The Daily High Club Origin Story

The Daily High Club Origin Story

January 10, 2018 Written by Liz Whiting

Let’s take a trip back in time...

Back in August of 2015 I was working at Vistaprint as a fraud specialist for their website builder.

The work was great, but I honestly yearned for something more. I was looking for a change.

One day, I noticed a massively overpriced smoking subscription box on my Facebook feed, and I thought to myself ...

‘Wow, this is a huge rip-off. I could do this way better, for much cheaper.’

And so, I got started.

The goal? To give people premium smoking supplies, starting at just a dollar.

I threw up a scrappy website, bought $700 worth of materials, and put the idea on Reddit.

Within hours, the post had thousands of upvotes. I had gotten my first few hundred subscribers overnight.

I walked out of my day job the very next day, and Daily High Club was born.

But honestly, it was a rough start.

I had to pack hundreds of boxes by hand in my tiny bedroom (yes, this was as painful as it sounds).

A few months later, the young company outgrew the bedroom and upgraded to the garage. Stuffing thousands of smoking supplies into a sea of boxes.

I was moving on up, or so I thought.

But then one day... everything went to shit. I couldn't believe it.

In the middle of the night, my shoulder socket tore apart. It was the most pain I had ever felt in my life.

It was brutal.

In the midst of trying to get the company off the ground, I had to get shoulder socket reconstruction—a complicated surgery leading to a tube in my neck, pumping in painkillers for a week.

I was screwed. I was at an all-time low, and almost gave up on Daily High Club entirely.

In my moment of weakness, I drafted up an email to the company’s biggest competitor at the time, telling them that I wanted to sell the business. I thought I was done. But... I couldn't bring myself to hit send. This turned out to be the best decision I had ever made in my life.

And that competitor has since gone out of business.

After two long months of therapy, I finally recovered and the team came back with a vengeance.

The team hit the ground running. We found an old bridal warehouse (complete with love quotes on the pink walls) and used old dressing rooms for storage. 

Building relationships with amazing people in the smoking industry (including the legendary B-Real), crafting unique custom glassware, and packing in even more smoking supplies in our boxes.

Over the past three years, Daily High Club has grown from that tiny one-bedroom operation to the thriving company that we are today. And it's all because of you.

Thank you so much for being a part of the DHC family.

I wouldn't be here without your support.


Harry B.


luis 11/07/2018

I don’t hha’ve a credit card but this is the first purchase iim going to make. Thank you so much you inspire me hugs from Puerto Rico!

Garrett good 02/16/2018

This sub box has improved my smoking lyfestyle dramatically just by keeping me stocked, not to mention building my glass collection from home. Proud to be a part of it. Love every box. Tommy Chong’s Choice box was lit. Love y’all. Cheers!

Jacob 02/13/2018

I’d love to win a christmas box, everytime I purchase one of your guy’s boxes I am never disappointed by what I have purchased. I’d like to also give a big thank you

Taylor Evans 02/12/2018

My favorite box is the dank tank box. It has everything you need!! It’s American asf!! I especially love the Bernie papers! I hope I win this one!!

AUTUMN GORNY 09/10/2020

Congrats and thank you for being a pioneer in the Cannabis Legalization Era.

Cory Balcom 09/10/2020

You have come a long ways from where you started. I love seeing your new products. Though i havnt had the chance to order yet. But my favorite box by looks so far has to be the october box from last year. Keep up the good work. When it is my time to start ordering deffinately gonna be getting that premium. Nothing says stoner like new glass every month if i fo say so myself on top of all the extra goodies.

John Connolly 02/08/2018

Thought it was Interesting! The January Chief CBG Collab Box was easily the best!

Lemuel Swicegood 02/08/2018

The box that I get from DHC every month is the best money I have ever spent online for smoking supplies. The tools and gadgets you guys throw in really do work and are also very handy. It’s always fun to try the new papers, wraps and tips that you include. I especially look forward to seeing the design of the new lighter I will be carrying for the next month. The glass? Simply above and beyond. This isn’t the cheap glass spoon pipe or little chillums that the other guys pawn off in their boxes. This is QUALITY glass. Always a great, fun, and functional design as well. The colab boxes are always freaking awesome too! You guys are the best because you care about your members and it shows. Keep up the good work. I’ve recommend and bragged about DHC to everyone I know.

Scott M 09/10/2020

Daily High Club has been great for me because I’ve been overseas in Japan for almost a year and I’ve been slowly collecting all of the boxes at home so when I FINALLY get home in April, I will have the greatest supply of stoner gear that a person could ever want. I’ve got a trusted friend keeping track of it all and of course making sure everything is in good condition. So far so great!

I would really love the Chill II box.

Thank you for your company! Keep up the stellar work. 10/10 HIGHly recommended to my friends.

Chase 02/07/2018

I would love to win a no I’m not picky idc what one it is I’m trying to win for my friend because on the 26th is his bday

Kathleen Donegan 09/10/2020

So glad you did not give up on your dream. As a stage 4 cancer patient, your boxes make it possible for me to have really cool smoking supplies even when my income is from disability. I enjoy making the video’s and hope to maybe collaborate on a box sometime (I have stage 4 breast cancer and am thriving). Reviewing has become my job since being pulled from work and losing most of the use of my hands. Cannabis helps and your affordable pieces make it so this pink ribbon girl can try new things that I would not have been able too! Sending #MuchLoVE! Kitzey @ Kitzey’s Reviews and More (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

Creighton 01/15/2018

Man , that’s great it’s just what I needed to hear , I work as a maintenance manager, anyways . Nice I like my boxes and love the glass. Thanks for the Great decision !

Joe 01/13/2018

Thanks for the service. Nice to get a cool surprise every month. Best wishes and Keep it up

Mario Jimenez 01/12/2018

Thank you for everything you do
I always look forward for the new glass piece
DHC is greatly appreciated

Kari 01/12/2018

Sincerely appreciate your resilience Harry! This company would be nothing without you! Thank you!

Lee 01/12/2018

I can’t wait for my first box! Hope it ships soon!

Ana B 01/11/2018

Cool! You hiring?

Gabriel Tejada 01/11/2018

Thank you for not giving up! Thanks for everything!

Ja'Nay M Avery 01/11/2018

I love dhc!!!

Limhi 01/11/2018

Thank you for sharing, and thank you for not give up.

Big love.


Chris 01/11/2018

Congrats on your success ! Don’t rush back to full speed , recovery is most important. If u need an employee when u get 2 Cali hit me up.

Peter 01/11/2018

Amazing story, I haven’t been a continuous subscriber by any means (actually just had to cancel again after looking at my bills for this next month) but I first heard about you guys from that original Reddit post. Good to see you guys are still going strong in 2018. I’ve had a few changes over the years as well, mostly for the better and I have a new job that I like. Like I said, great story to hear. I should be getting my December box before the day is over… In fact I’m going to go check now, man

Greg Trundley 01/11/2018

Thank you producing amazing boxes and smoking accessories for the people’s daily need. I appreciate it

Anthony Rivera 01/11/2018

Glad you kept your head up and stay strong I love your boxes

Austin Yager 01/11/2018

I am honored to be in the dhc family and I am proud to be a supporter