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Product Review: The Lollipipe

It's a f**king pipe you can eat?! We had to get our hands on these. For this review I tried Cherry and Green Apple.

First up was Green Apple. Did it taste good? Yeah it did, have you ever had a bad Lollipop?! But then I realized by licking it I made it too sticky to smoke! So I moved onto Cherry, and filled it with my herbs first this time.

They say it is "flame-proof", but most lollipops won't melt if you put a lighter on them for only a few seconds. What surprised me was the the smoke tasted pretty good, or at least the taste on my lips made it seem like that. 

stock of Lollipipes

I finished the bowl and started to eat the rest, until I got to the ash. One downside is you cannot eat the whole thing unless you want some nasty ash-to-mouth. And you probably don't want to share sticky things with your friends! (except for that one time in college...)

But if you do share, it comes with a plastic tube you can put in the end, so nobody gets their friend's nasty germs.

I'm not going to use a Lollipipe as my main piece (for that I have The Weapon of Grass Destruction), but I definitely enjoyed the novelty. For the price, it's a pretty sweet grab sure to bring a laugh or two.

Score: 7.5/10

Would you smoke one? Tell us below in the comments!

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ya I would

marty outlaw

I’d try smoking with it, not sure if I’d eat it after though.


I would definitely try one sounds yummy and Good to smoke


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