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Daily High Club Glass Review: 2020 LookBook

Last year was quite the year full of change and although some may have had tougher times while others may have enjoyed the time, one thing we all shared was glass! Glass will always be there at the end of the day, whether you’re spending the day at an essential job or working from home. Having a great piece to rely on at the end of the day is important for every smoker and that’s why Daily High Club brought out some of the most creative, custom style pieces on the market throughout 2020.

angler fish dab rig

Angler Fish Dab Rig
$169.99 ($219.99)
This artistic glass is one of many artistic pieces we released this year, and we wanted to get creative with the different styles of glass that were released. We aimed to make a glass style for everyone of every type, and this mini rig is the perfect piece for oil lovers because it can be easily interchanged with both a nail and banger.
octopus bong

Octopus Bong
This advanced piece of glass is perfect for those who prioritize both function and style when it comes to their glass. This one of a kind glass is designed with intricate details that includes beautifully infused shades of turquoise, blue, green, and yellow to create an eight legged smoking buddy that easily cups this glass. 
Not only is the design uniquely made, but the glass also comes with a showerhead perc that is grounded at the bottom center of the glass, to maximize the function and provide the best flow for both new and experienced smokers.
seascape bong

Seascape Bong
$134.99 ($174.99)
This bright and bubbly bong is a good combination between artistic and functional because of it’s bright accents, glass attachments, included perc, and it’s functional design. This glass also includes a shower head perc at the bottom center of the glass, but this eight inch tall piece is architectured so that there is no splash back due to it’s bent neck. The glass is perfect for any sea lover, water sign, or glass collector.
under the sea bong

Under The Sea Bong
This eight inch success story is a true work of art when it comes to glass. This design is one of the most thoroughly fused pieces that includes not only animal designs, but also a marble like attachment that gives the piece a really colorful and independent style to it.
icicle bong

Icicle Bong
This piece is the perfect merge between a quality and creative piece because it includes a perc and beautifully fused colors that create a really dope blue film that’s unlike other pieces of glass.
rainbow bottle bong

Rainbow Bottle Bong
This rainbow bottle glass is the perfect colorful addition to any sesh, it’s unique design ensures a custom style of uniqueness — making it the perfect gift for anybody as the new year comes into swing. The bright neon themed glass brings uplifting and good vibes to any session - even in the midst of the craziest year ever. Not to mention the tall design gives it the perfect amount of flow for a great quality delivery.
electric neon beaker bong

Electric Neon Beaker Bong
This eight inch tall piece is a bright twist on a classic beaker making it perfect for the synchronized buyers out there who look to get everything to match as best as possible. This could definitely be the ultimate statement piece or even just a great coffee/office table piece.
matrix bong

M2M (Matrix 2 Matrix) Bong
This monstrous piece is the perfect upgrade as the holidays come to an end and it’s time to kick into the gear of getting that fresh start we will all need in order to move past this crazy year. This awesome piece is a great price considering all of its features like it’s thick glass, two percolators, heavy set bottom, and bent neck. The features on this glass ensures that it will be a top quality piece not just in durability, but also in it’s function!

heavy duty beaker bong

"The Sledgehammer" Heavy Duty 9mm Beaker Bong
$99.99 ($169.99)
This is one of the finner and thicker pieces that DHC carries — unlike the average piece of glass, this glass is 9mm thick, making it perfect for the reckless or clumsy stoner. Although the piece maintains a more simple look this glass is actually one of the most reliable pieces on DHC shelves. 
With three different options available for the colored accents, this piece is an easy no brainer when it comes to upgrades, especially if you’re looking for something that’ll last you long but still packs a big punch. Its 12 inch height and beaker design makes it the perfect glass for both new and experienced smokers.
water temple bong

Big Mom Glass Water Temple Bong
$189.99 ($274.99)
The accents and colorful designs in combination with the percs and design on this glass made it the ideal glass for an experienced glass user, someone who really relies on a quality piece to deliver the perfect rip. Although the size of this thing can be intimidating, the shower head perc ensures that there is no harshness or staleness in the final delivery.
inverted shower orb bong

Inverted Shower Orb Bong
$84.20 ($114.99)
This nine inch tall piece is another fantastic upgrade that’s a little more budget friendly then a more intricate piece that may include multiple percs or different color designs. Although this piece is available in two different colors and does include an inverted percolator, the design is basic enough for someone who likes to keep things simple but still maintain quality.
cone scope dab rig

Cone Scope Dab Rig
This cone shaped piece is an upgrade to some of our older pieces, but with so much change in 2020 we figured that we’d bring some positive change to the table with some thicker glass. The plate at the bottom of this piece brings some extra reinforcement for the glass and the shower head perc makes for even better filtration and function.
sea turtle bong

Slime Sea Turtle Bong
Make a splash with this brightly accented piece that’s perfect for water signs, ocean lovers, or those with a bubbly personality. This piece will brighten up the vibe of any sesh and it’s heavy bottom makes it a more durable piece, which means it will have a longer life expectancy. This is a great piece for those who are tired of just replacing glass and are either looking for an upgrade or even a unique collectors piece!
narwhal horn pipe

Narwhal Horn Pipe
A colorful twist on your basic dry pipe is here, with a reasonable size and a cute design, this piece is the perfect traveler for any stoner! It’s variation of fused colors are great for those who like uniquely designed pieces.
At the end of the day it might be something different that brings us all together; whether it is quality glass or perhaps quality herb or even just the bond of needing to unwind at the end of the day, somehow a nice piece has a way of bringing people together.
So although we all may be looking at the next few months very differently, we can all share some good times and good laughs at every sesh with a DHC. Stay tuned for some of the most wicked glass that will be coming to shelves 2021!
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