best selling accessory boxes 2023

Our Best Selling Accessory Boxes of 2023

As more and more states legalize the use of cannabis and its derivatives, stoners are smoking it more than ever and the market growth shows no signs of slowing down. With the industry’s rapid expansion, we’re now spoiled with great accessories that can take your smoking experience to the next level.

A perfect example is DHC’s amazing monthly smoking accessories that can keep you updated and fully stocked without the hassle of running out of stuff.

In this blog post, you’ll find out why buying a DHC box can save you money and let you keep up with cannabis trends. We’ll also share with you 10 of our best-selling smoking accessory boxes in 2023 to get you started!

Why Buy a DHC Box?

Ever want to keep up with the trends? Or maybe you’re new to the game and don't know what to buy. Getting a weed box means you’ll have access to a painstakingly curated collection of the best weed accessories each month.

Our experts will give you all the cannabis products you need without any worry. You can learn more about how the DHC monthly subscription box works here.

Saves Money

Get more bang for your buck by getting a subscription box instead of picking individual products. You’ll be surprised at how filled to the brim the DHC boxes are!

Regular re-stocking of essentials

If you hate ordering and running out of smoking essentials like grinders, a subscription box might just be your solution. By signing up once, we’ll regularly restock you with new products you' might need each month.

New custom pipe every month

With our curated weed subscription boxes, you’ll have a new custom pipe every month specifically designed by the DHC team according to an innovative theme. Not only will these custom water pipes give you the best smoking experience, but it’s a great start to a collection too.

The freshest swag

Every item in our DHC subscription box will be professionally picked by curators, so you’ll never get behind on trend and always get the freshest products. From custom bongs, dab rigs, pipes, lighters, or other high-quality extras, we’ve got it all.

Our 10 Best Selling Smoking Accessory Boxes of 2023

Ready to make your order? Here are 10 of our best-selling smoking accessory boxes of 2023.

Get Lit this Xmas Bong and Pipe Combo Smoking Box


This festive December box quickly became a favorite of our customers. The stars are an amazing Santa pipe and a Christmas tree bong, perfectly fitting the theme of the season and serving as a great present for your loved ones.

Have A Happy Danksgiving! Smoking Box

"Have A Happy Danksgiving!" Smoking Box

In this playful November box, you’ll find a Turkey Brown glass bong and a 45-degree Premium Glass Banger that will quickly become your favorite. It comes with great essential accessories, such as a Famous Brand scale, Clipper Micro Lighter, and a 420 Smog Out Odor Spray.

Rave Dino Box

"Rave Dino" Box

The Rave Dino box is a great callback to the Jurassic era, with a T-Rex dino bong and a Raptor silipipe. It also comes with a dinosaur-themed rolling tray and Shutter Shade Party Sunglasses for when you’re smoking it up with other dinosaur enthusiasts.

Dia de los Muertos Box

"Dia de los Muertos" Box

Party ‘til you drop with this Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead box that gives you access to exclusive designs reserved only for subscribers. Some exclusive pieces include a Black Sugar Skull bong and a Mariachi Skeleton Silipipe. This October box is filled to the brim, you’ll be surprised at how much your dollar can stretch!

Angler Fish Smoking Subscription Box

"Angler Fish" Box

This is the perfect gift for the anglers in your life. The July subscription box features an iridescent Angle Fish mini rig and a vegetarian Shark Silipipe that’s ready for your dry herbs. What is even more amazing is that proceeds from the Natura rolling papers in the box will go to 1% For the Planet, an organization dedicated to ocean and earth conservation.

"Happy Holiblaze" Smoking Box

"Happy Holiblaze" Smoking Box

Another holiday special box that you can give your friends and family! This custom collectible smoking box features a Gumdrop Button bong. The fun design is shaped like a hot chocolate mug, fitted with a swirly straw mouthpiece and a glass. There’s also an Elf Silipipe, a glass blunt, a clipper lighter, rolling papers, a dab mat, and stickers.

Moon Man Subscription Box

"Moon Man" Box

Get high with this September Moon Man smoking box that’s filled with great accessories. The highlight of this box is the Daily High Club Moon Man Bong. It also comes with some assorted hemp wraps, thin rolling papers, a Dichro Carb Cap, a bong mat, a torch lighter, and a sticker set.

"RAW x DHC" Smoking Box

"RAW x DHC" Smoking Box

This collaboration with RAW gives you all the necessary smoking gear and custom-designed accessories to start the year right. The box comes with exclusive Daily High Club Glass, including a Gold Anodized Cone Holder and bong attachment.

There’s also a RAW x Integra Boost humidifier pack, RAW metal stash tube, a 6-pack RAW Black Clipper Lighter, RAW rolling tips, and RAW 79 mm rolling machine.

"Alien Invasion" Smoking Box

"Alien Invasion" Smoking Box

This is perfect for the extraterrestrial believers out there. The March Alien Invasion box features a custom Daily High Club Abducted Glass Bong and epic accessories you don’t want to miss. It’s a must-have for your interstellar sesh!

"Ready to Rock" Smoking Box

"Ready to Rock" Smoking Box

Get ready to rock with this June subscription box! The box includes a Rocking Boom Box Bong, a custom guitar pick glass pendant, a bong mat, and an Ice Cube edition Clipper Lighter. If you’re a fan of the 90s, this smoking box should be on your shopping list!

Buy More Accessory Boxes at Daily High Club

Do the boxes leave you wanting more and looking for more accessories? Don’t worry, those were only our best-selling ones because DHC’s online headshop has tons more other themed smoking accessory boxes for sale on our website. From vaporizers and ashtrays to bubblers and other cannabis accessories, we got it all!

All you need to do is place your order and wait for it to show up on your doorstep!

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