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Coolest Bongs and Dab Rigs at Daily High Club

As the collection of DHC pieces has grown not only on our shelves, but hopefully on yours as well we want to round up some of the coolest bongs and dab rigs, from functionality to top novelty pieces our store has covered it all. 
cereal bowl dab rig bong
    "Breakfast of Champions" Cereal Bowl Bong/Dab Rig
      $79.99 ($99.99)
      This iconic piece is the perfect wake and bake piece, whatever your routine looks like it’s impossible to forget your most important bowl of the day; your breakfast bowl, when you have a piece that’s this awesome! The neck is easily detachable making it easy for storage, display, functional use, and easier for cleaning. This piece grew notary across media platforms like instagram and is easily one of DHC’s coolest bongs and dab rig.
      honey bear bong
      Daily High Club Honey Bear Bong

      Talk about pulling up to the sesh with the sweetest rig! This glass is perfect for both your herbal and saucey needs. It’s small size makes it perfect for easy and smooth rips that can be easily downed in one sesh or is also great for the late night toker who rips it multiple times throughout the night. Not to mention it’s the perfect novelty glass that can be stored perfectly on the shelf, whether that’s a display shelf or it’s incognito on the kitchen shelf, this glass is perfect for any occasion.
      holographic prism cone bong

    1. Holographic Prism Cone Bong
    2. $49.99 ($74.99)
      This simple piece is the perfect gift, collectible, or daily driver.  Whether your potion of choice is dry herbs or dabs, this glass can be easily turned into either because of its short height and it’s circ perc that makes for the perfect delivery every time. Although it comes with a flower bowl, check out the premium quartz bangers we carry here at DHC to turn it into your next favorite dab rig.
      double kinked bong

    3. Bubble Bottom Double Kinked Bong
    4. $84.99 ($109.99)
      If you like them thick, then look no further, this classic design is the perfect upgrade for the daily toker. At 14.5 inches tall, this beauty packs a punch making it the ideal piece for the experienced smoker who's looking for something a little more and a little bit of twist to the classic design. Switch up your next glass with this beauty.

      ghoul beaker

    5. Little Ghoul Beaker
    6. $69.99
      Never lose your piece again, whether you're just a forgetful smoker or perhaps someone who’s guilty of reaching for their glass in the middle of the night, this piece is always just a grip away and always in sight. This glow in the dark piece is one of a kind and has a spooky design for those who solemnly believe that spooky decor shouldn’t be limited to Halloween time.Check out some of our skull pieces for the complete set to add to your collection of coolest bongs and dab rigs.
      snowman bong

    7. Frosted Snowman Bong
    8. $39.99 ($49.99)

      Talking about coolest dab rigs, cool down with another holliday collectible that is the perfect piece regardless of the time of the year. This snowman piece could be the perfect gift for the snowman collector or glass collector alike. At checkout you have the option to choose either a flower bowl or quartz banger, because this icon doesn’t discriminate on your smoking preferences, as long as it helps chill you out after a long day.
      rainbow bottle bong

    9. Rainbow Bottle Bong
    10. $44.99
      Talk about life of the party, this glass will definitely bring that side of you. Perfect for those who host or perhaps those who tend to be more colorful and creative when elevated. This is the perfect glass match for those who adore novelty glass, decorative glass, or rainbow patterns. 
      mushroom beaker bong

    11. Mushroom Beaker Bong
    12. $69.99
      This mushroom beaker is the perfect conversation starter at any stoney session, with a colorful and trippy design, the rips on this thing are sure to send you down the rabbit hole. This 10 inch beauty is the perfect upgrade for the experienced stoner and includes an ice pinch to really cool off after those long or hot days.
      8 slit showerhead water temple bong

    13. Big Mom Up Grid Inline/18 Slit Showerhead Water Temple Bong
    14. $179.99 ($274.99)

      This insane piece is uniquely sculpted and designed for you to really take this glass by the horns, literally! With multiple levels of percs this has gotta be one of the coolest bongs and dab rig that you’ve seen on the market, and it’s one a huge sale right now. Standing at 12 inches tall it’s bent neck and sleek design makes it the ideal collectible, upgrade, display piece, or daily driver for any glass lover!
      80s phone bong

    15. Daily High Club 80's Phone Bong
    16. $49.99

      The best part about collecting glass is having one a piece for every occasion, like this classically designed phone piece, making it the perfect throwback piece. This is another piece that could be easily used as a dry herb bong or a dab rig! The classic design brings a nostalgic vibe to the sesh, while it’s short height makes it perfect for everyone in the smoke circle, both new and experienced stoners!


      Throughout the years these pieces have become iconic staples here at DHC at some points, trending the internet and socials. If you want your glass to be featured on our media and even our blogs submit your shots to us by tagging us in your video or favorite DHC glass shots! And let us know what is the coolest piece you own by Daily High Club in the comment section!
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