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How to Celebrate 4/20 at Home!

Top 10 Ways to Spend 04/20 at Home 

Thinking of ways to celebrate 4/20 alone? Don’t worry, DHC has got you covered with some of the lit-est ways to spend the holiday in self-isolation. It’s easy to feel like this shelter-in-place is really bringing down the vibe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun!

The beauty of staying lifted is that there are so many different ways to do so. It can really bring out the creative side of some people. So get your craft on and celebrate by sparking up at the house! 

Hotbox a blanket fort

Blast into simpler days by building an upgraded version of a blanket fort! Collect every sheet, blanket, and pillow in the house and get innovative with it. The bigger the fort, the harder it will be to hotbox it! This means a longer, bigger, and a better celebration! Use an adapter like a Moose Labs Mouthpeace to filter out toxins, resin, tar and other harmful compounds to keep your hotbox fresh! This way, your hot box is as clean as possible for you to hang out and celebrate for a long time!

blanket fort 420 at home

DIY Smoke Olympics at Home!  

After getting some spring cleaning done, it’s fun to switch things up and get a different sense of ambiance going. Especially on 04/20 when there won’t be a whole lot of group celebrations going this time around.

Get set up with a different smoking section throughout each room of the house! For example, make a beautiful charcuterie with edibles to start with in in the kitchen. You can even use our friend's Nova FX from Ardent!

In the next room, have a dry pipe or bath bomb waiting for a relaxing shower.

In the living room, set up a dab station to kick things up a notch.

And even before you're ready to hit the couch or bed room for a stoney nap, set up a bong in the last room. 

This can be customized in so many different ways! But the point is to try something different throughout each stop on this “tour,” so be thinking about your favorite products!

Host a Smoker Olympics 

Better yet - play virtual games with your friends! Make sure they have their own olympic-style set up at home! You can play games like Pictionary, Would you Rather, never have I ever, 5 second rule and even card games like Cards Against Humanity.

The rules can be ambiguous and decided between the group, as long as the crowd stays puffing!

420 at home cards against humanity

Join a 4/20 live stream

With so many concerts and social events being canceled, many celebrities and artists are doing virtual sessions. From paint alongs to live performances, the video streams have been more active than ever. Weedmaps will be doing music, comedy, live smoke sessions, and more on a livestream at their website. Stiiizy will be hosting a virtual sesh with instagram influencers on their live stream that day. And a collaboration of companies will be hosting a HighStream 420 Festival.

Join a Video Chat with Friends

Want something more intimate with your close buds? Was this month the month that you and your stoniest friends have been anticipating? After all this build up, does it feel like social distancing policies couldn’t have come at a worse time?

Don’t let that stop you from hanging out and bonding with friends! Many media companies have extended their video chat services! So round up your friends and have a virtual sesh this year. It could even be fun to do this while you are all on a virtual livestream watching live performances together in the comfort of your own home! 

zoom friends 420 at home

Participate in a Smoke Challenge

Within the past few years these kinds of challenges have really evolved, from the OG “Superman” challenge of swallowing a roach to the modern day “kush-up” challenge of ripping 10 times in a row and holding in the smoke. There’s tons of ways to challenge yourself and switch it up this time of year. It might also be a fun time to pick up a new skill, like rolling a cross joint or baking edibles. 

Smoke Out of Food

Challenge yourself to make as many different smoking devices as you can out of household items - then smoke out of them all! We all know the classic apple pipe but there are other fruits, veggies, and even regular foods that can be turned into pipes. Get creative with strawberries, mangoes, kiwis, tomatoes, or even things like pizza. The only limit is your creativity! If you don't want the mess, we have an apple pipe just for you. 

apple pipe

Have a Movie Marathon

Perhaps this holiday should be more about relaxing and taking a day off for yourself. Another way to get comfortable at home could be having a 04/20 themed movie marathon!

There are so many movies and shows that are made for staying lifted. Some good ones are Mac and Devin go to High School, Half Baked, Pineapple Express, Cheech and Chong and Disjointed.

Our own Liz Whiting is an extra in The 420 Movie that was just released with Koala Puffs! It's a hilarious take on the community's holiday and follows the smokey adventures of people who are just looking to celebrate! But ultimately hit some pretty cooky bumps along the way. 

The Gentlemen is another recent release that will be sure to get you in the mood to celebrate. It's create by Guy Ritchie and features Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Charlie Hunnam.

420 at home the gentlemen movie

Use Every Bong You Own 

This is a fun way to get lifted without spending that much money and good excuse to do an updated glass collection. As we upgrade and rotate through new glass from time to time it’s easy to forget about the old glass. Knowing what’s in your glass closet sets a good foundation for what pieces are missing that should be added next. 

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