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How To Roll a Honey Blunt Correctly | Step-by-Step Guide

If you're a weed smoker, there's a good chance you've rolled a blunt before. Blunts offer a smooth smoking experience and are perfect for sharing with friends.


We all know that smoking weed can be a really fun activity, but if you want to get the most out of your honey blunt, you need to roll it correctly. In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to do it like a pro!

What is a Honey Blunt?

When using a blunt wrap, instead of using water to seal the end, you use honey. Some people say that a honey blunt tastes better than a regular blunt because it burns slower and smoother. However, when using honey instead of water to seal the blunt it can make it harder to smoke and clog the end.


Be sure to use pure raw honey rather than processed because processing changes the chemical structure of honey and can be harmful to your health. Too much honey will also cause the blunt to clog and prevent you from hitting it. Just like with a regular wrap, make sure you properly seal the end of your blunt with honey when making a honey blunt.

Gather Your Supplies For The Honey Blunt

The supplies needed are honey, your favorite herb, grinder, blunt or cigar wrap, a lighter, and a knife. These are the essentials when it comes to making a honey blunt.

For the seasoned smoker looking for their next sweet high, this method is perfect in achieving exactly what you're in search of.

The blunt wrap, or cigar paper, is what will be used to roll your blunt. Blunt wraps are made up of two layers with a woody type substance in between them. They can come flavored or unseasoned, but it's recommended that you get the flavored ones and if possible a honey flavor to help back up the honey flavor even more.

The herb you choose should be finely ground so that it will burn nicely come smoking time. No one wants to smoke stringy weed! You can use a grinder for this job, which is the best way if you have access to one. If not, just break up the bud with your fingers and it should give you a good enough grind to roll with.

The honey is what is going to help your weed burn for a longer period of time, making it smoother and more enjoyable when exhaled from your mouth. Now, let's get started with the steps to making your first honey blunt.

1. Pick a Blunt Wrap

Whether it is a blunt or cigar wrap, choose the type you plan to use. If it is a cigar wrap you need to empty out the tobacco and make a cut vertically so you can put in the cannabis.

Blunts are larger than cigar wraps and they usually include tobacco. The size makes them ideal for smoking with two people. If you are planning on smoking solo, opt for a cigar wrap instead. Blunts are available in flavored and unflavored varieties. Flavors include banana, grape, strawberry, and even honey.

2. Grind the weed and put it in the blunt wrap

Grab your favorite herb and grind it using your grinder or your hands. then add the herb onto the wrapping paper. make sure when you fill up the blunt it isn't overflowing and there is enough room for the edges to overlap and close.

3. Add the honey

Now take a thin line of honey and add it around the edges of the paper. You want to make sure you get it down in between all the glued pieces.

First, add a strip of honey along each side of your wrapper. Then add another delicate layer along the bottom edge. This should be enough to hold your wrapper together, but if you feel like you need more because it's still coming apart, go ahead and add one more thin layer. Once you've done that, fold the paper together to close off the blunt. Hold it closed for about 30 seconds or until your honey is stuck.

Your blunt should stay together while smoking it, but if you want to slow down the burning and achieve a sweeter taste to smoking. We recommend adding a layer of honey on the outside, but leave some room for your fingers to hold the blunt as it may get sticky.

4. Light up & Enjoy!

When you are hitting the joint, light it with a lighter or match, make sure you get your whole joint lit! You are going to want to get it lit evenly, which means you should hold the lighter up against the part of the joint furthest away from you AND closest to you! Hold it there for a few seconds, while continuously moving the tip of your lighter towards you and then back away from you. You also need to make sure that parts of your joint aren't still burning while other parts are lit. When you hit the joint, take in a big puff and exhale.

Why Smoke a Honey Blunt?

That is the question I hope to answer here. The first thing about smoking a honey blunt is that it has its own unique taste. A honey blunt provides a sweeter taste for the people that may not like the taste of a regular blunt, giving you a sweet taste when you take the hit and the aftertaste is better. Also you can make your honey blunt burn slower than a regular blunt, which means longer smoking times by yourself or with your friends.

However, there are many different opinions from people on what qualities a "true" honey blunt has. Some say they have tried a honey blunt and it didn't taste right to them, while others swear that is the only blunt they will smoke. They're many ways to make your own honey blunt. The creativity is up to you from choosing the flavor of the wrapping paper to the strand of weed you plan to use.

Bottom Line

We hope you have learned how to make a honey blunt and all the types of ways you can be creative with it. Now go out there, create some blunts, and enjoy them responsibly! Don't forget that this is just one way people are smoking their blunts - so don't limit yourself when thinking about what's possible in your own world.

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