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Top 7 Rolling Papers for 2019

Top 7 Rolling Papers for 2019 If you’re asking yourself what papers to buy next, there’s no need. We’ve got you covered with our fave papers as of late, and ones you should definitely scoop up for the next smoking sesh!. Take a gander at this brief guide and complete that shopping list! Juicy Jay Flavored Papers We used Juicy Jay flavored papers quite a bit in 2018, but for good reason! You can really treat yourself to quite delicious, satisfying smoke every time you take a drag. Each leaf is a regular size 80mm-long/60mm-across size, making it ideal for beginners...

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Top RAWthentic Products from DHC

Top RAWthentic Products from DHC Since most of the Daily High Club subscription boxes include a variety of RAW products, we’ve made a guide of the top RAW smoking supplies we provide. Check ‘em out in the store or look for them in your monthly DHC subscription smoking package! RAW Double Barrel + Carry Bag Whether you’re gearing up for a get-together with friends or just trying to get real looooose, this will help you out. The RAW Double Barrel lets you insert two papers in one end while using the other as a mouthpiece, the ultimate two-fer. $12.99 RAW Pre-Rolled...

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We Salute You! Veteran's Feature Part I

The Daily High Club team would like to thank everyone who has contributed their story. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of responses. Proceeds from our June boxes will go toward The American Legion. This incredible organization promotes the research of alternative treatment methods. For the remaining month of June, we will be featuring Veteran stories we have received. To protect their identities, we will change some of the details and names so as not to jeopardize their current jobs.  If you would like to donate to The American Legion, we encourage you do so!  DONATE Our first is from...

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The Top 5 Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers bring a clean aesthetic to your roll ups. There’s something oddly satisfying about being able to see your buds through the paper of a freshly rolled jay. Contrary to a common misconception, transparent rolling papers are 100% plant cellulose (not plastic) and are safe to smoke. Here’s our top brands: 1. Glass Glass takes the top spot on our list with a slow, smooth burn and no funny taste. These papers are tree-free and made of Asiatic Cotton Mallow, a completely natural plant. Glass sets a high bar for quality clear rolling papers. 2. Trip   The...

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The Top 5 Best Flavored Rolling Papers

Being a Daily High Club member means you get to try a lot of cool papers, and we certainly have had our fair share. Some people want a little extra kick in their smoking experience, or are improving the taste of lower quality herbs. Here's the best of the best! 1. Skunk Brand Barely beating Juicy Jay, we have to give Skunk Brand the top spot. These are the only papers that aren't quite designed to cover the taste of your herbs, they ENHANCE them. The classic Skunkalicious is an all-natural paper that is only flavored with a small amount of cane sugar, adding a classy...

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