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How To Roll a Dutch Master Blunt Under 2 Minutes

In the cannabis world, there are many different types of consumption methods. Smoking out of a pipe or a bong is common, but for those who want to smoke a joint, it can be difficult to roll one that smokes well and doesn't fall apart. 


So I know what you're thinking. Why would I want to roll a Dutch Master Blunt? They're so big and cumbersome, right? WRONG! Contrary to popular belief, Dutch Masters are actually really easy to roll if you know how. In just under 2 minutes, you can be smoking your very own Dutch Master Blunt. So, follow these simple steps and you'll be enjoying those delicious smokes in no time! 

What is a Dutch Master Blunt?

A Dutch Master Blunt is a type of wrap used for smoking cannabis similar to that of swishers or blunt wraps. A Dutch Master is a cigar that has a tobacco leaf wrapped around it and is more delicate compared to other wraps.


Dutch Master Blunts are known for being the perfect size for a quick smoke, but can be purchased in a standard size to share. Also, the taste of the Dutch Master is comparable to that of a cigar because of its wrapper and can leave behind an unpleasant odor if not properly maintained. But when using Dutch Master wraps for blunts you will cut open the cigar and dump it out to make room for your special herb.

Materials For Rolling a Dutch Master Blunt

A Dutch Master is a kind of cigar-sized marijuana leaf filled with weed. If you've got the right tools, rolling one can be easy once you know how it's done. The following list will guide you through what you'll need before you can get smoking.

Grinder - It's necessary to break down the weed in your blunt so you get an even burn. Only use a grinder if you have one. If not, use your hands, but if you do, make sure it works well before using it on the weed for this blunt.

Dutch Master - If you don't have a dutch master, getting rid of all those seeds and stems will be nearly impossible. Make sure you can use the blunt before starting to roll it up.

Lighter - You'll need a flame when the time comes to light up your blunt, and using a lighter is usually easier than using matches for this task.

Sharp Object/Knife - Any sharp object will work here, like an Exacto knife or fingernail clipper, but a foldable blade knife is best. You'll need this to empty out the cigar and put in your weed.

Rolling Tray - If you're putting all your supplies down on surfaces that can get dirty easily, think about using rolling trays for everything instead. This will save you from cleaning up a mess after you're done rolling.

Step-by-Step Guide on Rolling a Dutch Master Blunt

1. Open & Lick The Dutch Master

The first step I took when I cut into my Dutch Master was opening it up. The tobacco is wrapped in a casing, which you have to rip open carefully before you can get to the actual cigar.

Once you've done this, take the cigar into your mouth and lick it. The wetter, the better (don't go overboard though). After it's good and wet, now you can carefully take off the outer leaf.

2. Cut the cigar in half with a sharp knife

Now you want to begin the cutting which is a lot easier than you may think. First grab the Dutch Master cigar you have and cut it down the middle. Empty out all the tobacco inside as you are going to fill it up with the grinded weed you chose. Make sure to evenly spread the weed everywhere and not just clump it all in one spot or barely put any in another.

3. Start Rolling

You're almost there! Now just roll the blunt little by little until you reach the end of it. Make sure that when you do, there aren't any open spots where air can pass through or weed can fall out. It should start looking like a cylindric shape and slowly start looking like how it did before you cut it.

4. Lick Again        

Lick the edges of the wrap to make sure it seals as the saliva is what makes it stick. wet it from one end to the other to make sure none of your weed falls out during the session. After this you want to also wet the natural leaf from earlier again as you are going to reapply that to your blunt.

5. The Final Wrapping

Now that it is sealed shut and you have the leaf you put on the side earlier wet again it should be sticky to apply to the blunt. Place it on the blunt you just made diagonally like how it was before you took it off and you can use your rolling tray to help you do this. A tip we recommend is you can lay the leaf on the table as you place the blunt over it and roll it over to ensure precise placement.

6. Smoke!

Finally, run the lighter over the saliva on the blunt back and forth if it's still wet to dry it up. Then boom! Light up the blunt and start smoking!

Why Use a Dutch Master For Blunts

Dutch Masters have an easy draw and a smooth taste. They also burn slowly so they are good for smoking blunts. Dutch Master cigars are very popular in the market today. Every time you buy a box of Dutch Masters, it comes with about 50 cigars. That means for every pack, you are getting at least 10 Dutch Master blunts.

Dutch Master cigars have been around since 1912, and they come in many flavors, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Dutch Masters have flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, grape, strawberry, and many more. The flavors are made to be similar to the candy of the same name and can really give you a feeling like you're smoking candy. Dutch Master is also 100% natural and they come in many sizes.

Bottom Line

Dutch Masters have been a staple of the blunt community for years. Blunt wraps are a thing of the past and Dutch Masters are now the way to go for blunts! We hope you have learned how to make a Dutch Master blunt and why people love using Dutch Master when it comes to blunts. Enjoy your new knowledge and enjoy your next smoke session with friends knowing that you can create an even better smoking experience than before.

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