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Daily High Club Top Women Influencers

DHC Top Women Influencers

As International Women’s Month comes to close, DHC would like to give a shout out to our fave female collaborators and influencers we’ve worked with in the past. We highly encourage you to check out some of these bomb ladies for some sage advice, cool reviews and giggle-inducing antics.


DHC Women Influencers CustomWife
We were lucky to collab with the dope duo CustomWife and CustomGrow for our February CustomLove Box of smoking supplies. Working with the woman behind such an outrageous personality was a delight, we can’t wait for a potential collab pt. 3!

Crystal Rivers

Crystal Rivers is one cool chick with a wide array of interests, all coming through in her videos. If you’re looking for video game streams, reviews of smoking supplies or unboxing videos, she’s got it all.

The High Rise Co.

DHC Women Influencers High Rise Co
You may recognize the High Rise Co. as the producers of the infamous “lit” hat featured in the DHC store and in the sold-out March ‘17 HIghrise Collab Box of smoking supplies. This company produces some of the freshest gear, and may even be putting out smoking supplies soon according to their website. Maybe another collab is due?!?

Kimmy Tan

DHC Women Influencers Kimmy Tan
Kimmy Tan is a one-stop shop for all things art, from tattoos (and tattooing herself!), to music, smoking supplies, make-up and straight up real talk. You’ve got to check out today’s video where her boyfriend tries to smoke and do her makeup. Hilarious.

Kitty Kates

DHC Women Influencers Kitty Kates
Never have we seen someone who can do make-up tutorials to match the smoking supplies and water pipes they’re using. It’s super innovative when it comes to smoking and make-up Youtube videos. She also does something called a dick wing, which you literally have to see to believe!

Koala Puffs

DHC Women Influencers Koala Puffs
She’s super cute but don’t let that fool you, this girl knows her stuff. She’ll have you entertained (and informed)  for days. PS. don’t skip out on her Insta, you will be dying.

Life Being Dest

DHC Women Influencers Life being Dest
While she recently had to move away from her OG channel, you can find her on Life Being Dest Vlogs where her personal tell-alls and message of positivity will have you simultaneously swarmed with feels and giggles.

Macdizzle 420

DHC Women Influencers Macdizzle
DHC loved working with Mac in the past; she’s outrageous and funny and her instagram is full of equally outrageous smoking antics that will have you rolling on the floor.

Milan and Imani

DHC Women Influencers Milan and Imani
Couple of the year goes to...These two forever remind us to stay positive and humble, while also cracking us up with their funny and adorable af dynamic as they go through reviews, stories and the hysterical yet super relatable situations of their daily lives.

Pandora Blue

DHC Women Influencers Pandora Blue
Tattoo model and vape enthusiast, Pandora Blue is one of the raddest females out there. Her instagram is full of cool vape-specific products and supplies, and you just can’t peel your eyes away from those electric blue locks.

Positive Smash 420

DHC Women Influencers Positive Smash
We love all of her videos, from DHC box reviews to recipe testing and sibling smoke sessions. Positive Smash 420 never disappoints!

Silenced Hippie

Silenced Hippie DHC Women Influencers
Silenced Hippie loved our Tommy Chong collaboration steamroller! Did you get a chance to see her old school Tommy Chong albums in her video? She knows smoking supplies!

Wolfie from Wolfiememes

DHC WOmen Influencers Wolfie Wolfiememes
Comedian and smoker, this girl has a wicked talent for turning all of your smoker thoughts into memes and gifs that will have you cracking the eff up as you scroll through her insta and twitter. For even more hilarity give her podcast “itsthebudd” a listen. It will not disappoint.

Women Grow

When DHC was on the east coast, we sponsored multiple events with Women Grow. Inclusion is the name of the game, and this amazing organization does everything it can to aid those starting out in the industry, as well as foster the unity of those already in it. Nothing but good relationships and ventures come from this stellar group.

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  • Love the shit out of all of them. They are all awsome as hell I live in western pa. And I wish I could do what they do. But Pennsylvania will be last to legalize it

    Dette on

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