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Best Valentine’s Day Bong

As Valentine’s Day climbs closer DHC is the perfect place to stock up on all the best gifts for any stoners in your life, especially for that special someone. Show someone how much they mean to you with some of our favorite themed glass that we’ve released throughout the years to bring you the ultimate Valentine’s Day glass bong collection.
rose beaker bong
Erick Khan Rose Beaker Bong
This glass is a classic Valentine's Day staple, whether it’s for a glass lover, DHC collector, or rose lover this is the perfect gift for that special someone this year around. 
mj arsenal rig
Limited Edition MJ Arsenal "Heart Bubble Cap"
One great way to show some love to your favorite dabber this year is with this adorable dab cap. This heart dab cap will be the new staple at every sesh and can be a great way to not only upgrade but also make memories with those that you care about. Don’t let them forget about spending valentines with you when they have this awesome gift to remember it by!
dhc 8 bit heart bong
Daily High Club 8-Bit Heart Bong
Know someone who is in need of an upgrade? What better excuse to upgrade than to gift them this 14 inch tall beauty of a beaker. Covered in green hearts, this is perfect for any ganja queen or king, it maintains a basic look with a heavy pack. 
dhc heart bong
Daily High Club Heart Bong
Here’s one good way to let someone know you’re interested, especially if you know that cannabis is their love language. The design on this one says it all, so look no further for the perfect memory, Valentine’s Day card, or holiday gift. This class is going to be the perfect piece later down the road while being the perfect gift this year around.
mj arsenal mini dab rig
Limited Edition MJ Arsenal "Crush Mini Dab Rig"
This adorable piece is a great upgrade for any dabber out there because of it’s functional design. The heart at the bottom center of the rig is actually a percolator so it makes for a smoother flowing and better hitting piece, not to mention it’s recycler style design that ensures a smooth rip every time.
eggplant dry pipe
"Not a Dick" Eggplant Dry Pipe
This dry pipe is an ideal Valentine’s Day Gift for any smoker, whether it’s an inside joke, more for discrepancy purposes, or perhaps a raw food lover! There’s no way someone can’t smile when they get this!
dhc champagne bong
Daily High Club Champagne Bottle Bong V2
Planning on getting fancy this year around? Well don’t forget the champagne bottle for this romantic night, even if alcohol isn’t your thing, pop bottles with this adorable piece on Valentine’s. Whether your sharing the evening with someone else or perhaps a special evening for yourself, this piece is a must have for unwinding and the end of any day!
dhc honey bear bong
Daily High Club Honey Bear Bong
This sweet delight is a classic gift, honey for your honey! This adorable honeybear is perfect for both dry herbs and concentrates because the size of the joint, which is at 14mm, a more common size for bowls and bangers.
mj arsenal bubbler
Limited Edition MJ Arsenal "Bae Cone Bubbler"
The ultimate addition to any stoner glass collection, this piece is unique but stylish while also functionally unique compared to a standard piece. This bubbler is meant to improve the filtration and overall quality of smoking a joint. The mouthpiece is pictured on the left side, while the right side is reserved as a joint holder.
forbidden fruit bong
Forbidden Fruit Bong
$79.99 ($139.99)
This sweet-treat is a great way to show your sweet-heart that they’re special to you. At eight inches tall, with a sweet design, and shower head percolator this is a simple and sweet upgrade for any smoker this year. Another fantastic piece for those who like to interchange the bowls and bangers throughout their phases.
Don’t have a dull holiday this year around, no matter what the excuse is, there is always a good reason to light up and celebrate with yourself. Giving yourself or your partner is a good way to elevate the mood this Valentine’s Day. If you find yourself lacking creativity on what to do this day
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