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How To Enhance Your High & Have It Last Longer

Nothing beats a good high from smoking your favorite weed strain, but what about those days when you’re looking for something a little more? If you’re looking for information on how to enhance your high, you’re in the right place.


The best part about learning weed tricks to get higher is that you have options, and they’re all easy (who doesn’t love that?). From foods that boost your high to switching between different methods of use to the best surefire trick in the book, we’ve got some of the best ways to enhance a high. We’ve tried several of these tricks ourselves, so we know they work (although you’ll need to test a few out to see which ones work best for you). Keep reading to learn what you need to know. 

4 Quick Weed Tricks to Get Higher Immediately

I’m about to share some of the best ways to boost your high, letting you get the most out of your smoke sessions. The great thing about these quick weed tricks to get higher is that there’s no particular order to them. You can pick one off the list and give it a try to see how you like it. Then, you can try another. You might find that you enjoy more than one, and that’s okay too! 


Take a look through the list when you’re ready and see which way on how to enhance your high feels the most convenient for you. At the very least, you can always start with the surefire method. It’s probably the hardest one, but it’s effective.

Foods That Boost Your High

If you’re surprised by this first one, you’re not alone. It was news to me, too, that eating certain foods was one way on how to enhance your high. What surprised me more was that they worked for me, and they may work for you, too. 

So, what are the foods that boost your high? Here are a few options to try:

  • Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains two compounds that inhibit the breakdown of anandamide (known as the bliss molecule) in your body. What’s more, other compounds in dark chocolate contain small amounts of anandamide. Combining the compounds of chocolate and weed could help to boost your high and make it last longer. 
  • Nuts. Nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Cannabinoids can attach to those acids, giving you an effective way to boost your high.  
  • Mangoes. Fresh mangoes are one of the ways to boost your high that are one of my personal favorites. Mangoes (and mango juice) contain a terpene called myrcene. Science shows that myrcene can intensify the effects of THC and make them last longer. 

Healthy Ways to Boost Your High

This tip is related to the one above, but eating a healthy diet and exercising offer ways to get higher off weed, too. The foods discussed above are good for you in moderation, offering essential nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more. 

Protein and mineral-rich foods, beans, legumes, and matcha green tea are all excellent for your overall health, too, and they can enhance your metabolism. Exercise can do the same. A higher metabolism helps your body burn more fat, where THC metabolites can get stored. Breaking down fat molecules releases those compounds back into your bloodstream, temporarily increasing the amount of THC present. 

If you exercise right before or just after you smoke, you can give yourself a nice little THC boost, which is key on how to enhance your high. Additionally, exercising and a well-balanced diet give you a way to get healthier while enjoying getting high at the same time. 

Have Different Ways to Enhance Your High

You probably have your preferred method of cannabis use. My personal favorite is smoking from a bong. The water filtration gives me smoother, more enjoyable hits (at least in my opinion). On occasion, I also enjoy dabbing. There’s something about those high-potency hits that take your experiences to a whole new level. 

As it turns out, having more than one favorite way to use weed could actually help when it comes down to how to enhance your high. If you’re looking at how to intensify your high, consider alternating your methods of use. If you stick to the same things you always do, your body may come to expect it. It gets used to the same old routine. Mixing things up will keep your system on its toes and provide a better high. 

Instead of smoking from a pipe, try a blunt or joint. Or, if you want to give something other than smoking a go, try a THC tincture or edible. If you really want to intensify your high, look into dabbing concentrates (hint: it’s incredible!). Just remember to start with a small amount. It doesn’t take much to get effects stronger than what you can get from any joint or bowl. Not only will you have a new way on how to enhance your high, but you may also find a few new favorite methods of weed use!

Surefire Ways to Boost Your High

I’m going to level with you on this one. This method is one of the hardest to do, especially if you use weed daily (or fairly regularly). However, it’s one of the most effective ways on how to enhance your high. Take a tolerance break. 

Yes, you read that right; take a break from smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles. Give yourself a few days, a week, or even longer (the longer, the better). It sounds absurd, but it works. When you take a tolerance break, you give your body a chance to reset itself. When you pick up your favorite method again, you’ll find that taking the same dose you took days to weeks ago is much more potent than you remember. When it comes to what boosts your high, this is the most effective trick in the book. 

How to Make Weed High Last Longer

Now that you know what things you can do on how to enhance your high, you’re probably wondering how to make your weed high last longer. All of the methods we discussed above are excellent for achieving both goals. They intensify the effects of THC, which in turn makes those effects linger for a longer amount of time.

There are a couple of other things you can do to make a weed high last longer. First up is a method known as hotboxing. The term refers to smoking in a small, enclosed space with little to no ventilation. When you light up your joint, pipe, or bong, the area fills with smoke. With the smoke lingering in the air, your high is likely to last longer than if you were to smoke in an open or well-ventilated room. 

Another option you can try is drinking alcohol while you smoke. Research shows that alcohol can increase your THC absorption. That can make your high stronger and last longer. You’ll want to be careful if you choose to use this method, though, as mixing substances can lead to effects you weren't anticipating. This won’t only make the weed high last longer, but it is also a way on how to enhance your high.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to take your weed experiences to the next level, why not look at how to enhance your high? You have many ways to boost your high, letting you get the most out of each session. The best news is that learning different ways to get higher off weed and how to make a weed high last longer are easy (well, the tolerance break is debatable). From eating foods that boost your high to alternating between various methods of cannabis use, you’re sure to find a trick or two that gives you the enhanced experiences you’ve been looking to enjoy. 

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