mini Beaker
This mini beaker is the perfect gift whether it’s the next daily driver or a backup piece for those who are constantly replacing their own, there is no going wrong with the mini silicone beaker.
It’s short neck gives it a very short and direct hit, perfect for any smoker! Make it more custom the person your gifting it to with six different colors available to choose from.
snow globe bong
"Snowy Tha Bear" Snow Globe Bong
Sagittarius’ are very routine people, they never let anything disrupt their inner peace even that means meditating a little longer some days. Get the perfect meditation buddy and novelty piece as the winter season kicks into gear with this twist on a classic snow globe!
honeycomb incycler
Honeycomb Incycler Bong
This 11 inch beauty is perfect for the glass lover and experienced smoker, it’s intricate percs make it a heavy hit but with a smooth outcome. The honeycomb perc allows the smoke to separate as it makes its way up the glass.
This Incycler bong is perfect for the avid smoker because of all of it’s funky percs that are built into it. This is the perfect surprise for those who are once again going to be stuck inside due to curfews and local guidelines. If we are going to spend so much time we might as well make it quality, right?
horned bubbler
Horned Goon Bubbler
This piece is simple yet artistic making it a perfect addition for the collector while maintaining a budget! The intricate designs and brights pops of green create a perfect match for any fire sign.
It has a classy personality with bright pops of color to match the personality type if a more introverted Sagittarius while matching their bright energy.
dhc rocket bong
Daily High Club Rocket Bong
Take your favorite Sagittarius on an out of this world adventure with this beauty of a piece. This seven inch beauty is always ready for take off and can be easily converted into an oil rig because of it’s dynamic shape, this piece fits well in any smokers collection and is perfect blasting off.
Stay up to date with our zodiac blogs to keep an eye out for the different signs, whether you're on the hunt for your next piece or your best friends, we release the best glass for each sign month to month.
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