July 2021 Unboxing - Daily High Club

July 2021 Unboxing

Gear up as we unpack this month's subscription box for 710, with accessories that are great for both flower lovers and concentrate smokers alike!

dabbers delight smoking subscription box

This month's subscription comes with some of the most exclusive and custom picked items to celebrate this month and the 710 season. Get extra stoney by taking some dabs with this new colorful piece.

14mm Female Mini Anodized Ripper Glass Bong/Dab Rig

Get the most beautifully accented piece in this month's box that works great as both a bong or rig. The bent neck on it ensures there is no splash back and it’s smaller size makes it the perfect nightstand piece of coffee table piece. This month’s box also includes both a banger and bowl piece so that you can easily switch between the two without buying any extra accessories.


14mm quartz banger
14mm Male Premium Quartz Banger

This set comes complete with everything you’ll need to start dabbing including a banger. Bangers can come and go quickly so it’s important to always have a back up one on deck 

Anodized Premium Dab Tool

Regardless of if you’re still new to dabbing or a veteran to dabbing, it’s important to have a nice tool that you like. Whether that’s your go-to tool, your back up, or perhaps this is your first complete dab set, this is going to be one of the dopest styled tools out there. And if you’re a long time dabber, it might be time to retire the old one and get yourself a nicer upgrade. 


full size clipper lighter

Full Size Clipper Lighter

Being that friend who always has a lighter on hand is easy when one is shipped directly to the door every month. 

formula 710 glass cleaner solution

Formula 710 Glass Cleaner Solution

This cleaner is one of the best cleaning solutions for pipes, bongs, rigs, and everything in between. Get the grime gone quickly with this cleaning solution, especially on those warm summer nights, when you are trying to cool down and chill out sothe glass gets more use than usual. This solution will get every bit of grime off quickly so you can get back to seshing right away!

Daily High Club x Vape Swabs Cleaning Swabs

This is an absolute must have when it comes to dabbing. Although each person has their own routine when it comes to regular cleaning, these swabs make it easier to quickly clean up after each use. Regular cotton swabs get ashy or sticky, but the special swabs are perfect for those who are regular concentrate smokers and perfect for the 710 season.

elements red rolling papers


Elements Red Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Wide

Perhaps summer time gets you on the go, whether that means hiking, beach days, forest adventures, or just being outside. These papers are perfect for just about anywhere and everywhere, especially when the rig isn’t as convenient as just carrying around some classic flower.


dabbers delight 710 pin

Daily High Club "Dabber's Delight" 710 Pin

This pin is a Daily High Club Subscription Box exclusive, meaning that the first people to ever see or receive this pin are those subscribed to the box. It’s not often that DHC drops pins, so for the collectors out there, consider this an exclusive!

dhc sticker set

Daily High Club Sticker Set

Stickers are the modern day deck cards, gotta catch them all, right? Luckily DHC boxes keep you loaded up with some of the most awesome stickers with each monthly subscription box. Keep the collection constantly updated with some of the best stickers that come with each month's box.


This month's box is full of surprises and set for both flower lovers and concentrate lovers. Stock up on some dope and useful supplies this month or perhaps try something new out. The best part about being subscribed is being able to try out different supplies like cleaning products, solutions, and accessories before fully committing to the investment. So check out our three subscription options to see which one might work best for you for newly assorted products monthly.

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